84 Verbs to Use for the Word grasp

That power eluded the grasp and baffled the research of human genius, which was looking so earnestly after it, until ingenuity gave it up, and philosophy pronounced it a delusion.

At my heart I feel Its potent grasp, I melt beneath the touch, When the tale pours upon my sense humane The woes of other times!

Then it was, and just as Sergeant Corney came up to us, that I loosened my grasp entirely in order to pass my hands over the stranger's face and head.

I could hardly drag her up by one arm, especially if she would not relax her grasp.

" Eve's maid, at the moment, was twisting her hair, with the intention to put it up; but the sudden manner in which her young mistress turned to look at Grace, caused Annette to relinquish her grasp, and the shoulders of the beautiful and blooming girl were instantly covered with the luxuriant tresses.

She tightened her grasp with her hands until she felt her gloves split, and then risked another glance ahead.

With a very short supply of provisions, and hopelessly outnumbered, it looked as if the Chinese Emperor could not possibly escape the grasp of the desert chief.

"Thanks, old fellow," he responded, brightening as he returned the grasp of Gifford's hand.

"Very well," and he retained his grasp on my arms yet a moment.

Relaxing but not releasing her grasp of my own hand, she felt about with her left till Esmo gently placed his own therein.

He gave John's hand a mighty grasp and took his gripsack from him.

In the house door appeared Marianne, quite broad in her Sunday best, holding Erick, of whom she kept a firm grasp, as if he might fall from there down again into the Woodbach.

As Johnnie's hand went out to the newly cut bar, her uncle once more laid a restraining grasp upon it.

For about ten years previous to the Afghan War of 1879, McNair was attached to the topographical branch of the Indian Survey, and he had always shown a special aptitude for that class of work, which consists in acquiring a comprehensive grasp of a wide field of geographical detail in the shortest possible space of time.

Mac was no sooner on his legs than Kaviak, determined not to lose his grasp of the situation, climbed upon the three-legged stool just vacated, and resumed his former relations with the friendly coat-tail.

Business to-day takes intellectual grasp and insightpromptness, energy, enterprise, and common-sense.

Despair not, If Love evades our grasp, and rivals press our suit, God, Lord of every change, surveys the range: Despair not.

" "And hold within thy grasp the life of that foul-living Gilles of Brandonmere, whose father I slew twelve years agone, I thank God!"

In "Andrea" what is meant by the lines, Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for? 4.

Heabani loosed his grasp and stumbling falls, And to his king approaching, thus he calls: "My friend, our strongest men are overthrown: But see!

Heabani grasps the plunging horns, nor breaks His grasp; in vain the monster plunging shakes His head, and roaring, upward furious rears.

We can see how it was that Shelley overestimated both the character and the powers of Hunt; and Byron depreciated Keats, and was ultimately repelled by Wordsworth, and held out his hand to meet the manly grasp of Scott.

remonstrated Lydyard, still maintaining his grasp.

The scenes that I have witnessed are enough to harrow up the soul; but could the slave be permitted to tell the story of his sufferings, which no white man, not linked with slavery, is allowed to know, the land would vomit out the horrible system, slaveholders and all, if they would not unclinch their grasp upon their defenceless victims.

Mendelssohn is described as having been "enthusiastically, almost fanatically, fond of his father," who, without possessing musical technic, possessed a remarkable spiritual grasp of it.

84 Verbs to Use for the Word  grasp
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