58 Verbs to Use for the Word fills

Even indoors it is easy to give the joy of growing seeds and bulbs and of opening chestnut branches: without any cruelty we can let them enjoy watching snails and worms and we can keep caterpillars or silkworms and so let them drink their fill of the miracle of development.

When he was badthat is, when he had eaten his daily fill of the camp's scanty store (in such a little place it was not easy to hide from such a hunter as Kaviak)he was taken down to the Little Cabin, smacked, and made to say "Ow Farva."

When we had gazed our fill, we set hastily to work to collect plants, as many as the lateness of the hour and the scalding heat would allow.

surely he takes his fill Of deep and liquid rest, forgetful of all ill. 8.

He had got his fill of the man-smell.

75 Now in the valleies wandring at their wills, Spread themselves farre abroad through each descent; Some on the soft greene grasse feeding their fills, Some, clambring through the hollow cliffes on hy, Nibble the bushie shrubs which growe thereby.

She took the lamp to the parlour and stood before the photograph of Ninian Deacon, and looked her fill.

thy lips are still, And thou hast almost sucked thy fill.

Use of explosives for settling highway fills.

have you laugh your fill? Then let me speak, nor take that freedom ill.

The jerry-builder may consume, A greedy moth, God's mantle of the living green, I feel no wrath; Eat up the beauty of the world, And gorge his fill On mead and winding country lane, And grassy hill.

You are so lost in admiration of your own cleverness in backing that poor little ship off the rocks and letting her fill and sink, so that there could be no evidence of wrong-doing against you, that you must try to prove your wits once more where they have always failed"she illustrated with a dramatic gesture"against his!

Not tricked and frounced as she was wont With the Attic Boy to hunt, But kerchiefed in a comely cloud While rocking winds are piping loud, Or ushered with a shower still, When the gust hath blown his fill, Ending on the rustling leaves, With minute drops from off the eaves.

nigh twenty baskets doth Lacon fill with cheese: Hath time to woo a sweetheart too upon the blossomed leas.

Olympian hymns receive the escaping soul, And smiling Hebe, from the ambrosial stream, Fills for a God the bowl!

[-14-] After he had become accustomed, then, to feast his fill on blood and slaughter, he had recourse more readily to other kinds of killings.

"Prob'ly it sounded then like a putty piece on a seraphine; but I allers cal'lated she'd git her fill of it, sooner or later.

Nor was he content with giving us our personal fill; into every crevice of our firkin he packed a pellet of future indigestion.

When these scenes seemed no longer to be charming, or we had become too fatigued to appreciate them, we commenced to amuse ourselves in games, joking and tricks, of which the traveler sees and enjoys his fill.

" He opened the door, breathing his fill of the icy air that rushed in.

I love Thee with my tongue, then mourn my fill; For love warms not my heart, nor can I rise, Or ope the doors of Grace, who from the skies Might flood my soul, and pride and passion kill.

B omits the fourth fill.

All the inhabitants from 14 years of age and upwards of the Royal Plain, the province of Cibao, and of other districts near the mines, were ordered to pay the fill of a small hawks-bell of gold dust every three months.

Of Sir John Wotton, the short-lived half-brother of the more famous Sir Henry, there is a spirited song, betraying unusual command over a complicated rhythm: Jolly shepherd, shepherd on a hill, On a hill so merrily, On a hill so cheerily, Fear not, shepherd, there to pipe thy fill; Fill every dale, fill every plain; Both sing and say, 'Love feels no pain.'

But, when the sound of coming showers is heard, Looks up, and from the clouds receives her fill.

58 Verbs to Use for the Word  fills
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