56 Verbs to Use for the Word fettering

The Christian galley-slaves, in some instances, broke their fetters and joined their countrymen against their masters.

THE AUTHOR FORTY Lords, knights, and squires, the numerous band That wear the fair Miss Mary's fetters, Were summoned, by her high command, To show their passions by their letters.

When man can bind the waters, That they no longer roll, Then let him forge the fetters To clog the human soul.

Abolitionists know that the life of Clarkson was sought by slavetraders; and that even Wilberforce was denounced on the floor of Parliament as a fanatic and a hypocrite by the present King of England, the very man who, in 1834, set his seal to that instrument which burst the fetters of eight hundred thousand slaves in his West India colonies.

Again, the Jesuits are accused of riveting fetters on the human mind in order to uphold their power, and to sustain the absolutism of the popes and the absolutism of kings, to which they were equally devoted.

I would have espoused it, too, and assisted them to shake off their fetters.

" The lady unlocked his fetters stout, Brought her husband's horse and his armour out, Clothed the warrior, and bid him go An angel of vengeance upon the foe; Then turned her in, and from the roof, Beheld the battle, far aloof.

He did not emancipate serfs; but he bequeathed a power which enabled his successors to loosen fetters with safety.

So speaking, Beda the Jester cut asunder the chain that bound the fetters, and Beltane arose and stretched himself and the manacles gleamed on each wide-sundered wrist.

From the straitened hand and mind, Let us loose the binding fetter, Let us, as the Lord designed, Make the world a little better!

Around the big fountain at Poikile, young girls in white dresses drew water, singing, laughing, or defending themselves from the boys, who threw over them fetters made of ivy and wild vine.

The paragraph which was denominated 'seditious matter' was this "Now that the member for Westmoreland (Mr. Beaumont) has come over to our side, we will, by a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether, bring down the system by the run, knock off the fetters, and let the oppressed go free.

Furthermore, she believed that the balance imposed fetters upon her which only mighty armaments could break.

If knowledge breaks fetters when the people are strong enough to shake them off, ignorance enables them to bear those fetters when emancipation is impossible.

I once saw there a fetter for 'the dd runaways,' the weight of which can be judged by its size.

The Island o' Fay, Silence, Elionore, were the familiar spirits of an apartment beautiful with tapestry and palms; Swinburne and Rossetti were the English poets I read there; and in a golden bondage, I, a unit in the generation they have enslaved, clanked my fetters and trailed my golden chain.

Bring now shackles, strong and heavy, bring fetters and rivets, so will I sit here and see him trussed.

Who is there in this assembly that would help to fasten a fetter upon Oregon or Mexico?

" Then, while Beltane, speaking not, watched her downbent head and busy hands, she filed off his fetters one by one, and kissing them, set them aside.

He told me it was necessary to replace my fetters for the present; and I appeared to acquiesce.

On the 1st of August, 1834, the day fixed by act of Parliament for the commencement of a ten years' apprenticeship, the Legislature of that colony, to the immortal honor of their wisdom, their justice, and their humanity, had abolished the system of apprenticeship, and had absolutely and entirely struck the fetters off from 30,000 slaves.

She was born for freedom, but was really a slave, although she wore gilded fetters.

they make him feel his fetters the more.

Such was, or must have been, had man been left to himself, the origin of society and of the laws, which increased the fetters of the weak, and the strength of the rich; irretrievably destroyed natural liberty, fixed for ever the laws of property and inequality; changed an artful usurpation into an irrevocable title; and for the benefit of a few ambitious individuals subjected the rest of mankind to perpetual labour, servitude, and misery.

After their day's work the slaves were fed and locked up for the night, and kept in fetters if necessary; they were in fact simply living tools, to use the expression of Aristotle, and the economy of such estates was as simple as that of a workshop.

56 Verbs to Use for the Word  fettering