216 Verbs to Use for the Word fought

Yet he found it woefully hard to settle his mind on mathematics while Dave was fighting the fight of his Naval Academy career.

The British had won the fight.

Now is the time to be strong in resistance; for whoso makes a stout fight in the beginning roots out an unhallowed affection, and bears securely the palm of victory; but whoso, with long and wishful fancies, fosters it, will try too late to resist a yoke that has been submitted to almost unresistingly.

And so began the grimmest fight with death, from which ever I hope to emerge victorious.

For more than a quarter-century I have been a voter, usually with votes in two or three constituencies, and never in all that long political life have I seen a single straight fight in an election, but only the dismallest sham fights it is possible to conceive.

That look was worth fifty bruises, and for it Jack would have continued the fight with Grundy to the bitter end.

Accordingly he entered the plain, and summoned Rustem to renew the fight.

The Pymeut staggered, and drew off a little way, looking angry enough, but, to the Boy's surprise, showing no fight.

The air was cold and bleak and in addition to all the rest the enthusiasts of Boston had given up the fight.

The refusal of the two splendid beasts to kill each other for the pleasure of the three hundred men who had assembled to witness the fight delighted him.

Having come from behind in 1911 and made a winning from a wretched start, the Mackmen apparently thought they could do it again and delayed starting their fight until it was too late.

The navigation of the inlet was so difficult, that Maynard's sloops were repeatedly grounded in their approach, and the pirate, with his experience of the soundings, possessed considerable advantage in manoeuvring, which enabled him for some time to maintain a running fight.

They loved a fight.

" "If you're determined to fight," rejoined Hepson, who was the only first classman present, "then we don't want to stop the fight.

It was a long time before Donnegan left the hut, and when he came out the crowd which had gathered to watch the fight, or at least to mark the reports of the guns when those two terrible warriors met, was scattered.

"On the 13th of May, 1869, he was in the fight at Elephant Rock, Kansas, and trailed the Indians till the 16th, when we got another fight out of them on Spring Creek, in Nebraska, and scattered them after following them one hundred and fifty miles in three days.

She always tried hard to hold on to the original image, even if it did not in the least coincide with what her friends proved to be in reality and this brought on numberless fights with Kurt, who, with his usual shrewdness, could not help revealing to her the real state of affairs.

The whole scene was typical of life in the northern capital, where wealth wages a successful fight against climate.

We kept up a running fight for the remainder of the afternoon, and the Indians repeatedly attempted to lead us off the track of their flying village, but their trail was easily followed, as they were continually dropping tepee poles, camp kettles, robes, furs and all heavy articles belonging to them.

"Now, why on earth does that fellow deliberately pick a fight with me?" wondered Darrin, as he strolled along by himself.

He was leader in scent, but he did not like bloody, dangerous fights.

He was exceedingly desirous of having an Indian fight on the trip, not that he was naturally a blood-thirsty man but just for variety he wanted a little "Indian pie."

The Press took up the fight, and the Press was promptly muzzled.

In the meantime they had knocked Boston out of second place for a short while in May and, most of the way, had enjoyed a close fight with Philadelphia for third and fourth spots.

The Roman consul neither advanced his forces, nor allowed the enemy's shouts to be returned, but ordered his men to stand with their spears fixed in the ground, and whenever the enemy came to a hand-to-hand encounter, to draw their swords, and attacking them with all their force, to carry on the fight.

216 Verbs to Use for the Word  fought