94 Verbs to Use for the Word fightings

Each knew that there was little hope of such an escape, but, realizing what was in store for them should they be discovered and captured, they had decided it would be better to die fighting than to be stood up against a wall and shot, or, possibly, hanged.

After 1914 Belgium saw very little fighting; but this district saw almost four years of continuous and enormous battle.

At one time during this period the Russian Minister at Teheran, at the request of the members of the Persian cabinet, who were horror-stricken and in fear of their lives for having made terms with such a barbaric nation, telegraphed to the Russian general in command of the troops at Tabriz, telling him to cease fighting, and that the fidais would receive orders to do likewise, as matters were being arranged at the capital.

Plainly Diamond meant to corner the lad he hated and then force the fighting to a finish.

On August 10 the correspondent of the London Times in Brussels, describing the fighting at Liege, said aerial fleets were used by both Belgians and Germans.

But Mamie stopped the fighting.

For this determination to avoid further fighting in the Wilderness, General Grant gives a singular explanation.

I reckon she's sorry for them.' 'Doesn't she turn them out of her army?' 'Why, noa!' 'What does God do when His soldiers leave off fighting, and knock under to their enemy?'

On June the 3rd, the two fleets came to an engagement, in the beginning of which Dean was carried off by a cannon-ball; yet the fight continued from about twelve to six in the afternoon, when the Dutch gave way, and retreated fighting.

He is said to have declared that "it was like pulling out his eye-teeth not to have had a fight;" but something resembling bona-fide fighting had occurred on the banks of Broad Run, and the victory was clearly on the side of the Federal troops.

Chiefs have quit fighting, and women are much better off than they were when I came.

They had to carry out an attack there, which probably meant more fighting.

They were line infantry, of the type which gets most of the work and none of the Press notices, a hard-bitten, unregenerate crowd, who cared not a whit whether Belgium bled or not, but loved fighting for its own sake and put their faith in bayonet and butt.

Jack, on the other hand, emboldened by his previous success, made an unwise attempt to rush the fighting, and was rewarded with a sounding smack on the cheek-bone which broke the skin and sent him staggering back into the arms of Diggory.

LEONIDAS, king of Sparta from 491 to 480 B.C.; opposed Xerxes, the Persian, who threatened Greece with a large army, and kept him at bay at the Pass of Thermopylæ with 300 Spartans and 5000 auxiliaries till he was betrayed by EPHIALTES (q. v.), when he and his 300 threw themselves valiantly on the large host, and perished fighting to the last man.

Lee, anticipating no further fighting during the remainder of the year, opposed the enemy on the Rapidan with only one of his two corpsthat of Ewell; while the otherthat of Hillwas thrown back, in detached divisions, at various points on the Orange and the Virginia Central Railroads, for the purpose of subsistence during the winter.

Olaf afterwards, however, embraced Christianity and gave up fighting as a business, leaving the ring entirely to Sweyn, his former partner from Denmark, who continued to do business as before.

General Lee, accompanied by General Longstreet, had ridden from his headquarters, on the Nine-mile road, to the scene of action, and now witnessed in person the fighting of the troops, who charged under his eye, closing in in a nearly hand-to-hand conflict with the enemy.

He knew fighting was against the rules of the college, but he was not going to cry quits.

From Dreigrachten southward the French surged across the River Steenbeke, capturing all objectives, while at the same time the British occupied considerable territory in the region of St. Julien and Langemarck, captured the latter town, and carried the fighting beyond Langemarck.

Enjoying freedom themselves and liking nothing better than the practice of their tradefightingthey had had little or no sympathy with the wrongs of the populace, and so were the strongest supporters of the despotic rule of the Czar.

Yes, it is our saints and heroes who fight fighting; who contend for the slave, and his master too, for the drunkard, the criminal; yes, for the wicked or the weak in all their forms....

They had some fire-arms, but made very little use of them, as they came directly to close fighting with their spears, lances, and sabres.

For England there will come no fighting.

12 War, our consumption, was their gainful trade: We inward bled, whilst they prolong'd our pain; He fought to end our fighting, and essay'd To staunch the blood by breathing of the vein.

94 Verbs to Use for the Word  fightings