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16 Verbs to Use for the Word « forelegs »

16 Verbs to Use for the Word « forelegs »

  • At any rate he stiffened his forelegs, stopped short, and glared.
  • I broke both his forelegs with my first shot, but the poor brute still managed to hobble along.
  • A few rods from the dwelling is the corral or cattle-pen, a large oval inclosure, into which, at irregular intervals, he drives his herds for purposes of branding or enumeration; and near the corral two or three impatient horses, shackled with a thong confining the forelegs, are grazing.
  • And in order that their horses may also benefit by the fires, they dip the right forelegs of the animals in the smoke and flames or in the hot embers, and they rub ashes on the foreheads and between the nostrils of the horses.
  • He was limping, and dragging a torn foreleg.
  • The burden was the carcass of a bear; the man had drawn the forelegs over his shouldershis jutting elbows making what had seemed the outstretched armsand above the head of the burden-bearer rose the great head of the bear.
  • Thus on February 22, 1760, his horse "Jolly" got his right foreleg "mashed to pieces," probably by a falling limb.
  • Oates, Bowers, and Anton gather round the beast and lash up one foreleg, then with his head held on both sides Oates gathers back the traces; quick as lightning the little beast flashes round with heels flying aloft.
  • You stand on your hind legs, and plant your forelegs firmly against the side of the well, and then I'll climb on to your back, and, from there, by stepping on your horns, I can get out.
  • Moment by moment he out-distanced the wedge-shaped ripple where the heads of the tired pack bobbed in pursuit; for here, as always in water, the deer held the advantage, being able to float and rest at will while the hound must always ply his forelegs or sink.
  • To satisfy my mind I led my horse into the road and slipped the bridle round his foreleg; then retired a few yards and looked at himhe had not the colour of the black horse; he was a deep bay.
  • I thought he had sprained his off foreleg for he limped a good deal on the home stretch, but he seemed to limber up all right the last few miles.
  • Well, sir, when I was a kid I had a colt that stuck its foreleg in a hole and busted it short and when that colt had to be shot they wasn't no holdin' me.
  • Then he flattened himself on his belly, stretched out his forelegs, closed his eyes, and without any other sound except an occasional yelp of pain allowed Gray Wolf to go on with the operation.
  • Whether this unnatural calm misled Red, he came up closer, braced his forelegs, and thrust his tawny muzzle almost into the other dog's face, drew back his lips from all those shining wicked teeth, and uttered a muffled hiss.
  • The great wolf-dog was slinking towards her on his belly, still trailing the wounded foreleg.

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