18 Verbs to Use for the Word flings

Andy gave the meat a fling.

"I'll be dead soon," went on the malicious, purring voice from the bed. "Don't begrudge me my last fling.

When the master of the scene, From the cloud-work of serene Asks her long deputed power Takes her sceptrebids her cower Strips her of her ancient robe, She, who once bestrode the globe Flings around his flaming path Crescents of destructive wrath; Tramples earth, and rolls in fire Forth the thunders of his ire.

He never casts a fling at Christianity; he never utters a sarcasm in reference to revealed truths; he never flippantly aspires to be wiser than Moses or Paul in reference to theological dogmas.

I'll not let that money go out of the house without having a fling at it!

Here, Hope her wild enchantment flings, Portrays all bright and lovely things, My footsteps to allure

O surely not, for such as these Those baby limbs are flung in lightsome capers; Those puny bleatings were not meant to please Facetious writers for the daily papers; Let baser beasts inspire the obvious wheeze, Wombats and wart-hogs, tortoises and tapirs; These lack the subtle spell thy presence flings About the spirit tuned to higher things.

May he wring their hearts as they wrung mine, Till they pour their blood for his revels like wine, And to women and monks their birthright fling!"

O'er sylvan scenes the muse her radiance flings; And hallows wheresoe'er she rests her wings.

Is it possible you are not aware that your poor notes raise a smile right through the forest, accustomed to the fluting of the thrush? CHANTECLER I know, you are trying now to reach me through my pride, but THE PHEASANT-HEN I doubt if you can get so many as three toadstools and a couple of sassafras stalks to listen to you, when the ardent oriole flings across the leafy gloom his melodious pir-piriol!

Nay, when his friend Mr. Carlyle is about going out with Lord Elgin to Constantinople, the very headquarters of despotism, we do not perceive, amongst the multitude of most characteristic hints and queries which Paley addresses to him, a single fling at the Turk, or a single hope expressed that the day was not very far distant when the Cossacks would be permitted to erect the standard of liberty in his capital.

[Illustration: SWEETIE] The Gist of his heart-to-heart Talk was that any Husband could stop Rough House Proceedings and shoot all kinds of Sweetness and Light into the sassiest Mooch a Wife ever got on to herself, if only he would refuse to Quarrel with her, receive her Flings without a Show of Wrath, and get up every Morning ready to Plug for a Renaissance of their Early Love.

'Here, take it, child,' he said, 'but use it not till thou art closely pressed, and then if thou must shoot, shoot lowit flings.'

Wide o'er the mad'ning throng URTICA flings Her barbed shafts, and darts her poison'd stings.

As she went about her daily tasks, that prospect of trying a fresh fling at the world as Jack Fyfe's wife tantalized her with certain desirable features.

Kazak speeds ever toward the North, With him a mighty power brings, To win the honour of his land Kazak his life unheeding flings Till fame of him eternal sings!

"'I've come up to 'ave a little fling,' she ses, smiling away harder than ever.

When through thine eyes the light of Heav'n doth shine Upon my being, and thy whisper brings, As the soft rustling of an angel's wings, Joy to my soul and peace and grace divine; When thus thy body and thy soul combine To weave the mystic web thy beauty flings Around my heart, whose thrilling silence rings With Hope's unuttered songs that make thee mine, Ah, then, O Love!

18 Verbs to Use for the Word  flings