325 Verbs to Use for the Word flesh

The resiny essences of the pines pervade every pore of his body, and eating his flesh is like chewing gum.

" It was a very toilsome journey now, obliged as they were to hug the obstinate growth of haws, wild alder, and dog roses, which tore flesh and garments in the hurried flight.

" Then they killed the woman and cut her flesh in strips and threw it on a jujube-tree.

And besides, we have lacked corpses recently; that big one hasn't tasted man's flesh.

" Mr. Airy waits and waits, and then says, "My dear, I shall lose all my flesh if I don't have something to eat and drink.

" He was beside her at two bounds, feeling of the limp wrists, laying his ear to the grenadine bosom, lifting the reluctant lids, touching the flesh that yielded so to touch.

His old bones took on flesh.

Heedlessness and waste soon brought the assailants to devour the flesh of dogs and of human beings.

Though they burn my flesh to ashes yet doth my soul live on forever.

Heap on wood, kindle the fire, consume the flesh, and spice it well, and let the bones be burned.

They were in a hurry, for they did not wait to scatter the ashes and clear up the place; and they were not hunting, for they cooked no flesh.

For a few moments he rolled and dug in the wet mold and earth, pawing madly at the things that pierced his flesh.

There were those who, by asceticism, by different methods of mortifying the flesh, liberated the spirit that it might rise and become united with the origin of all being; to such an extent, that with some the profession of faith was reduced to the blasphemous exclamation: "I am Allah."

He distrusted and hated his own flesh and blood because he thought they coveted it.

He's given them uphis own flesh and bloodto follow me, and I'm going to stick to him.

He had sold his flesh and blood for money, and a man of his conscience was inclined to give a fair penny's-worth.

The milk was ever trickling, bringing flesh to little limbs which grew stronger day by day, spreading through the earth, filling the whole world, nourishing the life which increased hour by hour.

At last he found the flesh; and a puppyish snarl rose in his throat.

The child gained flesh almost as quickly as it had previously lost it, and is now as fine and healthy an infant as it promised to be when born.

Their pizened wepins entered my flesh.

Now beholding this silent figure, a groan of fear went up, divers men sank crouching on their knees, the Reeve uttered a hoarse gasp and covered his face, while even Beltane, staring wide-eyed, felt his flesh a-creep.

Had she been in the habit, like a continental princess I have dined with, of taking her leg of chicken by the drumstick and gnawing the flesh, it had been far better for him now.

Be sure that to have found the key to one heart is to have found the key to all; that truly to love is truly to know; and truly to love one, is the first step towards truly loving all who bear the same flesh and blood with the beloved.

In the vacation he goes to grass, and gets up his flesh again, which he baits as you heard.

Whatsoever St. Paul meant by bidding his disciples crucify the flesh, with its affections and lusts, he did not mean thereby that they were to deify the flesh, as the heathen round them did in their profligate mysteries and in their gladiatorial exhibitions.

325 Verbs to Use for the Word  flesh