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325 Verbs to Use for the Word  flesh

325 Verbs to Use for the Word flesh

The resiny essences of the pines pervade every pore of his body, and eating his flesh is like chewing gum.

" It was a very toilsome journey now, obliged as they were to hug the obstinate growth of haws, wild alder, and dog roses, which tore flesh and garments in the hurried flight.

" Then they killed the woman and cut her flesh in strips and threw it on a jujube-tree.

And besides, we have lacked corpses recently; that big one hasn't tasted man's flesh.

" Mr. Airy waits and waits, and then says, "My dear, I shall lose all my flesh if I don't have something to eat and drink.

" He was beside her at two bounds, feeling of the limp wrists, laying his ear to the grenadine bosom, lifting the reluctant lids, touching the flesh that yielded so to touch.

His old bones took on flesh.

Heedlessness and waste soon brought the assailants to devour the flesh of dogs and of human beings.

Though they burn my flesh to ashes yet doth my soul live on forever.

Heap on wood, kindle the fire, consume the flesh, and spice it well, and let the bones be burned.

They were in a hurry, for they did not wait to scatter the ashes and clear up the place; and they were not hunting, for they cooked no flesh.

For a few moments he rolled and dug in the wet mold and earth, pawing madly at the things that pierced his flesh.

There were those who, by asceticism, by different methods of mortifying the flesh, liberated the spirit that it might rise and become united with the origin of all being; to such an extent, that with some the profession of faith was reduced to the blasphemous exclamation: "I am Allah."

He distrusted and hated his own flesh and blood because he thought they coveted it.

He's given them uphis own flesh and bloodto follow me, and I'm going to stick to him.

He had sold his flesh and blood for money, and a man of his conscience was inclined to give a fair penny's-worth.

The milk was ever trickling, bringing flesh to little limbs which grew stronger day by day, spreading through the earth, filling the whole world, nourishing the life which increased hour by hour.

At last he found the flesh; and a puppyish snarl rose in his throat.

The child gained flesh almost as quickly as it had previously lost it, and is now as fine and healthy an infant as it promised to be when born.

Their pizened wepins entered my flesh.

Now beholding this silent figure, a groan of fear went up, divers men sank crouching on their knees, the Reeve uttered a hoarse gasp and covered his face, while even Beltane, staring wide-eyed, felt his flesh a-creep.

Had she been in the habit, like a continental princess I have dined with, of taking her leg of chicken by the drumstick and gnawing the flesh, it had been far better for him now.

Be sure that to have found the key to one heart is to have found the key to all; that truly to love is truly to know; and truly to love one, is the first step towards truly loving all who bear the same flesh and blood with the beloved.

In the vacation he goes to grass, and gets up his flesh again, which he baits as you heard.

Whatsoever St. Paul meant by bidding his disciples crucify the flesh, with its affections and lusts, he did not mean thereby that they were to deify the flesh, as the heathen round them did in their profligate mysteries and in their gladiatorial exhibitions.

One of them took me by the arm, and the other by the thigh, and before their master could come and relieve me, they lacerated my flesh to such a degree, that the scars are very visible to the present day.

That man knew his own flesh and blood.

" "Pinch his flesh?" "Sometimes.

Hard work and plain living have already reduced my superfluous flesh, and "my clothes like a lady's loose gown hang about me," as the old song runs.

As for Nick, himself, the gathering thunder-cloud is not darker than his visage became at the words he heard; it seemed by the moral writhing of his spirit as if every disgracing blow he had received was at that instant torturing his flesh anew, blended with the keenest feelings of ignominy.

"In which his torment often was so great, That like a lyon he would cry and rare, And rend his flesh, and his own synewes eat.

After shooting the wretched camel and drying his flesh, the men tried to live like the blacks, on fish and nardoo, the seeds of a small plant of which the natives make flour.

Mind, lad, don't hit human flesh till my second signal is given, and see that Henri don't draw till I git back to ye."

Were they compelled mechanically to chew, and swallow the flesh of the Paschal lamb, while they abhorred the institution, spurned the laws that enjoined it, detested its author and its executors, and instead of rejoicing in the deliverance which it commemorated, bewailed it as a calamity, and cursed the day of its consummation?

They ate it in haste, separating the flesh from the bone, by means of their ivory knives, and the bones were afterwards burnt.

The volleys away to the west guided him, and he tore forward, bruising his flesh and tearing his raiment to tatters.

Different parts of the pig are variously esteemed; some preferring the flesh of the neck; others, the ribs; and others, again, the shoulders.

Instantly he recalled the scene where first he had listened to themthe dungeon draped in blackthe white-hot irons which had seared his flesh; the rack which had maimed his limbs, the masked men who had tortured him.

When they kill game, I am too feeble to aid in carrying home the flesh; I am incapable of gathering wood to make fire, and I cannot carry their children on my back as I used to do.

I'll just tell you that after much vehement admiration, when his true name comes out, "Hogs-flesh," all the women shun him, avoid him, and not one can be found to change their name for him,that's the idea,how flat it is here; but how whimsical in the farce!

These, however, made those dear arms no fatter, they put none of that promised flesh on Jenny's bones.

No, give me your hand, and prove mine flesh and blood.

The flesh they feed on is buffalo, deer, wild turkeys and other game; so that hunting is necessary to provide flesh; and planting for corn.

Lucia is so weak that she has to cling to the banister a moment; and then, with a strong shudder, the spirit conquers the flesh, and she hurries up before them both.

Thou dost restore our suffering flesh to strength, Driest our tears, assuagest every smart, Purging the spirits of the pure from grief.

They roasted the flesh of the victim they had offered, and eat it in common, discoursing on the virtues of him they came to lament.

The Orphic societies of Greece seem to have been peculiarly ascetic, taking no animal food save raw flesh from the sacrificed ox of Dionusos.

But if I were to open it, and take out the viscera only, leaving the white flesh, I should perceive that the lobster could bend and extend its tail as well as before.

Muske [Marginal note: This Muske the Iewes doe counterfeit and take out halfe the good muske and beat the flesh of an asse and put in the roome of it.]

I believe in the life which ceaselessly eliminates hurtful substances, which makes new flesh to fill the holes eaten away by gangrene, which infallibly advances toward health, toward constant renovation, amid impurities and death.

And now, indeed, Beltane became aware of a cold wind, foul and noisome, a deadly, clammy air breathing of things corrupt, chilling the flesh with swift unthinking dread; and, halting in disgust, he looked about him left and right.

It sounds almost like a dreama man trying to kill with a pistol that shoots bullets that either stop after striking soft flesh or bound out of the body into which they are fired.

Three whole days and nights alternate Old Nokomis and the seagulls Stripped the oily flesh of Nahma, Till the waves washed through the rib-bones, Till the sea-gulls came no longer, And upon the sands lay nothing

" Mathieu thereupon recognized Victor Moineaud, now five-and-fifty years old, and aged, and wrecked by labor to even a greater degree than his father had been at the time when mother Moineaud had come to offer the Monster her children's immature flesh.

One struck "Miss Jackson" in the right chest squarely in front, and penetrated the flesh about one inch.

They eate no flesh, but liue by rootes, and ryce, and milke.

Racey turned in a flesh, his right hand dropping.

In the cold countries they covered themselves with the skins of the beasts they had killed; thunder, a volcano, or some happy accident made them acquainted with fire, a new resource against the rigours of winter: they discovered the method of preserving this element, then that of reproducing it, and lastly the way of preparing with it the flesh of animals, which heretofore they devoured raw from the carcass.

That is the reason why so many hunters say, just before they shoot, 'I beg your pardon, Mr. Deer, but shoot you I must, for I want your flesh for food.'

receive, do the honors, usher, greet, hail, bid welcome; welcome, welcome with open arms; shake hands; hold out the hand, press the hand, squeeze the hand, press the flesh; bid Godspeed; speed the parting guest; cheer, serenade.

A stuffed 'possum, for instance, having no flesh or blood, will bear any thing.

We will in the first place, prove by a cloud of witnesses, that the slaves are whipped with such inhuman severity, as to lacerate and mangle their flesh in the most shocking manner, leaving permanent scars and ridges; after establishing this, we will present a mass of testimony, concerning a great variety of other tortures.

She lit the fire with Donaldson's help, and broiled some deer's flesh for our breakfast, and whistled gently as she wrought, bringing into our wild business a breath of the orderly comfort of home.

For you, show you the hard shell and you will trust it contains the choice flesh.

If I killed more flesh than I could eat, the dog must eat it, or vermin; if I sowed more corn than I could eat, it must be spoiled; the trees that I cut down were lying to rot on the ground; I could make no more use of them than for fuel, and that I had no other occasion for but to dress my food.

For instance, the Tartars sometimes ate their dead, and the Massagetics, Padรฆans, Derbices, and Effedens did the same, having previously strangled the aged and mixed their flesh with mutton.

From the fields, as we whirled into and out of layers of air, sharply, as one does in a motor, came now the odor of ripe straw, now a whiff of coffee from a "goulash cannon," steaming away behind its troop like the calliope in the old-fashioned circus, and now and then, from some thicket or across a clover field, the sharp, dismaying smell of rotting flesh.

Portia asked if the scales were ready to weigh the flesh; and she said to the Jew, "Shylock, you must have some surgeon by, lest he bleed to death."

Works without a let-up, and keeps in good flesh on one fish a day.

title: Cry the lonely flesh.

A poisonous morsel in her teeth she chewed, And gorged the flesh of vipers for her food.

A thirda fourtha fifth spurt of that fire from the black shadow, and Kazan himself felt a sudden swift passing of a red-hot thing along his shoulder, where the man's last bullet shaved off the hair and stung his flesh.

It is well known that the presence of strong aluminous liquids in the soil of that area had a tendency to preserve the flesh on General Wayne's body, which was found undecayed when, after twenty years' burial, they removed it to Radnor church, in Philadelphia. 28th.

His master used to whip up the flesh, then beat it downwards, and then apply the 'negro plaster,' salt, pepper, mustard, and vinegar, until all Jack's back was almost as hard and unimpressible as the bones.

And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh thereof; and the rib, which the Lord God had taken from the man, made he a woman, and brought her to the man.

"Go now," he said, "and learn what privation is; and in the company of Christ's humblest servants subdue the flesh to the spirit.

Armstrong, of that place, a captain and supercargo of boats descending the Mississippi river: "At Bayou Sarah, I saw a slave staked out, with his face to the ground, and whipped with a large whip, which laid open the flesh for about two and a half inches every stroke.

True human intercourse is banished from the education of today, but this vital sentiment, hitherto repressed, had revived in the trenches, filled with living, suffering flesh thrown together.

A minute species of parasite, or worm, which infests the flesh of the hog: may be introduced into the human system by eating pork not thoroughly cooked.

Cook says: "Therefore we resolved for the future never to despise dog flesh"; and in another place he says they put dog's flesh "next only to English lamb."

Go into the principal towns on the Mississippi, and you will find these negro traders in the bar-rooms boasting of their adroitness in driving human flesh, and describing the process by which they succeed in "taming down the spirit of a refractory negro."

He should have considered his own flesh and blood.

One colour thus becomes the parent of many, when the painter takes a portion of this and of that from his palette in order to imitate flesh.

In a lower layer of charcoal and ashes, indicating the presence of man and some ancient fireplace or hearth, the bones of the animals were scratched and indented as though by implements employed to remove the flesh; almost every bone was broken, as if to extract the marrow, as is done by many modern tribes of savages.

The Korathy first makes a sketch of the figure of a scorpion or a serpent on the part of the body offered to her for tattooing, then takes a number of sharp needles, dips them in some liquid preparation which she has ready, and pricks the flesh most mercilessly.

The London mode of cutting the carcase is considered better than that pursued in Edinburgh, as giving three roasting joints, and one boiling, in each quarter; besides the pieces being more equally divided, as regards flesh, and from the handsomer appearance they make on the table.

One business man clawed strips of bleeding flesh from his face.

The Apostle of the Gentiles had the heart of a Jew: "For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh: who are Israelites; to whom pertaineth the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises; whose are the fathers, and of whom as concerning the flesh Christ came."

"A long and intense passion on one object, whether of pride, love, fear, anger, or envy, we see have brought on some universal tremors; on others, convulsions, madness, melancholy, consumption, hectics, or such a chronical disorder as has wasted their flesh, or their strength, as certainly as the taking in of any poisonous drugs would have done.

He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him."

" Her clasp of my hand tightened until my rings hurt my flesh.

This picture thenwhich some have thought By far the best I ever wrought Observe it well with critick ken; 'Tis Daniel in the Lion's Den. 'Tis flesh itself!

And what they saw was a skeleton over the fire roasting, and the people of the house picking flesh off it with the bits of a hook.

Remove his outer garments, so the fire may reach his flesh without delay.

Cut through the skin down the centre of the back, and raise the flesh carefully on either side with the point of a sharp knife, until the sockets of the wings and thighs are reached.

The white man holding a slave is bad enough, but nothing can justify the toleration of the negro holding his own flesh and blood in fetters, especially when the door of Education is hermetically sealed against him.

The dogs laid hold of me at once, tearing my clothes and biting my flesh.

I'll mend the roof; I'll watch the door, And better keep the key; I'll trust my treacherous flesh no more, But force it to obey.

Who, when thy son and thou didst faint for food, Buried his sweet flesh in thy hungry womb, How merciless wert thou, if we compare Thy fact and this!

They wander about in sheepskins and goatskins, eschewing flesh for their food, and vegetables for their clothing.