64 Verbs to Use for the Word gait

The new president of the club has had practical experience in Base Ball and perhaps plenty of it, as almost everybody has had in Washington, but he is a wideawake, progressive and ambitious man, who is of just the type to keep Base Ball going, now that it has struck its gait in the national capital, and the future of the sport looks all the brighter for his connection with it.

He will cut throats and burn haciendas all the gay year round if he is not allowed to gang his ain gait.

It is certain that one of the poet's feet was, either at birth or at a very early period, so seriously clubbed or twisted as to affect his gait, and to a considerable extent his habits.

OLD MORTARITY, dinner-kettle in hand and more mortary than ever, indeed seen approaching them with shuffling gait.

Feeling the change, he naturally supposes that you want something of him, and when you become as sensitive as you should be, you will notice that at such times he changes his gait perceptibly.

He had no legs that practised not his gait; And speaking thick, which nature made his blemish, Became the accents of the valiant; For those that could speak low and tardily, Would turn their own perfection to abuse.

He fairly ran to the back door under the grape arbor, so that Samuel, observing his gait, was seized with a fear that he might be that young Abe of the Beach, during his visit, after all.

In spite of that the Bostonians never faltered but kept up a mighty consistent gait all the way and wore down all competitors before the finish.

It gave him a queer, hitching gait.

The unkempt appearance, the shambling, slouching gait and loud talk and laughter of these people aroused in me a feeling of almost repulsion.

He appeared to be a man of no ambition other than to get through life as easily as might beof no personal dignity, no ruling habits, but possessed of imitative talent that enabled him, without the slightest trouble, to adopt the very gait and gesture of the emperor whom he impersonated.

"A man goes his own gait, and, if he won't go to heaven, he won't, and the good God himself can't help it.

Her hands and feet are faultless, and her walk is extremely graceful, resembling more the gait of a French-woman than that of an English girl.

"If he holds his gait, he'll be a big timberman before you know it.

The Baluch camel is not the easiest animal in existence, and I had, for the first few hours of the march, experienced all the miseries of mal de mer brought on by a blazing sun and the rolling, unsteady gait of my ship of the desert.

"I suppose," he continued, pacing up and down with cat-like fervor, "that matrimony is always more or less of a compromiselike two convicts chained together trying to catch each other's gait.

Whatever share of beauty she may be possessed of, whether she may have the tinge of Hebe on her cheeks, vying in colour with the damask rose, and breath as fragrantand the graceful and elegant gait of an Arielstill, unless she is endowed with this characteristic of a virtuous and ingenuous mind, all her personal charms will fade away, through neglect, like decaying fruit in autumn.

I know folks are always saying to me that I'm sae lucky; that all I have tae do is to sing twa-three songs in an evening and gae my ain gait the rest of my time.

And beholding the son of the great Indra, shining with exquisite lustre and having the gait of a mighty elephant,that grinder of foes having his true form concealed in disguise, entering the council-hall and advancing towards the monarch, the king addressed all his courtiers, saying, 'Whence doth this person come?

A semi-annual would about hit their gait, and be more than they deserve.

And now in view With hobbling gait, and high, exerts amazed What strength is left: to the last dregs of life Reduced, his spirits fail, on every side Hemmed in, besieged; not the least opening left To gleaming hope, the unhappy's last reserve.

Oh for a drill-sergeant to teach them to stand upright, and to turn out their toes, and to get rid of that slouching, hulking gait which gives such a look of clumsiness and stupidity!

"You'll kill yourself that gait."

However, as it is more than sixty years since I lost the knack, I unfortunately find it impossible to recover it, and I leave that natural gait to those who are better fitted for it than you or I.

famish'd lad No shoes, no hose, his wounded feet protect; With limping gait, and looks so dreamy-sad, He wanders onward, stopping to inspect Each window, stored with articles of food; He yearns but to enjoy one cheering meal.

64 Verbs to Use for the Word  gait