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208 Verbs to Use for the Word  functioning

208 Verbs to Use for the Word functioning

" Often at midnight Hetty would wander into the pressroom and watch Thursday Smith run off the edition on the wonderful press, which seemed to possess an intelligence of its own, so perfectly did it perform its functions.

The local jurisdictions of the thegns who had grants of sac and soc, or who exercised judicial functions among their free neighbors, were identical with the manorial jurisdictions of the new owners.

Or may I not rather ask, is it possible for you to discharge your functions properly without these aids?

A certain proportion of the spores and seeds no doubt fulfilled their obvious function, and, carried by the wind to unoccupied regions, extended the limits of the forest; many might be washed away by rain into streams, and be lost; but a large portion must have remained, to accumulate like beech-mast, or acorns, beneath the trees of a modern forest.

" A new Governor-General, Marshal Valรฉe, had assumed his functions at Algiers in November, 1837.

Flack had so little professional pride that he was pleased at meeting a gentleman who usurped the functions of a detective without having had any police training, and who could beat the best of the Scotland Yard men like shelling peas, as he confided to his wife that night.

The chief magistrate was not the ealdorman of early English history, but the rex or basileus who combined in himself the functions of king, general, and priest.

Peel complied, and almost immediately resumed the functions of First Minister of the Crown.

But the interpreter was at that moment engaged in clasping to his bosom a struggling rooster and was totally unable to fulfill his functions.

I attend various functions of the court.

In this conception, every function of the organism has two aspects, under one of which it is its own end and exists for its own sake as an element of the life of the whole; under the other it is ministerial, serving other functions above and below it, as it in return is served by them.

The course adopted, therefore, in this book, is to devote a certain amount of space to the anatomy of the several organs before describing their functions.

Now they proved capable of uniting the Arabs commanded by Allah, a unity still many a time endangered during the first century by the old party spirit; and of devising a division of labour between the rulers and the conquered which made it possible for them to control the function of complicated machines of state without any technical knowledge.

The gray matter is the portion having the highest functions, and its apparent quantity is largely increased by being formed in convolutions.

Had a letter from the Bishop of Calcutta, who, on offering to execute episcopal functions at the Cape, was told by Hay, of the Colonial Office, that the cape was not in his Patent, and he could no do so.

The military aristocracy has never neglected the function of women in the state.

If you foster pride of rank and position, you encourage pretensions which you cannot gratify, partly because you dare not abdicate your own functions as a paramount power, and, partly, because you cannot control the arrogance of your subjects of the dominant race.

He interested himself, like Savonarola, in political institutions, but would separate the functions of the magistracy from those of the clergy; and he clung to the notion of a theocratic government, like Jewish legislators and the popes themselves.

This is the modern lesson which we wish to teach in the field of criminology, a field which will always retain its repressive functions as an exceptional and ultimate refuge, because we do not believe that we shall succeed in eliminating all forms of criminality.

Then the sexes develop their latest function, most prominent among the younger vertebrates, of acting as nature's most potent method of variation and differentiation.

It is, in fact, to a certain extent, like a watch, which, when once wound up and set in motion, will continue its function of recording true time only so long as every wheel, spring, and lever performs its allotted duty, and at its allotted time; or till the limit that man's ingenuity has placed to its existence as a moving automaton has been reached, or, in other words, till it has run down. 2451.

Thus the capiloulat of Toulouse, the senior alderman of Metz, and the burgomaster of Strasburg and Brussels, possessed in each of these towns a tribunal, which judged without appeal, and united the several functions of a civil, criminal, and simple police court.

After three months of such atrocity, Alva, fatigued rather than satiated with butchery, resigned his hateful functions wholly into the hands of Vargas, who was chiefly aided by the members Delrio and Dela Torre.

After he had explained in a marvellous manner the great function of historic Hungary, that of having saved on various occasions Europe from barbaric invasion, and of having known how to maintain its unity for ten centuries in spite of the many differences amongst nations, Count Apponyi showed how important it was for Europe to have a solid Hungary against the spread of Bolshevism and violence.

The titles given to certain chiefs of rex (king), dux (duke), graff (count), brenn (general of the army), only defined the subdivisions of that power, and were applied, the last exclusively, to those engaged in war, and the others to those possessing judicial and administrative functions.

I call it a railroad station, although it had lost its functions as such weeks before.

It has also been part of my duty to invent a title for this volume; and I am well aware that objection may be made to the one I have chosen, on the ground that in common language it is unusual to speak of literature as an art, and that to do so is unduly to narrow its meaning and to leave out of sight its main function as the record of thought.

Hoarseness does not usually attend a common cold in the child, and these symptoms may be premonitory of an attack of "croup;" a disease excessively rapid in its progress, and which, from the importance of the parts affected, carrying on, as they do, a function indispensably necessary to life, requires the most prompt and decided treatment.

They do not support anything, or fill any useful function.

If that House wished to preserve their functions, their understandings, their honour, and their dignity, he advised them to beware of committees of privy council.

In scientific researches in the domain of physics we often meet with the following problem: Being given any function whatever, y = f(x), to find a curve whose equation shall be / |

But in an evil day he forgot his true vocation, and took upon himself the function of a priest by offering burnt sacrifices, which was not lawful but for the priest alone.

Mr. Jeffrey does ill when he delegates his important functions into such hands as Mr. Hazlitt.

Physical science does not confuse these; it never mistakes nor denies specific function, organic progression, cyclical growth.

On the other hand, many of them find their chief function as game preserves, as do also to still greater extent the national parks.

Wherever this fragile material occurs in our bodies,in the skull, the spine, the trunk, or the limbs,the all-wise Architect has carefully protected it from violence, for a rough touch would injure it, or even tender pressure would disturb its function.

Thus, step by step, the use of alcoholics impairs the functions of the blood corpuscles, perverts nutrition, and slowly poisons the blood.

In him consciousness has reached the degree of clearness at which it embraces the world itself: his intellect has completely abandoned its function as the servant of his will, and now holds the world before him; and the world calls upon him much more to examine and consider it, than to play a part in it himself.

Brigham Young, being vested with the superintendence of Indian affairs, during his entire term of service as Governor, abused the functions of that office.

I am the Duke's bottle-holder; Denslow and wife accept that function for the chivalrous Adonaรฏs.

The image is therefore a very exact one for the Dream which, having accomplished its function and its life, now ceases to be.

Writing to John Taylor in July, 1821, just after he had taken over the magazine (see below), Lamb says, referring to the South-Sea House essay, "having a brother now there, and doubting how he might relish certain descriptions in it, I clapt down the name of Elia to it, which passed off pretty well, for Elia himself added the function of an author to that of a scrivener, like myself.

Yet he seems not to admit the function ascribed to it, and asserts that it is in many cases wanting.

Besides its ethical mission, the will has allotted to it the theoretical function of affirmation and negation, i.e., of judgment.

It is only now that we are in a position to appreciate the true functions of a rate of interest, and the nature of its claims to be regarded as a "real cost."

He assigned political functions to the Great Council (Conseil d'Etat); financial matters to the chamber of accounts; and the hearing of cases of heresy, wills, legacies, and dowries to the prelates.

Democracy changes the function of schools

The provostship of Paris, which comprehended functions analogous to those of prefect, mayor, and receiver-general, became a purchasable office, filled sometimes by two provosts at a time.

In the mean while it was openly proposed to concentrate still more the functions of government.

For a number of years it labored to confine its function to defining the limits of the Police Power, guarding itself from the responsibility of passing upon the "reasonableness" with which that power was used.

By some he is regarded as a theorist and a demagogue, who, for selfish purposes, opposed the purest patriots, and disseminated doctrines which will pervert our institutions and destroy our social fabric; by others he is revered as the philosopher who first asserted the rights of man, and the statesman who first defined the functions of our government and demonstrated the principles upon which it should he administered.

It has been found that the policy determining function of the stockholders and Board of Directors cannot operate independently of the plans of the management.

In considering the institutions of a comparatively crude state of society, such as existed in Europe in the early middle ages, it is misleading if not impossible to differentiate to any great extent the various functions and kinds of power which were commonly centered in the same individual.

The power of Becket as chancellor was very great, since he was prime minister, and the civil administration of the kingdom was chiefly intrusted to him, embracing nearly all the functions now performed by the various members of the Cabinet.

To all whom it may concern: Whereas by letters patent under the seal of the United States bearing date the 2d day of August, A.D. 1853, the President recognized George Benvenuto Mathew as consul of Her Britannic Majesty at Philadelphia and declared him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers, and privileges as are allowed to the consuls of the most favored nations,

That the State or municipality may enlarge their functions in any direction and to any extent, provided a clear public interest is subserved. ยง 7. Relation of Theoretic Socialism to Socialistic Legislation.

Hence although it could for a time exert other high functions of sovereignty, it could only do so while money was supplied to it from other sources than taxation; from contributions made by the states in answer to its "requisitions," from foreign loans, and from a paper currency.

It forgot its sterner functions.

THE PINEAL The pineal is another gland which has been credited with similar abilities and a like holding-the-reins-tight-in-childhood function among the cells.

Surely he must have had some definite form before his mental vision; for although sculpture cannot, like painting, tell an elaborate story, still each figure must have a moral and a meaning, must show cause for its existence, and indicate a possible function, or the mind of the spectator is left empty and craving.

Any degree of chilliness, long continued, interrupts the functions which the skin ought to perform, and thus produces mischief.

We shall then know our universal function and find our universal orbit.

And led its functions like a queen; Instead, her life has run to waste, The wraith of what it might have been.

But the stronger and more successful a labor organization is, the more vigorously do its leaders resist any legislation that limits the functions and field of action of the labor leaders, or that settles labor troubles in a way that makes the voluntary labor organization less necessary to the individual worker.

Looking back on it afterwards, they could remember little about itperhaps even less than can the average couple, under our social system which makes a wedding a social function, not a personal rite.

After having obstructed the nutritive and reparative functions of the vital fluid for many years, their effects at last may become fatal.

The captain in us must wake up to his own intimate nature, realize those functions of movement which are his own, and in the virtue of his knowledge of them apprehend how to deal with the problems he has come to.

As for the simpler bodily tissues, it now seems possible to preserve these indefinitely outside the body, not only alive but in excellent health and ready to reassume their functions in another body.

The legislatures recognize constantly the peculiar public functions of the railroads.

Indeed, as regards the functions of individual organs, the mutual aids of these two branches of knowledge are probably much more nearly balanced than many may be disposed to admit: for in estimating them we are very apt to forget how large an amount of our present physiological knowledge respecting the functions of these organs has been the immediate result of casual observations made on the effects of disease."

As we advance in our knowledge of this disease, as facts develop the source from which individuals receive it, the State authorities charged with the care of the public health, and Congress with that of the general commerce, will become able to regulate with effect their respective functions in these departments.

With such temperance in diet, that his daily food would appear to most people not sufficient to support the common functions of life, he chearfully sustained the hardships of long travel, through regions where travelling is most difficult and dangerous.

Yet wealth, too oft perverted from its end, Suspends the noblest functions of the soul; Where, chill'd as Apathy's cold frosts, extends, Compassion's sacred stream forgets to roll.

It will help us the better to understand the complicated functions of the nervous system, if we compare it to a telegraph line.

'So ancient is the pedigree of verse, And so divine a poet's function.

They dominate all the vital functions during the three cycles of life.

I remember once upon a time meeting a young woman who had come, unbidden by the hostess, to "write up" a social function where a number of celebrated people were congregated.

He found it a duty to assume a rigid censorship over as many of his Majesty's lieges as were addicted to verse,to enact the functions of minister of literary police,to reprehend the levity of Moore, the impiety of Byron, the democracy of Leigh Hunt, the unhappy lapse of Hazlitt, the drunkenness of Lamb.

One group of filaments in general increases or activates the function of the organ to which it is distributed.

The result of this imprudence had been that while the Cardinal possessed himself of the vacated post under another title, Montmorency found that he had resigned the substance to grasp a shadow; as, on his application for the sword so long wielded by the heads of his family, he was met by an assurance that thenceforward no such function would be recognized at the Court of France.

And, without giving him time to catch breath, he informed Des Esseintes that he had done his utmost in re-establishing the digestive functions and that now it was necessary to attack the neurosis which was by no means cured and which would necessitate years of diet and care.

I esteem their functions (if I may be allowed to say so without offence) as truly apostolical, and absolutely necessary to the perfection of a Christian Church.

Or: "Love gives to every power a double power, Exalts all functions and all offices.

A soldier, a locksmith, a bank-clerk, and a dancer could not exchange functions.

The effect of the air upon the blood is this: by thrusting out as it were, all the noxious properties which it has collected in its passage through the body, it endues it with the peculiar property of vitality, that is, it enables it to build up, repair, and excite the different functions and organs of the body.

Gentlemen of the House of Representatives: The commissioners charged with the settlement of accounts between the United States and individual States concluded their important functions within the time limited by law, and the balances struck in their report, which will be laid before Congress, have been placed on the books of the Treasury.

In all that concerns the traditional functions we must have no difficulties on the Grand Transasiatic.

From the most radical idealism (the objective world a product of representation) he makes a sharp transition to the crassest materialism (thought a function of the brain); first matter is to be a mere idea, now thought is to be merely a material phenomenon!

"Having with this announcement delivered to you the documents entrusted to my charge, I must be considered as having exhausted my official functions.

So Mr. Bradley, in the sole interests of 'understanding' (as he conceives that function), turns his back on finite [Footnote 1: Appearance and Reality, pp.

" Having thus isolated the Jews from humanity and pilloried them with the German and the Turk, the writer expounds their function in the Turco-German system: "Hitherto Germany has bothered herself very little about the Jewish emigration from Eastern Europe.

There was nothing novel there in the notion of extending the functions of the State in the hope of benefiting the community of the less fortunate classes of it.

Besides, firing a cannon had become as commonplace a function to both French and German gunners as getting up to put another stick of wood in the stove or going to open the door to take a letter from the postman.

In the evening the nurse, who (as may be surmised) was no other than Judith Malmayns, arrived, and immediately commenced her functions.

Gentlemen of the Senate: A convention between His Most Christian Majesty and the United States, for the purposes of determining and fixing the functions and prerogatives of their respective consuls, vice-consuls, agents, and commissaries, was signed by their respective plenipotentiaries on the 29th of July, 1784.

It is not from usmy daughter and myselfwho, it is well known, have followed all the functions of the Church, that you will meet with an opposition to your promise.

Thou wander'st the wide world about, Uncheck'd by pride or scrupulous doubt, With friends to greet thee, or without, Yet pleased and willing; 20 Meek, yielding to the occasion's call, And all things suffering from all, Thy function apostolical In peace fulfilling.

One song they sang, and it was audible, 415 Most audible, then, when the fleshly ear, O'ercome by humblest prelude of that strain, Forgot her functions, and slept undisturbed.

He goes further to show that with the notable exceptions of Bernardo Tasso and Castelvetro, who claimed no further function for poetry than delight and delight alone, the general conception was ethical.

Good news to cheer the function had just come over the network of wires which connects up the whole army, from trenches to headquartersgood news in the midst of the shells.