48 Verbs to Use for the Word fireplace

Four paintings of old seigneurs of Chateau Noir faced the fireplace, all men with hawk noses and bold, high features, so like each other that only the dress could distinguish the Crusader from the Cavalier of the Fronde.

From this forth the fire did not cease to burn, filling the wide fireplace with a bright blaze, with tongues of flame that seemed to die away from time to time, only to burn up more brightly than ever when fresh fuel fed them.

Everyone admired Mac's foresight when he said: "We must build rock fireplaces in our cabins, or we'll find our one little Yukon stove burnt out before the winter is overbefore we have a chance to use it out prospecting."

" "Never saw a fireplace swalla logs whole an' never blink like this one.

The logs shine and I've got a fireplace twice the size of this in my living-room"he made graceful gestures with the hand that held the cigarette.

"Why, she's been and carried off her mother's fireplace," thought Fly, shaking her cloak in disgust; "what you s'pose she wanted to do that for?"

For just as warmth is agreeable to the body, so it does the mind good to feel its superiority; and a man will seek company likely to give him this feeling, as instinctively as he will approach the fireplace or walk in the sun if he wants to get warm.

In one room he found an old fireplace, and before this he stopped to talk about the different kinds of fireplaces that had been used in the course of time.

Jack Hood had left the fireplace and was crossing the room with his alert, quick step.

He has to form fireplaces, flues, chimneys, and the flat trimmer arches which support the hearth, and has to set the stove, kitchen range, copper, etc., in a proper manner.

There's something 'round the fireplace that no club can imitate, And no throng can ever equal just a few folks near the grate; Though I sometimes like an opera, there's no music quite so sweet As the singing of the neighbors that you're always glad to meet; Oh, I know when they come calling that the fun will soon begin, And I'm happiest those evenings when a few good friends drop in.

At the W. end it opens into the kitchen, in which will be discovered a fireplace.

You and Honora, with two or three more select friends, are now probably encircling your dressing-room fireplace.

They had evidently examined our old fireplace very minutely, but the precaution taken to preserve the meat canister had luckily been successful.

The adobe chimney, which formed part of the partition between the living and the sleeping apartment, gave a huge fireplace to each.

There was a very fine hall in the centre, and a really beautiful old oak staircase wound round it, being adorned with carving, and having a fine old fireplace on one of the landings.

At one end of the cabin is a smoky dent that indicates the fireplace; and at the other there may be a stall or two.

He also invented the iron fireplace, which is called the Franklin stove, and is still used where wood is plentiful and cheap.

Gilbert and Sydney were investigating the ramshackle fireplace to see what the prospects were for starting a fire when a shriek from Libbie brought them to their feet.

Lawrence found this request necessary, as he had used up that day all the paper she had sent him, and the small torn pieces of it now littered the fireplace.

So it stood as he had left it, with its two tall chimneys, one at each end of the mid-body of the house, marking the two great fireplaces, yet another chimney at the other end of the lesser wing.

But now her face had something dead about it, something missinglike a beautifully-tiled fireplace with its polished brass fittings, on whose grate lie only the embers of a fire long dead.

One notices the wide, open fireplace where the white-bearded old man would sit in winter days, and the lattice-paned windows through which in summer-time came the humming of bees and the scent of the flowers growing in the old-fashioned garden.

When Vittskövle was built, the people had advanced far enough to open the fireplace, which, at that time, had a wide chimney for the smoke; but it also took most of the warmth up in the air with it.

Sally selected the long room on the left of the hall, its doorway directly opposite the fireplace, for the feminine portion of the family, announcing that the others could sleep in the hall itself.

48 Verbs to Use for the Word  fireplace