199 Verbs to Use for the Word gazed

I rushed to the door and looked 'round hurriedly; but only the tangled bushes and shrubs met my gaze.

It looked like evening, as if somewhere in those far distances there might be a place where a weary soul might rest; and I looked behind me, and thought what I had suffered, and remembered the lazar-house and the voices that cried and the hands that beat against the door, and also the horrible quiet of the room in which I lived, and the eyes which looked in at me and turned my gaze upon myself.

Johnnie returned his gaze with the frank good will of a child, and suddenly he forgot everything but the adorable lift of her pink lip over the shining white teeth.

Arthur was pale and stern as he fixed a reproachful gaze on the hardware merchant.

For a long time, I kept my gaze fixed upon it; feeling, in my lonely soul, that its soft haze was, in some way, a tie with the past.

" He was so long answering that the Boy's eyes turned to follow the serious outward gaze of the older man, even before he lifted one hand and swept it down the hill and out across the dim, grey prospect.

Sofia withdrew a pensive gaze from the ruddy bed of coals.

Upon this splendid individual, then, the obscure Donnegan bent his gaze.

She bowed to him in friendly recognition, and Crewe saw her whisper to Mrs. Holymead, who glanced quickly in his direction and then as quickly averted her gaze.

See," he directed her gaze with his own; "hit's not more'n a hour by sun.

A candle does not give much light at that distance, was I sure that I saw those marks immediately; that they were dark enough and visible enough to draw my eyes from her face which would naturally attract my gaze first?

Who did itand why?" He could scarcely answer, gripping at the table for support, and never removing his gaze from the face of the dead man.

Our host, returned, sweeps onwards to the hall, Where chiefs are questioned, shown the captives mean Nan Chung, majestic, draws the gaze of all, Proud o'er the barbarous foe his victories to recall.

" "Oh, yes, you have," and Godfrey bent upon him a gaze that was positively hypnotic.

It seemed to be with an effort that Gifford released himself from the fascination that held his gaze to the tragedy.

"Indeed, mademoiselle, you may well be surprised," said Mrs. Marston, encountering her full and dilated gaze, which, however, dropped again in a moment to the ground.

The officers avoided the gaze of the Representatives.

Again she fastened her gaze upon the indomitable red rose which hung a pendant ear-ring on the right side of Abraham's head.

Ringan poked his head out of the covert and took a long gaze.

But he had strained his sight too hard; he could see nothing; by dint of riveting his gaze on the long gold pendants that hung from the actress's ears, he was dazzled; his eyes swam and closed involuntarily, and he could hear no sound but the beating of the blood in his temples.

" Gloria, feeling his gaze so steady upon her, turned her eyes toward his, eyes heavy and sober with her drooping spirit.

The tracks of the wheel rims engaged entirely his sulky, lowering gaze.

McCready shifted his gaze, and instantly her hand fell on Kazan's head.

" The pale cheek of the Abbess grew suddenly suffused, the slim hand clenched rigid upon the crucifix at her bosom, but she stirred not nor lifted her sad gaze from the fire.

I hear, while in the forest depth he sees, The Moon's fix'd gaze between the opening trees, In broken sounds her elder grief demand, And skyward lift, like one that prays, his hand, If, in that country, where he dwells afar, His father views that good, that kindly star; Ah me!

199 Verbs to Use for the Word  gazed
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