121 Verbs to Use for the Word grandmothers

She knew that she had to tell her grandmother about it and she was sure that that would bring her a terrible punishment.

At last she faltered: "Do not ask me, grandmother, I entreat you.

' Maulevrier left his grandmother soon after this, and went downstairs, whistling for very joyousness.

Lamb and his brother and sister visited their grandmother at Blakesware as though in her own house.

"You loved my grandmother.

" "Thank you, Ned," replied his grandmother; "it would indeed be a very great comfort.

You don't suspect him of having poisoned his grandmother just to get out of playing, do you? Mrs. Perkins.

Charles, at fifteen, seemed scarcely twelve, and he had the infantine intelligence of a child of five, resembling in an extraordinary degree his great-great-grandmother, Aunt Dide, the madwoman at the Tulettes.

Who takes your grandmother takes me; and now, Miss Maud, it is your move!" That night when they sat in the small sitting-room with a bright fire burning in the shining stove, Maud felt her claim on her grandmother growing more and more shadowy.

I knew my grandmother, and loved her.

"I could hear my great grandmother and my mother talkin' 'We'll be free after awhile.'

"Will you teach your grandmother to suck eggs?

" "Yet," rejoined his grandmother, "it is our duty to pardon those who have injured us.

I hope that it will be so,' answered her grandmother, with a sigh; 'but I am an old woman, Lesbia, and I am rooted to this place.'

"Here to-day it is a crime to kill one's grandmother; but I recall reading that among certain savage tribes to do so is regarded as a highly virtuous act.

Then she said, "Good morning," but received no reply; so she went up to the bed, and drew back the curtains, and there lay her grandmother, as she imagined, with the cap drawn half over her eyes, and looking very fierce.

"Oh, dear," Mathilde was thinking, "I suppose I've made him remember my grandmother and his youth!"

This boy was a very industrious little fellow, and did all that he could to help his grandmother.

There stood the old stooping grandmother.

I dare say Maggie has coaxed her grandmother to drive by the post office, thinking there might be a letter from Henry Warner.

A man of thirty years of age, and with legs as thick as a gate-post, stands up in the middle of the room, and gapes, and fumbles with his gloves, looking all the time as if he were burying his grandmother.

But the hour came when all discussion was ended as to who was to shelter the dear old grandmother in her declining years.

But there is Clara, with her little boyis he not a lovely child?" cried the grandmother, rising to take the infant in her arms.

When a young girl her spine was injured while nursing her aged and helpless grandmother, and she has been a great sufferer for many years.

And she hastily rubbed the whole bundle of matches, for she wished to hold her grandmother fast.

121 Verbs to Use for the Word  grandmothers
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