96 Verbs to Use for the Word fondness

The setting of "Ali Baba" shows the four characteristics of all these Perso-Arabian tales: it has to do with town life, not country life; it presupposes one faith, the Mohammedan; it shows a fondness for magic; and it takes for granted an audience interested not in moral or ethical distinctions but in story-telling for story-telling's sake.

Félicité developed a great fondness for them; she bought them a stove, some shirts and a blanket; it was evident that they exploited her.

The grave Lord Keeper, after his promotion, still retained his fondness for that accomplishment to which he was indebted for his rise, and led the Brawls almost until his death.

They knew only too well the fondness of their countrymen for exaggeration and their inability to report facts accurately.

He was taken to the country, where he acquired a lasting fondness for animals and wild scenery.

It, throughout, exhibits that ardent fondness for chemistry, which Johnson cherished, and that respect for physicians, which his numerous memoirs of members of that profession, and his attachment to Dr. Bathurst and the amiable and single-hearted Level, evinced.

This mysterious, severe understanding between the father and the child affected me painfully; I was at a loss to surmise its nature, whence it proceeded, or how it could be; for Ferdy evinced in his every word, look, movement, an undivided fondness for his father.

He had never lost his fondness for the profession for which he had been trained, and having many medical friends, he would now and then accompany them on their hospital rounds, or share with them the labors of the dissecting room.

They have been in my possession for yearsindeed, I should be unhappy otherwise, for I have inherited my father's fondness for themand nobody has ever even attempted to steal them.

He very early discovered an unusual fondness for literature by an eager perusal of English books; and, having passed happily through the scholastick rudiments, was put, in 1530, by his patron Wingfield, to St. John's college in Cambridge.

But, what we really must insist on, is, that in gratifying that fondness, you give them true stories.

We see indeed, that men unqualified to support themselves in other countries, or who have, by long custom, contracted a fondness for particular methods of life, will bear very uncomfortable circumstances, without endeavouring to improve their conditions by a change of their habitations.

Every thing that used to create fondness and veneration is despised, and things are esteemed only in proportion as they are worthless.

The book is very prettily manufactured also, though we think publishers are carrying their fondness for tinted paper too far.

A knight, Hugo von Wolfsberg, became attached to the quiet, melancholy Eckbert, and seemed to cherish a genuine fondness for him.

Another factor to be borne in mind is the character of his governor and principal instructor, the historian, F.F. Carlson, who gave to his pupil a fondness for scientific exactness as well as an insight into the true causes of civilizatory development found none too frequently in professional thinkers, and hardly ever in princes.

" There was Sainte-Beuve, a distinguished but inferior man, having a pardonable fondness for ugliness.

"An old man may express his fondness....

She has a strong affection for a goldfinch in the same apartment, the latter bird appearing to return this fondness by fluttering its wings and other demonstrations of delight.

It explains the Southern fondness for legal subtleties.

What fondness in my Conduct had he seen, To take so shameful and so base Revenge? Gay.

It was not long after this, when he had another violent return of love upon him; Mariamne was therefore sent for to him, whom he endeavoured to soften and reconcile with all possible conjugal caresses, and endearments; but she declined his embraces, and answered all his fondness, with bitter invectives for the death of her father and her brother.

Mathieu's son Ambroise, on leaving college, had entered the employment of an uncle of Seguin's, Thomas du Hordel, one of the wealthiest commission merchants in Paris; and this old man, who, despite his years, remained very sturdy, and still directed his business with all the fire of youth, had conceived a growing fondness for Ambroise, who had great mental endowments and a real genius for commerce.

The Poodle is no longer regarded as a sporting dog, but at one period he was trained to retrieve waterfowl, and he still on occasion displays an eager fondness for the water.

This theory greatly interested Payson, who held strongly with it, having always had a secret, sneaking fondness for gamblers.

96 Verbs to Use for the Word  fondness