10 Verbs to Use for the Word fitts

Let him be Kept safe a while: for Barnavelt, till we have Some certaine proofes against him, I hold fitt He have his libertie, but be suspended From any place or voice in Court untill His guilt or inocence appeere.

When we are sick we endure a hundred fitts, This is but one; a hundred waies of torture, And cry and howle, weary of all about us, Our frends, allyes, our children teadious to us, Even our best health is but still sufferaunce.

Sir, youle beg[one]: I feele the fitt a coming; I shall rayle instantly.

But so far of is it, that this serueth them to mayntayne their daunses, that I would not wish to haue a more proper, fitt, playne, and agreeable place to confute them.

How fitt the subiect is to invite your pittie!

Ile play him one fitt of mirthe on my trebble to rouse him.

The Proclamations are allowd by you Sent forth against the Protestants; and here Your resolution to degrade my Brother And then dispose of him as you thought fitt.

The Prince is wanting, and this meeting being Touching the oath he is to take, 'twere fitt That we attend him.

Presently after supper she began Her fitt othe toothach, and did counterfeit So naturally; but since she went to bed She almost rav'd by turnes:I heare her at it.

I warrant ile fitt ye.

10 Verbs to Use for the Word  fitts