19 Verbs to Use for the Word forage

In campaign a command carries as a part of its normal equipment the following forage: (a) For each draft animal:

This not unsuccessful piece of boldness raised the spirits of the Samnites so high, that they not only did not suffer the Romans to march forward into their country, but even to procure forage from their lands; and the foragers were obliged to go back into the quiet country of Sora.

the towers had now approached the walls, Caesar ascertained from the captives that Vercingetorix, after destroying the forage, had pitched his camp nearer Avaricum, and that he himself with the cavalry and light-armed infantry, who generally fought among the horse, had gone to lay an ambuscade in that quarter to which he thought that our troops would come the next day to forage.

In the army they were of very little use except to devour forage.

I also noticed that, on most occasions, the three year olds gave out, or became so leg-weary that they could scarce walk out of the way of the swingle-tree, whereas those of four and upward would be bright and brisk, and able to eat their forage when they came to camp.

It consists in trying to bribe a station-master to carry you on a troop train, or in finding forage for your horse.

In the midst of the shrubbery growth on the breaks there is a fine growth of nutritious grasses, which forms excellent winter forage.

Near the middle of the day, after returning from San Jorge, the company rode out, under command of the sergeant, to gather forage for the animals.

King slipped Buck's bridle, dropped the tie-rope, and let the animal forage along the fringes of the brook.

He, therefore, entered the neighboring village to obtain forage, and to refresh.

Yet they are outlasting the forage, and to-night against some opinion I decided Christopher must go.

Then, some of the packers drove them down to water, while others made ready the forage and grain-bags; infantry fires were lit; the provisions turned over; detachments came meekly forward for rations, and the lifting aroma of coffee enchanted the warm winds.

The surplus resulting from this attracted notice, and many wondered why it was that the Government did not reduce the forage on the mule.

The mule, if properly taken care of, requires nearly as much forage as the horse, and should be groomed and cared for just the same.

Perhaps the Germans as they advanced had in mind to save the forage for their own horses, and either they were running too fast to stop or the staff overlooked the detail on the retreat.

Brigham's courier had preceded the train on its way south, bearing written orders to the faithful to hold no dealings with its people; to sell them neither forage for their stock nor food for themselves.

I not only refuse to accept forage, which is allowed by the Julian law, but even firewood.

If you have a water meadow you will not want forage, but if not then sow an upland meadow, so that hay may not be lacking.

He sent foraging parties over these bridges, because he had already consumed all the forage that was on his side of the river.

19 Verbs to Use for the Word  forage