76 Verbs to Use for the Word friars

"Oho!" cried the friar, "and is it thou, Simon?

Ye do remember how upon a time we met a white friar in the green that was a son of Godthey call him Brother Martin?

In July 1538, when the Bishop of Dover came to visit the place, he found "neither friar nor secular, but the doors open ... and none to serve God."

"Now!" spake the friar, "and you are for Belsaye, my brother, follow me; I know a wayalbeit a moist way and something evilbut an

"Si tripa plena laudal Deum, tripa famelica laudabit fratresif the full stomach praises God, the hungry stomach will praise the friars.

Its leading spirit was St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican order of preaching friars, but the title of Inquisitor was not yet adopted at the time of his death, in 1221.

Along with this fleet, the king sent five friars of the order of St Francis, of whom Fra Henrique was vicar, who was afterwards bishop Siebta, and who was to remain in the factory to preach the Catholic faith to the Malabars.

"What, Walkyn?" quoth the friar.

"Who art thou, good brother?" asked the old friar, in a high, wheezing voice.

Now as Beltane hasted along he heard the tread of mailed feet, and looking round beheld the white friar, and 'neath his white frock mail gleamed, while in his hand he grasped a heavy sword.

I went down afterwards, however, when help had come and the dying man had been carried awayby a friar, Marcos!

" "Nay," whispered the friar, with pleading hand on Beltane's arm, "'tis thing impossible" "Yet must I try, good brother" "Ah, dear my son, 'twill be thy death" "Why look you, gentle friar, I am in Belsaye, and Belsaye 'is in the hand of God!'

" "Backback that way, Monsignor," stammered the friar.

without the arbour stood the white friar with Giles and Roger in the shadows behind.

He cannot delay in coming," replied the friar.

The monk at first obeyed, and procured the appointment of his friend and disciple the Dominican friar, Buonvicino of Pescia, as his successor in the Church of St. Mark; but on Christmas Day, 1497, he declared from the pulpit that God had revealed to him that he ought not to submit to a corrupt tribunal; he then openly took the sacrament with the monks of St. Mark, and afterward continued to preach.

" "Aye!" echoed the friars.

The friars were accordingly led to the most public square of the city, where a great fire was lighted up, into which friar Thomas endeavoured to throw himself; but a Saracen held him back, saying: "You shall not do so, old man, as you may have some spell or contrivance about you, for preventing the fire from hurting you, and you must allow another of your people to go into the fire."

Very soon he returned, leading a woman, pale and haggard, who clasped a babe within her threadbare cloak; her eyes were red and sore with much weeping and upon the threshold she paused as one in sudden fear, but espying the friar, she uttered a cry: "O Father Martingood fatherpray, pray for the soul of him who is father to my child, but who at dawn must die with many others upon my lord Duke's great gallows!"

The invention of Padre Fernandez as a Dominican professor is a stroke of generosity on Rizal's part, in conceding that there could have existed any friar capable of talking frankly with an Indian.

All the metaphors and similes applied to his Excellency, Padre Irene, and Padre Salvi would exactly fit the wounded friar and the description of the thief would serve for each of the outlaws.

So Beltane followed the white friar with the three upon his heels who wrangled now no more; and in a while the friar paused beside a new-digged grave.

A momentous advance was made about 1440, when Brother Galfridus GrammaticusGeoffrey the Grammariana Dominican friar of Lynn Episcopi in Norfolk, produced the English-Latin vocabulary, to which he gave the name of Promptuarium or Promptorium Parvulorum, the Children's Store-room or Repository.

my son," groaned the friar, "I needs must think upon the coming day and of the vengeance of Sir Gui for this our work!"

The Spanish officials have intense fear of the Insurgents; and the latter hate them, as well as the friars, with a virulence that can hardly be described.

76 Verbs to Use for the Word  friars