117 Verbs to Use for the Word giants

"I never saw a giant, but I saw robbers once.

They will come out somewhere at last; they know not where nor when: but they will come out at last, into the daylight and the open field; and be told thenperhaps to their own astonishmentas many a gallant soldier has been told, that by simply walking straight on, and doing the duty which lay nearest them, they have helped to win a great battle, and slay great giants, earning the thanks of their country and of mankind.

With staff and sling alone he meets The armed giant, who him greets With nought but scorn.

By God's help he has nerve to kill the Philistine giant.

Then Jack put out his strength, and he brought the giant down on his knees.

While the services lasted Gabriel would walk alone in the cloisters; all the men were in the Cathedral, except the shoemaker, who was mending the giants.

While man's dull spirit toils in smoke and fire, Woman's swift instinct threads the electric wire, The magic bracelet stretched beneath the waves Beats the black giant with his score of slaves.

Having established his own superior position, he looked the giant over from head to foot.

receive a soul like thine, Who scorn'd obedience to usurp'd command: Who rose a giant from a sphere indign, To tear the rod from proud oppression's hand.

She knew exactly what he wanted; so she told him that the Princess was shut up in a castle guarded by giants, and that he would have to fight the giants before he could reach her.

Now, since there is no other single knight who dareth to undertake this adventure, I myself will go and encounter these giants.

Without risking a life, or spilling a drop of blood, and merely by an evasive diversion of his means, he had vanquished the Asiatic spoiler; and at the very moment that the people were disposed to doubt his skill and his courage, he had actually destroyed the giant by turning the arms of his own nation against him.

"Do you think you have conquered the giants Schibikan and Hamsa?"

Sir THE PHEASANT-HEN You are never going to challenge that giant? CHANTECLER I am!

I think I miss nothing but a character in the antithetic manner, which I do not know why you left out,the moral to the boys building the giant, the omission whereof leaves it, in my mind, less complete,and one admirable line gone (or something come instead of it), "the stone-chat, and the glancing sandpiper," which was a line quite alive.

After one has seen pines six feet in diameter bending like grasses before a mountain gale, and ever and anon some giant falling with a crash that shakes the hills, it seems astonishing that any, save the lowest thickset trees, could ever have found a period sufficiently stormless to establish themselves; or, once established, that they should not, sooner or later, have been blown down.

The young hero selected an iron armor, in preference to the gold and silver mail offered him, and boldly attacked the giant, who finally succumbed beneath his mighty blows.

Now when Arthur drew near to the summit of the mount, he beheld the giant crouched above his fire.

With upturned heads they admired these giants of the forest and then passed on to view other trees from many climes and countries.

Although Joan, as we have said, was uneducated, she yet clearly comprehended the critical condition of her country, and with the same confidence that David had in himself and in his God when he armed himself with a sling and a few pebbles to confront the full-armed giant of the Philistines, inspired by her heavenly visions she resolved to deliver France.

In such a forest was the old dame's hut, and up such a bean stalk Jack climbed, to find a giant and a castle high above.

One day Astolpho, by a blast of his magic horn, so frightened the giant that he got entangled in his own net, and being made captive was despoiled of it.

Yonder lies prostrate some mighty giant of the forest, victim of a ruthless storm, grim with decay and raising a vertical base of black sod and tangled roots torn from the earth where a gaping wound shows its former place.

All Kingston had learned to love the sturdy giant, and the Lakerimmers were prouder of him than ever, for it was through him that the fatal balance had been pulled down to Kingston's side, so that the team could take another victory home with them to the Academy.

"You may ask them who I am," replied the giant.

117 Verbs to Use for the Word  giants