97 Verbs to Use for the Word firms

"Stand firm, pikes!" roared Cnut.

But it held firm, and from the hall outside came a burst of mocking laughter that fairly froze my blood.

My fellow-traveler from Stockholm, who represented a firm of paper-makers in Hamburg, and who paid an annual visit to Abo and Helsingfors, acted as my guide around the town, while I awaited the information from the humbled Chief of Police.

During the winter Linnet spent in New York the firm for which he travelled became involved; the business was greatly decreased; changes were made: one of the partners left the firm; the remaining head had a nephew, whom he preferred to his partner's favorite, Hollis Rheid; and Hollis Rheid found himself with nothing to do but to look around for something to do.

Wouldn't you like to join the business? Join the firm of Grin and Barrett? Give your strength that does not murmur,

No financial throe volcanic Ever yet was known to scare it; Never yet was any panic Scared the firm of Grin and Barrett.

On this one point she found her Roger firm and inflexiblefor on this point he felt that his honor and his conscience were both concerned; and, even for Edith's sake; he could not act contrary to their dictates.

In the midst of the darkness they could see the faint white in his face, with eyes of flame and lips set firm, whirled forward upon the wind, which would have dashed him against the rocks; but as he whirled past, he caught with his hand the needles of the opposite peaks, and was swung high over a great chasm, and landed upon a higher height, high over their heads.

It does not pay either the employing firm or the sub-contractor to consider the health or even the life of the workers, provided that the state of the labour market is such that they can easily replace spent lives.

" The following afternoon Captain Currier called his daughter into the parlor, and closing the door, said abruptly, "Well, Hannah, I 'spose you have squared up accounts with William, and are now ready to enter a new firm.

His princes and nobles endeavoured to dissuade him from this resolution, but he continued firm to his purpose, and went into the torcul or religious state of seclusion, accompanied by some of his chief bramins or chaplains.

"I know the firm of Douglas & Co. by reputation," said she, "and I know it to be a wealthy firm; but with me family is quite as important as money.

Then he took his hat, and his gloves, and his umbrella, very slowly, lingering in the hall as he did so, while his wife kept her seat firm and square at the breakfast table.

We often betray ourselves into revealing something, simply because we suppose that people cannot help noticing it,just as a man will throw himself down from a great height because he loses his head, in other words, because he fancies that he cannot retain a firm footing any longer; the torment of his position is so great, that he thinks it better to put an end to it at once.

Old Jacob married thrice; He dealt in coals, and avarice was his vice," or the lines which the parodists themselves quote in their justification, "Something had happened wrong about a Bill Which was not drawn with true mercantile skill, So to amend it I was told to go, And seek the firm of Clutterbuck and Co.

But we of this present time have fixed our faith firm as a rock upon our righteous cause, and upon the superior power and the inflexible will for victory that abide in the German nation.

In either case, the death of a partner dissolves the firm.

We herewith publicly announce our firm and unshaken resolution, and expect that the Polish nation will very soon assemble in the Diet, and adopt the necessary measures, to the end of settling things in an amicable manner, and of obtaining the salutary result of securing to the republic of Poland an undisturbed peace, and preserving her inhabitants from the terrible consequences of anarchy.

La Pérouse mentions a French firm (Sebis), that, in 1787, had been for many years established in Manila.

My health grew firm, my cheeks more blooming, my form fuller and majestic.

Many New Yorkers remember the firm of Melville & Ford, the cleverest pair of confidence men who ever undertook to fleece the wealthy lambs of the metropolis.

But it's the man who strikes wi' his fist closed firm who knocks his opponent doon.

His nearest approach to coherence seemed to indicate a desire that I should go back to Washington at once and destroy a perfectly reputable firm of chemists.

There will be nothing to prevent, for example, any foreseeing foreign power coming into Great Britain, offering to buy up not only this paper or that, but also, what is far more important, to buy up the great book and newspaper distributing firms.

He walked rapidly to the bridge and took a cab to Conduit Street, where dwelt a firm of tailors with whose Paris branch he had had dealings in his dandiacal past.

97 Verbs to Use for the Word  firms