50 Verbs to Use for the Word finish

A man bent on the most useful ends might, with a fortune large enough, make morality magnificent, and recommend religious principle by showing it in combination with the best kind of house and the most liberal of tables; also with a wife whose graces, wit, and accomplishments gave a finish sometimes lacking even to establishments got up with that unhesitating worldliness to which high cost is a sufficient reason.

All the spectators were astounded on seeing the agility and endurance of Shidoub; but as soon as Ghabra had reached the finish the Fazareans uttered loud shouts of joy.

Then began the exciting finish, and if the Giants had made but a single more they probably would have begun the series with a victory instead of a defeat.

"No, there is no getting the finish, even at sea, without a cruise or two under a flag, and that at the mizzen, too!" "Intolerable old hypocrite!"

He has written in the Romanic dialect in use in Auvergne, which, if it lacks the finish and polish of the Provençal, is not wanting in grace and ingenuousness.

He frankly told us he was sorry to see us, as he was then putting the last finish to a great and useful work he was about to publish: that we had thus unseasonably broken the current of his thoughts, and he might not be able to revive it for some days.

Quiz and one or two other of the bicycle enthusiasts attempted to follow one or the other of the two packs; but they avoided the road so completely that the bicyclists soon lost them from sight, and returned to watch the finish.

Some sort of argument was going on as the officers approached, and in passing they heard the finish of it.

The cheering, which had ceased as the boats left the start, now began again as they approached the finish of the first quarter of the course.

It means they're sure of capturing your personand bent on seeing your finish.

Don't you remember my telling you how I dreaded the finish?

They leaned upon canes or twirled parasols and they had their backs turned upon the racetrack as if they found their own negligent conversation far more exciting than the breathless, driving finish.

Now then fer the finish.

Jamming themselves hard into a crevice of ice, Jarvis whispered: "H'I'll fight t' a finish before h'I go back to that white prison of the bloomin' 'eathen.

The cool and beautiful floors, made of a composition in which all the prized marbles of Italy and of the East polished to the last degree of art, were curiously embedded, formed a suitable finish to a style so gorgeous, and in which luxury and taste were blended in equal profusion.

The heaviest finish on the calender, i.e. the chest-finish on the second top roller, imitates more or less the "mangle finish.

My whole, laid on thinnish, imparts a neat finish To pictorial representations.

General Foch inaugurated their finish in less than four.

And then there came the works of that other school which lavishes the finish of a Meissonier on the most meretricious compositions.

So now adieuI've chirp'd too long, Must leave the finish of my song To some more learned bird's son; Whose mellow notes can charm the ear With no discordant chatter near; So now, dear Sir, I'm your sincere And humble Sparrow. HERDSON.

Still the proportion which is solemn in Romanesque becomes squat in perpendicular, and, if York has never received its last finish, Lincoln has lost the last finish which it received.

Picturesquely placed at the head of the miniature valley is Lulworth Castle, grey and stern, and making an ideal finish to the unforgettable picture.

"Time!" shouted several together, as the second pair of posts came in line, marking the finish of the mile.

Pauline de Bassompierre was to be finished and perfected to match the high finish and perfection of Dr. John.

It means plumbing and interior finish; it also means a finish on the outside, smoothly shaven lawns and immaculate sidewalks.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  finish