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63 Verbs to Use for the Word  grin

63 Verbs to Use for the Word grin

His brutal face wore a grin as he looked at Kazan.

Some have seen such a grin on the face of a drowning mana sight not to be forgotten.

She had some patterns, and while they contrasted the material and the prices the door opened and a greasy, red-haired fellow gave the group a benevolent grin.

'A thousand pardons if I intrude,' he said, bowing this way and that, that he might hide a lurking grin. '

He grinned at mea slow, diabolical grin.

Such affability and charm did he display that 'Frisco Kid, popping his head up through the scuttle to call them to supper, nearly choked in his effort to suppress a grin.

She smiled a hideous grin.

If she thinks that she can squeedge those little tootsywootsies of 'ers into them boo'" The door slammed violently and left him exchanging grins with Mr. Jobson.

As they approached he turned the grin into a hypocritical smile of welcome.

" This prospect brought a grin of pure bliss to Najib's swarthy face.

"Then he steps on my foot to make me wipe the grin off'n my face.

The other men in the store showed their teeth in a sort of pitiful, snarling grin.

We had no proof of the midnight visitor, and the story of his sudden disappearance while we watched below would only provoke an unbelieving grin from Leith, and an idiotic laugh from the foolish old Professor.

"Now," said the inspector, "could you say, off-hand, which finger those bones belong to?" I smothered a grin (for I had been expecting this question), and answered: "I can say off-hand that they don't belong to any finger.

" Mr. Kybird, much against his inclinations, threw in a faint grin, and opening a drawer produced three shillings and flung them separately on the counter.

Say which?" The three looked from Gloster to the shack; from the shack to Donnegan, absently sipping his coffee; from Donnegan to George, who stood exhibiting a broad grin of anticipated delight.

There he stood, on one sound leg, with his sleeve tucked into his coat pocket and on his homely face the grin of an unwhipped, unbeatable man.

" "All right," said Buck, forcing a grin of derision, "so long, Hal." Purvis frowned at him with narrowing eyes.

He's got a million-dollar grin.

" The old man of the world, as he surveyed the boy's demeanour, could hardly help a grin at his admirable pompous simplicity, and having a shrewd notion that threats and tragic exaltations would have no effect upon the boy, said with the most good-humoured smile in the world, as he shook Pen's passive fingers gaily: "Well, Pen, my boy, tell us all about it!" Helen was delighted with the generosity of the Major's good-humour.

His face had lost the cheerful grin with which he had started out.

His face was flushed; he moved his free arm violentlyeven the Gladstone bag swung to and fro; he punctuated his sentences with sharp, angry nods of the head, insisting and protesting and insisting, while the other, saying much less, maintained his damnable stupid disdainful grin.

But, after all, since it is true that "one touch of humor makes the whole world grin," what difference does it make what that humor is; what difference why or wherefore we laugh, since somehow or other, in a sorry world, we do laugh?

We players shall scarce plead guilty to that charge, Who think a house can never be too large: Griev'd when a rant, that's worth a nation's ear, Shakes some prescrib'd Lyceum's petty sphere; And pleased to mark the grin from space to space Spread epidemic o'er a town's broad face.

He grinned at hera wicked, monkeyish grin, and threw open the door, disclosing a steep and winding stone stair.

Whose livid lips, as now he moulds a grin, Like charnel doors disclose the waste within; Whose stiffen'd joints within their sockets grind, Like gibbets creaking to the passing wind; Whose shrivell'd skin with much adhesion clings

In my company, when the top sergeant handed out a week of kitchen police to a buck, that buck was out of luck if he couldn't muster a grin and say: 'All right, sergeant.

There he said a quaking good-bye to his last hopeand executed the president's orders, trying not to notice the grins of the "goat" crew as they shunted the machinery into hiding.

The stenographer stood on the threshold, and above her shoulder Undine perceived the ingratiating grin of Elmer Moffatt.

" The Major permitted himself a grin.

He'll make my fortune!" Ben knocked at the door, presented a radiant grin, and invited inspection of his Shanghais.

Else you wouldn't read the grin.

Who has not seen a worthy planter or slave-owner returning from a short absence, greeted with smiles in abundance, or perhaps receiving a broad grin of pride and pleasure as the worthy owner gave his hand to some old faithful slave?

I hope Dr. Holmes lived to repent his grin.

" O'Brien could not repress a grin.

" "Is there an elevator?" "Naw." He resented the man's grin, but he made no reply.

It was not easy, under the circumstances, to make conversation for them, but it was impossible not to be pleased with their good-humoured faces, on which there rests a perpetual grin.

" Nevertheless, he did not seem in the least downhearted, but apparently had some difficulty in restraining his broad grin.

CHAPTER X: THE MENAGERIE "The head remains unchanged within, Nor altered much the face, It still retains its native grin, And all its old grimace.

It was as though the world that I had known so long, and with whom I felt upon such intimate terms, had suddenly screwed round its face and showed me a new grin.

None felt himself quite safe; men recognised shuddering the grin of death in the air.

But Ma just sits an' grins at him, an' never has a word to say, Because she says Pa likes to fuss about the bills he has to pay.

I'll say this for that blighter: as a self-made spoil-sport, he sure did give service!" Phinuit gave his whiskey and soda a reminiscent grin.

At the end Chang-hi had grinned, a most incomprehensible and startling grin.

" George Washington Green instantly rose to the situation; he swallowed a vast grin and strode to the door.

The monkey thought his grin and chatter, Might ask a nut or some such matter.

We don't understand French grins here.

To tell a colored roustabout twenty or thirty years ago to fetch a certain cargo, labeled with the name of a particular boat or consignee, would have been to draw from the individual addressed a genuine old-time plantation grin, with some caustic observation about lack of school facilities in the days when the roustabout ought to have been studying the "three Rs," but was not.

So gloomy days air good fer us, They make us look about To find our blessin'smake us count The friends who never doubt, Most any one kin smile and joke And hold blue-devils back When it is bright, but we must work T' grin When skies air black!

What though you tell me that prompt apoplexy Grins o'er the glories of Lord Mayor's Day, 'Tis better, my boy, than blue devils to vex ye, Or ling'ring consumption to gnaw you away.

The peasants seemed on the whole a good-natured lot, taking a joke with a smile often approaching a broad grin, and occasionally, but only very occasionally, attempting one in return.

Perkins (assuming a grin).

I can't do what?" "Ring de pell," he replied, attempting a grin with his little villainous mouth.

"Ain't you goin' to close the eyes, Mac?" At this the great head of Mac Strann rolled back and he raised his glance to Haw-Haw, who banished the grin from his mouth by a vicious effort.

Ho, ho!You will stay a week, won't you, Nat?" He spoke so rapidly and his face underwent so many changes, now betraying the keenest excitement, now wrinkled in an ogreish, bantering grin, now almost pleading in its earnestness, that Nathaniel knew not what to make of him.

Every man's face bore a broad grin.

My inquiries only made the London bobbies grin.

" I caught his grin.

he answered, choking back a grin, "I see.

When the canoe touched the ground, he clambered over the side, and climbed up the bank, and givin' me an extra grin, started off into the woods.

The other actors and actress turned aside to conceal their grins.

But the sages of the present day and a great number of those of former times have always made me laugh, particularly where beneath the mask of the venerable philosopher or the hood of the austere monk, I discovered the grin of the rogue.

Suspecting this self-betrayal, he erased the grin swiftly, but not so swiftly that Karslake failed to note it.