55 Verbs to Use for the Word fighters

There is no teaching canaries to love one another, so all I can do is to separate the fighters; but I love those birds, I love them for Fred's sake, and I love them for the remembrances they awaken of our first days of peace and union.

I don't mean prize fighters or ball players, but feats of strength.

He belongs to a wild crew, led by a mysterious fellow of whom no one knows very much, a deadly fighter, it is said, and a keen organizer and handler of men.

Then David went forward and drove the fighters away, saying to them: "Ye men of Chlat!

Didn't I hear that while you was rampin' around the underworld, you showed yourself a mighty good fighter?

Steinbeck answers air fighters anxious over post war world.

It was Sheridan however who decided not only that the battle which had been lost could be regained, but that the work could be done to best advantage right away on that day, and it was Sheridan who led his troops through the too short hours of the October afternoon back to their original position from which before dark they were able to push Early's fatigued fighters across Cedar Creek southward.

A tough hard nature such as constitutes the true fighter only presses more doggedly to the front, but gentler spirits are fain to turn aside out of the battle, and go home to die.

He would be against prize-fighting to a certainty, but how far he might be inclined to convict a prize-fighter was another matter.

But they did not succeed in deceiving the veteran Indian fighters who manned the heavy gates of the fort, stood behind the loopholed walls, or scanned the country round about from the high block-houses at the corners.

"'E could run up here like an animal," declared the fighter.

He was to live and die a fighter in the ranks of progress, a champion in the mighty struggle which was now beginning against the powers of darkness in France.

The camera-man was already there and, while we had to dodge the fire-fighters and the hose men, both Flo and I managed to be 'saved from the flames' by some of our actorsnot once, but several times.

Launches are used in Alaska and on some of the forests where there are large lakes, to enable the fire fighters and forest guardians to cover their beats quickly.

They began upbraiding one another, came to blows, and the ringmaster sent them about their business, saying the show could not encourage prize fighters.

Shadow and gloom enveloped the fighters as they rested where their last strokes had fallen.

"Nor shall ye anywhere find a doughtier fighter than Duke Ivo, nor a leader quicker to spy out the vantage of position and attack.

Be that as it may, Harley gained not only a splendid party fighter, but a friend on whose affection he could ever rely.

The efficient communication systems aid in the administration of the forests and speeds the work of gathering fire fighters quickly at the points where smoke is detected.

If he gives the command four practised fighters pit themselves against Barry.

Life's not a rose bed, a dream or a bubble, A living in clover beneath cloudless skies; And Fate hates a fighter who's looking for trouble, So give 'im both barrelsand shoot for the eyes.

It is little better than the old wager of battle where the parties hired fighters and the issue was settled with swords.

He passes lightly over their atrocious outrages, colors favorably many of their acts, and praises the generalship of Crawford and the soldiership of his men; when in reality the campaign was badly conducted from beginning to end, and reflected discredit on most who took part in it; Crawford did poorly, and the bulk of his men acted like unruly cowards.]; though they included a few veteran Indian fighters.

Say, that's all he isjust a fighter!

It is a bad sign for the boy Erick that he has joined the fighters, moreover, and that he has made friends with the very worst rowdy.

55 Verbs to Use for the Word  fighters
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