93 Verbs to Use for the Word following

and in the meanwhile writing the following on a slip of paper which he handed to a friend: "GREAT PRIZE COMPETITION FOR PATIENCE.

Mr. Croker quotes the following from the Rose MSS.:'Oct.

Dr. Merriman gives the following in a note in Underwood, "On the Diseases of Children:" [FN#21] Two or three fatal cases, and upon which coroners' inquests were held, have occurred within the last two years.

Besides the present work and numerous minor articles, he has published the following: Ueber den intelligiblen Charakter, zur Kritik der Kantischen Freiheitslehre 1879;

[Footnote A: In regard to the use of bloodhounds, for the recapture of runaway slaves, we insert the following from the New-York Evangelist, being an extract of a letter from Natchez (Miss.) under date of January 31, 1835: "An instance was related to me in Claiborne County, in Mississippi.

We shall relate the following, as nearer home than many now before us.

Among Miss Mitchell's papers we find the following with reference to this subject: "... Adams, a graduate of Cambridge, made the calculations which showed how an unseen body must exist whose influences were felt by Uranus.

To your list of illustrative personifications, into which a fine imagination enters, I will take leave to add the following from Beaumont and Fletcher's "Wife for a Month;" 'tis the conclusion of a description of a sea-fight: "The game of death was never played so nobly; the meagre thief grew wanton in his mischiefs, and his shrunk, hollow eyes smiled on his ruins.

In some of the letters he treats exhaustively of the history and scientific principles of his telegraph, but I have selected the following, addressed to the Honorable W.W. Boardman, as containing the most essential facts in the most concise form: August 10, 1842.

" The "Mobile Advertiser" of September 15, 1838, copies the following from the Louisville (Ky.) Journal.

" The "Southern Argus," of July 25, 1837, contains the following.

In the republics of Greece and Rome a mastery of rhetoric gave its possessor political power; for by persuasive public speech a public man could gain a following by defending his clients in the law courts, and influence the destinies of the state by his deliberations in the legislative assembly.

Since receiving this explanation I have read the following in the second part of the Greville Memoirs, i. 99:'June 1, 1838.

"William P. Barr, an intelligent young man, and member of his father's church in Carrollton, stated the following.

" The "New Orleans Bulletin" of Aug. 24, 1838, extracts the following from the Louisville Journal.

In March, 1816, the House of Representatives passed the following resolution:"Resolved, That a committee be appointed to inquire into the existence of an inhuman and illegal traffic in slaves, carried on in and through the District of Columbia, and to report whether any and what measures are necessary for putting a stop to the same.

[The preceding communication was already in type when we received the following from Mr. Bolton Corney, which we gladly print, inasmuch as it illustrates some points not touched upon by Mr. Collier.]

Among the many further legends connected with the Virgin may be mentioned the following connected with her death:The story runs that she was extremely anxious to see her Son again, and that whilst weeping, an angel appeared, and said, "Hail, O Mary!

ASA A. STONE, a theological student, who lived near Natchez, (Mi.,) in 1834 and 5, sent the following with other testimony, to be published under his own name, in the N.Y. Evangelist, while he was still residing there.

Passing over a few mere oversights, such as a statement from which it would follow that a transit of Venus occurred every eight years, mistakes of dates, etc., we cite the following.

These men reported that Mahomed Issar had left about 7 A.M. for Khogazi, taking all his following with him, and that he would defend a position known as the Goland Gol, just in front of that village.

The Taleb Sidi Brahim, son of Mahomet, of Massat in Sous, tells the following: He started for the zaouiah of Tazroualt, to study there during seven months with the taleb Sidi Mahomet Adjeli, one of the greatest lights.

The hat was very broad brimmed, and was worn set back from the forehead, and bent into coquettish curves, and altogether the fair Diana might depend upon having a very long following of astonished gazers if she should ride down Beacon Street or appear in Central Park to-day.

But positive science declares the following to be the indispensable requirement for the regeneration of human ideals: Without an ideal, neither an individual nor a collectivity can live, without it humanity is dead or dying.

Launcelot had gathered a large following in France, and while Gawaine was being healed of his wounds there was peace between the armies.

93 Verbs to Use for the Word  following
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