39 Verbs to Use for the Word found

But, O my Muse, what numbers wilt thou find To sing the furious troops in battle joined!

Switching on a lamp near by, she examined her find.

Through the velvet leaves the wind All unseen gan passage find, That the shepherd, sick to death, Wish'd himself the heaven's breath.

My fowls shall future safety find; My yard the thriving poultry feed, And my barn's refuse fat the breed.' 20 'Friend,' says the sage, 'the doom is wise; For public good the murderer dies.

"Sometimes on bitter cold mornings," says her sister, "I begged that she would read with her feet comfortably to the fire, and received the reply, 'But then, Marie, I can't rule my lines neatly; just see what a find I have got!

CHAPTER IV MR. FRANKLIN FULLAWAY Allerdyke carried his find away to his own room and carefully examined it.

Doing this you come at length to the flat top of the screwa most curiously flat topand find on this side of you the Cathedral and the market-place, and on that side of you the Hotel de Ville, where a German flag hangs among the iron lilies in the grille-worked arms of the Republic above the front doors.

Koldo put these pieces of paper into a strong envelope, which he sealed and marked "Exhibit A," and delivered his precious find to the Governor-General. While Mr. Pike sat in Ronacher's at Vienna, watching a most entertaining vaudeville performance, Count Selim Malagaski was in his library, conferring with the wise Popova.

The more a man with virtuous dealing doth himself inure, The less with worldly business he is molested sure; Which maketh proof that, as turmoils still toss the worldly mind: So minds exempt from worldly toil desired quiet find.

" In discussing their new find and attempting to solve its meaning, the three friends forgot for the time being the melancholy tidings they had received that morning, and gave themselves up to a full enjoyment of the mystery.

"Where shall we else so fell a traitor find?

She searched out the nests of the grouse and robbed them of their eggs; and always high celebration in the cave followed such a find as this.

Perhaps only he who gives his lonelinessshall find.

At a safe distance Andy inspected his find.

He had kept his find from the other boys, not churlishly, for he was always an outspoken lad, but because he felt there were things about the cave that the others, good fellows as they all were, couldn't be expected to understand, and that, anyhow, it would never be quite his cave again after he had let his thick-set freckled cousins play smuggler and pirate in it.

At thy door-step low I bend, Who have neither kin nor friend; Let me here a shelter find, Shield the shorn lamb from the wind.

Henceforth I write in crabbed oak-tree rynde, Search they that mean the secret meaning find.

The dial-sight was a complicated affair of prisms and lenses which probably cost the Bosch about sixty pounds, and we felt a little sick at having overlooked such a find.

447. 'Long exercise, my friend, inures the mind; And what we once disliked we pleasing find.' 448.

Wonder who owns it, and what that fandangle thing is?" Andy pocketed the find and was about to move away from the spot, when the flap of the performers' tent moved apart.

I have asked old and experienced miners at Dawson City who mined through California in Bonanza days, and some who mined in Australia, what they thought of the Klondyke region, and their reply has invariably been, "The world never saw so vast and rich a find of gold as we are working now.

All standing shalt thou find in ancient order; for, This is the prince's privilege, that to his home, When he returns at last, safe everything he finds, Each in its proper place, as he hath left it there.

There was an excellent picture showing the find of sponges on the Koettlitz Glacier.

The George Herbert so situated finds by no means his whole round of duty in the study.

he chuckled as he fingered, almost reverently, the dainty thing, "it's aadarned pretty little jigger!" Smiling whimsically the Ramblin' Kid slipped his find in his pocket and sought Sing Pete to tease him for a bite of breakfast.

39 Verbs to Use for the Word  found