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216 Verbs to Use for the Word  fought

216 Verbs to Use for the Word fought

Yet he found it woefully hard to settle his mind on mathematics while Dave was fighting the fight of his Naval Academy career.

The British had won the fight.

Now is the time to be strong in resistance; for whoso makes a stout fight in the beginning roots out an unhallowed affection, and bears securely the palm of victory; but whoso, with long and wishful fancies, fosters it, will try too late to resist a yoke that has been submitted to almost unresistingly.

And so began the grimmest fight with death, from which ever I hope to emerge victorious.

For more than a quarter-century I have been a voter, usually with votes in two or three constituencies, and never in all that long political life have I seen a single straight fight in an election, but only the dismallest sham fights it is possible to conceive.

That look was worth fifty bruises, and for it Jack would have continued the fight with Grundy to the bitter end.

Accordingly he entered the plain, and summoned Rustem to renew the fight.

The Pymeut staggered, and drew off a little way, looking angry enough, but, to the Boy's surprise, showing no fight.

The air was cold and bleak and in addition to all the rest the enthusiasts of Boston had given up the fight.

The refusal of the two splendid beasts to kill each other for the pleasure of the three hundred men who had assembled to witness the fight delighted him.

Having come from behind in 1911 and made a winning from a wretched start, the Mackmen apparently thought they could do it again and delayed starting their fight until it was too late.

The navigation of the inlet was so difficult, that Maynard's sloops were repeatedly grounded in their approach, and the pirate, with his experience of the soundings, possessed considerable advantage in manoeuvring, which enabled him for some time to maintain a running fight.

They loved a fight.

" "If you're determined to fight," rejoined Hepson, who was the only first classman present, "then we don't want to stop the fight.

It was a long time before Donnegan left the hut, and when he came out the crowd which had gathered to watch the fight, or at least to mark the reports of the guns when those two terrible warriors met, was scattered.

"On the 13th of May, 1869, he was in the fight at Elephant Rock, Kansas, and trailed the Indians till the 16th, when we got another fight out of them on Spring Creek, in Nebraska, and scattered them after following them one hundred and fifty miles in three days.

She always tried hard to hold on to the original image, even if it did not in the least coincide with what her friends proved to be in reality and this brought on numberless fights with Kurt, who, with his usual shrewdness, could not help revealing to her the real state of affairs.

The whole scene was typical of life in the northern capital, where wealth wages a successful fight against climate.

We kept up a running fight for the remainder of the afternoon, and the Indians repeatedly attempted to lead us off the track of their flying village, but their trail was easily followed, as they were continually dropping tepee poles, camp kettles, robes, furs and all heavy articles belonging to them.

"Now, why on earth does that fellow deliberately pick a fight with me?" wondered Darrin, as he strolled along by himself.

He was leader in scent, but he did not like bloody, dangerous fights.

He was exceedingly desirous of having an Indian fight on the trip, not that he was naturally a blood-thirsty man but just for variety he wanted a little "Indian pie."

The Press took up the fight, and the Press was promptly muzzled.

In the meantime they had knocked Boston out of second place for a short while in May and, most of the way, had enjoyed a close fight with Philadelphia for third and fourth spots.

The Roman consul neither advanced his forces, nor allowed the enemy's shouts to be returned, but ordered his men to stand with their spears fixed in the ground, and whenever the enemy came to a hand-to-hand encounter, to draw their swords, and attacking them with all their force, to carry on the fight.

Well, if the vision Liane had seen on deck had taken material form here in his stateroom, Lanyard presumed it meant another fight, and the last, to a finish, that is to say, to a death.

And, especially, who was the fellow who lost the decision, and then had the utter effrontery to demand a second chance at once, only to win the second fight?" "Darrin was the man who lost the first fight and won the second," replied Lieutenant Willow.

"Nay," said he, "I will deliver over to thee my whole family, as well as my brother and son, and thou mayest sacrifice them all as a punishment for having commenced the fight without permission."

Of Cadiz, the next stage, he writes with enthusiasm as a modern Cythera, describing the bull fights in his verse, and the beauties in glowing prose.

Let me tell you, Judge, if you don't want a fight with an animal that's got long claws and sharp teeth, don't come close upon him onawares, or may be there'll be trouble.

The blow was aimed for the point of the chin and would have ended the fight right there.

Unquestionably it was the idea of the general Brotherhood organization that the National League would abandon the fight and succumb, but the National League owners were built of sterner stuff.

With this exception, it is more than probable that no living creature which entered the fight with Custer came out of it alive.

They crossed the Drina and carried the war into Bosnia, putting up a stiff fight wherever they encountered the enemy, and while they sustained severe losses in killed and wounded during August and September, the losses they inflicted upon the Austrians were still heavier.

Again, one time after the slaughter of beasts he straightway brought water into the theatre by means of pipes and produced a sea-fight: then he let the water out again and arranged a gladiatorial combat.

"He expects to finish this fight for his own amusement," flashed angrily through Darrin's mind.

Then his shoulders dropped, and he, too, coolly faced the crowd that had expected a fight to the death.

As Lord Tennyson writes: And the sun went down, and the stars came out far over the summer sea, But never a moment ceased the fight of the one and the fifty-three.

Napoleon would, on the contrary, mass all his best troops at the stone bridge, open the fight with every piece of artillery he could bring to bear, and in the panic send divisions ten deep across the bridge.

He sprang before his company, sword in his left hand and revolver in the other, and led the fight, rushing right up the hill, and, when near enough, firing every barrel of his pistol.

Rustem, however, was not to be overcome, and he said: "If I were really subdued by thee, I might agree to be bound like a vanquished slave; but the day is now closing, to-morrow we will resume the fight!"

The charge be mine to adorn the chosen ground, The theatre of war, for champions so renown'd; 420 And take the patron's place of either knight, With eyes impartial to behold the fight; And Heaven of me so judge as I shall judge aright.

"In order to avoid the fight, I'll buy your shares for ten shillings.

Then follows the fight with the firedrake, in which Beowulf, wrapped in fire and smoke, is helped by the heroism of Wiglaf, one of his companions.

He did not fear a fight; in fact, he was a little too anxious to meet the outlaws who had stolen his gun, now that they had determined upon opening fire on sight.

Mobilization of manpower and pressing the fight for freedom.

You, far from danger as from fear, Might have sustained an open fight: For seldom your opinions err; Your eyes are always in the right.

Does any curious and finely ignorant woman wish to know how Bob's eye at a glance announced a dog-fight to his brain?

"In three minutes," said he, "I will declare the fight off.

As fought his company, so fought all under the eyes of Garibaldi, who directed the fight from Villa Pamphilli.

He had accused that officer of disobeying orders in forcing a fight on the fords of Bull Run where he had been told to merely reconnoitre.

More than the man who had lived out a bitter expiation, did she pity her who had missed the fight, slipped out of the struggle.

The commander of the Spanish fleet agreed to this readily, not only because (knowing the disposition of his adversary) he feared further loss to his own side by prolonging the fight, but because he greatly admired the valour of Sir Richard Grenville, and desired to save his life.

A repetition of this story is given in the legend of the fight between Horus and Set, and in both forms it represented originally the fight which was supposed to go on daily between light and darkness.

However, the arrival of the consul effected a speedy change in every particular; for, on the sight of their leader, the spirit of the soldiers was revived, and the bravery of the men who came with him rendered them more powerful aid than even their number; while the news of success in the other wing, which was heard, and after seen, restored the fight.

My father fought with Mosby's Rangers, and I was born in the South, but the Negroes saved that fight, and the day will come when General Shafter will give them credit for their bravery.

Never had he been a coward, but neither had he been one to seek a fight.

Deeper to wound, she shuns the fight: She drops her arms, to gain the field; Secures her conquest by her flight, And triumphs when she seems to yield.

Folks have told me," a twinkle of amusement in his eye at the absurdity, "that yew fight among yerselves like cats an' dogs, when, law!

As Homer has introduced into his Battel of the Gods every thing that is great and terrible in Nature, Milton has filled his Fight of good and bad Angels with all the like Circumstances of Horrour.

I spared thee in the halls of Starno, when my sword was red with slaughter, when my eye was full of tears for the maid. Or dost thou choose the fight?

Sooner than embarrass those who were conducting the fight, the individual English man and woman in silence suffered the most cruel anxiety of mind.

Now state after state is passing laws to permit prize fights to take place, and even the best society has given its sanction to this sort of sport.

Women joined the fight at the barricades; and on the 19th some of the riflemen whom the King had brought from Neuchâtel refused to fire upon the people.

As on a time, in peaceful reign, A bull enjoyed the flowery plain, A mastiff passed; inflamed with ire, His eye-balls shot indignant fire; 10 He foamed, he raged with thirst of blood Spurning the ground the monarch stood, And roared aloud, 'Suspend the fight; In a whole skin go sleep to-night: Or tell me, ere the battle rage, What wrongs provoke thee to engage?

But it was a close shave, all right, I tell you, Andy!" Frank himself had no breath to spare, nor could it be wondered at, considering the recent valiant fight which he had made against big odds.

Something that preceded the fight was even harder on him.

While crowds of princes your deserts proclaim, Proud in their number to enrol your name; While emperors to you commit their cause, And Anna's praises crown the vast applause; Accept, great leader, what the Muse recites, That in ambitious verse attempts your fights.

Three or four men, good men, too, were inclined to have it out with John Prather; but that would have precipitated a general fight with Leddy's gang.

Here Edi rose up in bed from pure zeal and continued: "Do you remember, not long ago I recited our songs, which we made about the others, to Papa; then he knew at once that we were preparing a big fight and has forbidden us to take part in it.

" He lowered the binocular and looked at the captain, adding: "I suspected it; their party is but a little stronger than yours, for Mont and I will stand with you, but it seems to me it would be foolish to risk a fight in the open.

Footnote 19: It is an open question whether this poem celebrates the fight at which Hnæf, the Danish leader, fell, or a later fight led by Hengist, to avenge Hnæf's death.

for one hour of thy leadership to rule the fight!

We continued to make similar raids upon the Missourians off and on during the summer, and occasionally we had running fights with them; none of the skirmishes, however, amounting to much.

Something, however, must be done to prevent the fight, and she took the straightest course.

There was a fury and a might in his blows that was hard to associate with the world of human beings,such ferociousness and wolf-like savagery, welling strength and prowess of battle that mostly men have forgotten in their centuries of civilization, but which still mark the death-fight between beasts.

And the people beheld the fight between Salwa and the foremost of Vrishni heroes, which was even like unto the encounter between Vasava with Vali.

Our people are sound in instinct; they understand a fight.

It was his home, the prosperity of his coming life that he had to fight for; and he told himself that he must put aside all weakness, as he had done once before, when he turned away from the easy-going studies and pleasures of young Oxford life to undertake a hand-to-hand fight with evil fortune.

The landlord begged of me not to allow the members of the troupe to enter the billiard room, as he did not wish any fight in his house.

Stop the meridian flight Of Jove's proud plumy race; Arrest the fiercest fight When foe-men battle face.

Have we forgotten the great fight on the Koyokuk?

I had grown very philosophical, was quite ready to go or to stay, didn't mind the fight any more nor the attacks on W., which were not very vicious, but so absurd that no one who knew him could attach the least importance to them.

But they had known other strong fights to be none the less hopeless, and they were grateful for those last two words of qualification.

The royal youth by Marlborough's presence charmed, Taught by his counsels, by his actions warmed, On Landau with redoubled fury falls, Discharges all his thunder on its walls, O'er mines and caves of death provokes the fight, And learns to conquer in the hero's sight.

But must you needs do this, needs fight, Cleontius?

Whereupon, assembling the centurions, he quickly gives orders to the soldiers to discontinue the fight a short time, and only collect the weapons flung

Tyee demanded finally,"a good fight?" "Ho! ho! ho!"

The chiefs on both sides encouraged the fight, on the side of the Sabines Mettius Curtius, on the side of the Romans Hostius Hostilius.

"O light of my distracted eyes, When thou hast reached the fight, In coat of double-proof arrayed, As fits a gallant knight, Let loyal love and constancy Be thy best suit of mail, In lonely hours of absence, When faith is like to fail.

When, surprised, he views Sohráb, endued with ample breast and thews, Like Sám Suwár, he beckons him apart; The youth advances with a gallant heart, Willing to prove his adversary's might, By single combat to decide the fight; And eagerly, "Together brought," he cries, "Remote from us be foemen, and allies,

That finished the home games for New York and the team started west, facing a desperate fight.

This phase included a running fight, as the German dreadnaughts fled toward their bases.

There was no kneitoscopic method of reproducing a fight at that time, but it was planned to imitate the great fight as closely as possible.

With the return of the warm weather it seems certain that the red skins will take advantage of the opportunity thus offered, and inaugurate a bitter and vindictive fight against the whites.

He kicked at a passing cat, and shook his head bravely, talking to himself about the way he would have whipped the new boy if his father had not interrupted the fight.

"Is it that this iss your fight, Mistair Morse?" he demanded.

The name of the village of Pourrières (Campus de Putridis) and the hill of Sainte Victoire commemorate this great fight to our day, and till the French Revolution a procession used to be made by the neighbouring villagers every year to the hill, where a bonfire was lit, round which they paraded, crowned with flowers, and shouting 'Victoire, Victoire!'

It is a strange fact that a well placed bullet will knock the fight out of such game; but if they are once thoroughly aroused it takes much more lead to kill them.

"Since God created heaven and earth," says the Loyal Serviteur of Bayard, "was never seen a more cruel and rough assault than that which French and Spaniards made upon one another, and for more than a long half hour lasted this fight.