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16 Verbs to Use for the Word « glazes »

16 Verbs to Use for the Word « glazes »

  • Bake from 1/2 to 3/4 hour, according to size; and if puff-paste is used, glaze it about 10 minutes before the pie is done, and put it into the oven again to set the glaze.
  • It is composed of two tin vessels, as shown in the cut, one of which, the upper,containing the glaze, is inserted into one of larger diameter and containing boiling water.
  • Kylie also created, together with her sisters, the glazes of O.P.I.'s "Kardashian Kolors" line, and two other glazes called "Wear Something Spar-Kylie" and "Rainbow in the S-Kylie".
  • The glass bottles I have mentioned were of a short stout Dutch build, and were placed in rows, as if for the purpose of collecting water; some of them were very large, being capable of holding five or six gallons; they were in part buried in the sand, and the portion which was left exposed to the air presented a singular appearance, being covered with a white substance that had eaten away the glaze.
  • The almost infusible nature of the body allowed him also to employ a thinner and less fusible glaze, that is, one in which no more lead entered than in common flint glass, and therefore incapable of being affected by any articles of food contained or prepared in such vessels.
  • The earthenware vessels used in this period are in many cases already very near to porcelain: there was a pottery of a brilliant white, lacking only the glaze which would have made it into porcelain.
  • As, however, this is not to be found in every establishment, a white earthenware jar would answer the purpose; and this may be placed in a vessel of boiling water, to melt the glaze when required.
  • Be sure not to mix the glaze too much or the glaze could turn into a solid color.
  • Either of the stocks mentioned above, boiled down and reduced very considerably, will be found to produce a very good glaze.
  • A brush is put in the small hole at the top of the lid, and is employed for putting the glaze on anything that may require it.
  • Then we seen his eye glaze, and his lower jaw fall,
  • To eastward, black night among the valleys, and on the rounded hill slopes a hard glaze that is not so much light as snail-slime from the moon.
  • If desired, use any remaining glaze to create a zig-zag design.
  • The ware is then dipped in the glaze, which is a mixture of flint slip and white lead, and the bibulous quality of the biscuit causes a sufficient quantity to adhere: the piece is then dried and again passed into the furnace, which brings out the colours of the pattern, and at the same time vitrifies the glaze.
  • When cooled, it is ground off smoothly, then baked to acquire a smooth glaze.
  • The weather since Dorothea's visit to the Orange Room had included a frost, a fall of snow with a partial thaw, and a second and much severer frost; and by Wednesday afternoon the hill below Bayfield wore a hard and slippery glaze.

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