366 Verbs to Use for the Word foes

But little we knew even then, pard, (And that's just two weeks ago), How little we dreamed of disaster, Or that he had met the foe That the fearless, reckless hero, So loved by the whole frontier, Had died on the field of battle In this, our centennial year.

Those only who on horseback sat remained to face the foe.

" "Well, you'll see him within an hour," said Ringan, "It's a queer story, but it seems he fell in with a Monacan war party, and since he and Bacon had been fighting their deadly foes, the Susquehannocks, they treated him well, and brought him south into Carolina.

"If you had stayed your bayonetif you had spared that boy, as you would have done had you seen or heard him in timewhat would that have been?" "Pity, maybe, or scorn to slay a weaker foe.

I have fought In many a battle, vanquished many a foe; By Feridún's commands I girt my loins, And his advice has ever been my guide.

"For the moment we found ourselves foes."

Deep in the dreary den, concealed from day, Sacred to Mars, a mighty dragon lay, Bloated with poison to a monstrous size; Fire broke in flashes when he glanced his eyes; His towering crest was glorious to behold, 50 His shoulders and his sides were scaled with gold; Three tongues he brandished when he charged his foes; His teeth stood jagy in three dreadful rows.

And when in froward mood She proves an angry foe: Small gain I found to let her come, Less loss to let her go.

Like Tortulf the Forester, they learned "how to strike the foe, to sleep on the bare ground, to bear hunger and toil, summer's heat and winter's frost,how to fear nothing but ill-fame."

After the battle of Corunna,when the British brought to bay, turned and defeated their foes,it was Colin's regiment that had the honour of digging the grave in which their heroic commander Sir John Moore was buried.

I fear no foe: I scorn no friend: I dread no death: I fear no end.

It is possible that, had it not been for the effects of the knife wounds, Harris, in the end, would have overcome these foes, for he was a powerful man.

If the comparison be a just one, it may be added, in extenuation of Johnson's malignity, that he is at least a dog who thinks himself to be attacking the inveterate foe of his master; for Milton's hostility to a kingly government was the crime which he could not forgive.

Is the informer one who sees the foe?

And ever as they went came scattered groups of Sir Benedict's stout rear-guard, staggering with weariness and limping with wounds, the while, upon the plain beyond, Eric with his men-at-arms and Walkyn with the survivors of the foresters and Giles with his archers and pikemen, holding the foe in play, fell back upon the town, compact and orderly.

"The cause must be both good and true, And if their blood in war must flow, Will it not seem of brighter hue, When shed to crush the Tartar foe?"

Great is the number of the valiant men Who wait upon me; but I will myself, Although advanc'd in years, oppose the foe, And am prepar'd to try the chance of arms.

The animal with the largest mouth is usually the victor; and he has no sooner conquered his foe than he devours him.

The king of England was, however, highly indignant at the hardihood with which the Dutch admiral broke through the etiquette of territorial respect, and destroyed his country's bitter foes under the very sanction of English neutrality.

Yet certain fearless souls have dwelt Within that haunted pile; Among them she, whose portrait still, With enigmatic smile, Lights up the mansion, like a gem Set in a tarnished diadem; The princess, at whose thrilling call Unnumbered patriots rose To drive from fettered Lombardy Her immemorial foes, A woman, loved from sea to sea, As Liberty's divinity.

The covert's utmost bound Slily she skirts; behind them cautious creeps, And in that very track, so lately stained By all the steaming crowd, seems to pursue The foe she flies.

Is it I?" He touched his broad chest with his two hands, and stood defying his life-long foe.

Still the chiefs did not lose sight of one another, but beating off their inferior foes as well as they could, each refusing to loosen his hold, clung with mortal grasp to his antagonist.

"For, even when overthrown and cast down," says Malmesbury, "Alfred had always to be fought with; so, then when one would esteem him altogether worn down and broken, like a snake slipping from the hand of him who would grasp it, he would suddenly flash out again from his hiding-places, rising up to smite his foes in the height of their insolent confidence, and never more hard to beat than after a flight.

DUEL While their men battled on a road near Antwerp, it is said that a Belgian cavalry sergeant and an officer of German Uhlans fought a revolver duel which ended when the Belgian killed his foe, sending a bullet into his neck at close range.

366 Verbs to Use for the Word  foes