91 Verbs to Use for the Word glare

The sun broke out from the dull gray mountain of clouds and threw a yellow glare on the colorless field.

Into the first the lantern cast its glare, revealing emptiness, for the arch was wide and the cave shallow.

We all three of us sat around a pine table, upon which faintly flickered a tallow candle in a soda-water bottle, that shed around a sickly glare (that is to say, the candle did).

The night was dark, but the stars were shining; and every now and then the wind would make a shovel of itself, and toss up the hot ashes the fire had left, sending a dull red glare around on the house and barns for a moment, and flooding all the neighborhood with a stronger smell of burnt hay.

Half the distance had been covered, when Phoebe looked back and saw a red glare in the sky.

Three doors leading in different directions met the glare of Mooney's match.

A very weariness of joy Fell with the evening over Troy: And lutes of Afric mingled there With Phrygian songs: and many a maiden, With white feet glancing light as air, Made happy music through the gloom: And fires on many an inward room All night broad-flashing, flung their glare On laughing eyes and slumber-laden.

When the laughter's gaily ringin' an' the room is filled with song, I like, to sit an' watch 'em, all that glad an' merry throng, For the ragtime they are playin' on the old piano there Beats any high-toned music where the bright lights shine an' glare, An' the racket they are makin' stirs my pulses more and more, So I whisper in my gladness: that's what home's intended for.

My Lady Viscountess's face was daubed with white and red up to the eyes, to which the paint gave an unearthly glare.

"At them words his craven face turned an ashen gray, and he fastened upon me a glare of baffled rage that might well have made a stouter heart quail before it, but I returned his glare fearlessly and backed swif'ly to the door, feelin' for the knob.

It was very dark, or it was rendered so to me who had just left the glare of noonday.

Only six here," breathed Mooka, looking timidly all around, fearing to find the steady glare of green eyes fixed upon them from the shadow of every thicket.

I caught the savage glare of their eyes as they stared into my car.

While the furnace was raging in the village this fountain played and reflected the glare of crimson light in its bubbling jet.

That evening, as the ship glided from ruby coal to ruby coal of the gares, following at a steady six knots the theatric glare of her search-light along arsenically green cardboard banks, Rudolph paced the deck in a mood much simpler and more honest.

The head twists this way and that, so that nothing escapes the glare of those horrible eyes.

Carolyn June fell asleep watching the incessant glare of the lightning as flash after flash filled the room with light and illumined the world outside, while the rain and wind lashed the trees in the garden near her window.

In the place of the gloom succeeded a strange sulphur-yellow glare which lay on the spirit with almost physical oppression.

Earth-spirit, thou to me art nigher, E'en now my strength is rising higher, E'en now I glow as with new wine; Courage I feel, abroad the world to dare, The woe of earth, the bliss of earth to bear, With storms to wrestle, brave the lightning's glare, And mid the crashing shipwreck not despair.

Mr. Lamb, from the peculiarity of his exterior and address as an author, would probably never have made his way by detached and independent efforts; but, fortunately for himself and others, he has taken advantage of the Periodical Press, where he has been stuck into notice, and the texture of his compositions is assuredly fine enough to bear the broadest glare of popularity that has hitherto shone upon them.

The denseness of the air was accompanied by a semi-darkness, similar to that which prevails during an eclipse of the sun, which luminary, on the occasion I refer to, after all day emitting a lurid glare, was so shrouded in vapour as to be scarcely discernible, even in outlinewhile a subterranean noise added to the terrors of our situation, which strongly called to mind the accounts we read of earthquakes and similar phenomena.

Who, urged by fate, and fortitude their guide, On the wild surge their desperate fortune tried; Undaunted every toil and danger bore, And fixed their standards on a savage shore; What time they fled, with an averted eye, The baneful influence of their native sky, Where slowly rising through the dusky air, The northern meteors shot their lurid glare.

"I completed the barriers in about an hour, and you can imagine something of the relief I felt when I felt the pale glare of the Electric Pentacle once more all about me.

The ways that lead to great wealth are full of pitfalls, and they are not ways that stand very well the blinding glare of daylight.

She started with a cry to break her way through the matted undergrowth; saw, or felt that she saw, the glare of a golden arrow overhead; threw out her hands, and fell crushed, face downward, at the foot of a scorched tree.

91 Verbs to Use for the Word  glare