164 Verbs to Use for the Word gloom

My brother was a great favorite with everybody, and his death cast a gloom upon the whole neighborhood.

The conflagration alluded to, rather than described, in the proceeding chapter, threw a gloom over the gaieties of New-York, if that ever could be properly called gay, which was little more than a strife in prodigality and parade, and leaves us little more to say of the events of the winter.

The shop, shut in by high buildings, was dark and smelt of aromatic wood and leather, but a beam from a window pierced the gloom and sparkled on the silver.

All the notice, however, which she seemed to take of his melancholy, was by a gaiety unusual to her, attempting to dispel his gloom.

It mattered not what trouble or hardship the year had brought, this feast and its attendant pleasure would dissipate all gloom.

His death spread a gloom over India, but by this time his name had become a household word wherever the English language was spoken.

Even the great searchlights on the vessels failed to penetrate the gloom.

2 In climes beyond the solar road, Where shaggy forms o'er ice-built mountains roam, The Muse has broke the twilight-gloom To cheer the shivering native's dull abode.

At nine o'clock, a flash of hope lighted up the gloom that had settled on her heart.

These lines from the Fight at Finnsburg, dating from about the same time as Beowulf, have only the flash of the sword to lighten their gloom.

He was ever before me; he lent an added splendour to the day, and deepened the midnight gloom.

He bravely defended himself, and aimed his arrows with great precision; but what is the use of art when Fortune is unfavorable? When Fate's dark clouds portentous lower, And quench the light of day, No effort, none, of human power, Can chase the gloom away.

Deep and painful were the anticipations of the deacon, in whom failing health, and a near approach to the "last of earth," came to increase the gloom.

Then, midst this holy grief of thine, The thought of some true friend may bless, And cheer the gloom like angel's smile, Or sunbeam in a wilderness.

They are the rays of light which disperse the gloom of uncertainty.

Joy to some brought to others only gloom!

This face re-entered the gloom; the match had just gone out.

Rome itself was a huge cloister in which the only animation was in the processions of priests and students of the theological seminaries, or the more melancholy funerals in which the hooded and gowned friars added gloom to the mystery of our common lot,no industry except those of jewelry and art and that of ecclesiastical apparatus.

'Tis the gloom that kills. Make merry!

Trimming the Phillies four out of five games in their city series did not lessen the gloom of the Athletics.

" Neither of us spoke again, but I confess I was far from sharing the gloom of my companion.

A winter evening, a night of storm, had darkened over Pearson's habitation, and there were no cheerful faces to drive the gloom from his broad hearth.

The young traveller wore a gloom on his expressive features, amidst the pageantry that surrounded him, which showed the insufficiency of wealth and honors to fill the sum of human happiness.

When I am buried, won't some one shut in one little sun-ray with me, that I may see to feel the gloom?

List now:even as ye have suffered, others are suffering: as ye have endured the gloom of dungeon and fear of death, so, at this hour, others do the like by reason of misrule and tyranny.

164 Verbs to Use for the Word  gloom