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454 Verbs to Use for the Word « growths »

454 Verbs to Use for the Word « growths »

  • "Perhaps the most powerful force driving today’s clean-tech growth is simple economics.
  • The vicar saw the growth of this intimacy with a fast-lengthening face; for it was very evident that Argemone could not serve two masters so utterly contradictory as himself and Lancelot, and that either the lover or the father-confessor must speedily resign office.
  • Even so abhorrent an object avails to fertilize the soil, and thus promotes the growth of odorous flowers.
  • Campanella cast his horoscope and predicted for him a splendid career, exhorting him to make war upon the pernicious school of philosophers, who encumbered the human reason with frauds and figments, and prevented the free growth of a better method.
  • The ground is littered with fallen trunks that lie crossed and recrossed like storm-lodged wheat; and besides this close forest of pines, the rich moraine soil supports a luxuriant growth of ribbon-leaved grassesbromus, triticum, calamagrostis, agrostis, etc., which rear their handsome spikes and panicles above your waist.
  • Though gifted with all the blessings of nature's virginal vitality, you would never have succeeded to achieve this wonderful growth which we see, if you had employed your conquered national independence merely to take a new master for the old one.
  • In the second place the thrusting down of the old thegnhood by the Norman Conquest (to which I have already alluded) checked the growth of a noblesse or adel of the continental type,a nobility raised above the common people like a separate caste.
  • We have witnessed an extraordinary growth of universities, libraries, and higher schools,the widespread increase of commerce, the prosperity of business, the rise in the price of food, and the great coal-strike of 1902.
  • The old man himself rarely left home, and might be seen at all hours hobbling around his garden and corrals, keenly interested in his own belongings, halter-breaking his colts, anxiously watching the growth of his lettuce, counting the oranges, and beguiling the fruitful hours with delightful calculation.
  • His successive volumes have shown a steady growth in poetic power and elevation of spirit.
  • 'It seems to me,' she said, 'that one who is so constantly engaged in observing and encouraging the growth and development of plants should himself grow and develop.
  • It was surrounded by an atmosphere absolutely fatal to animal life; an atmosphere which, while it stimulated vegetable growth, no living thing could breathe and continue to live.
  • The victory of democracy will vastly accelerate the growth of the spirit of brotherhood throughout the world.
  • But, previous to this, he had repeatedly observed and recorded the slowly progressive growth to which we have alluded.
  • The tree is not fit for felling until it has attained a growth of seven years, when a single trunk will yield 600 lbs.
  • BASSETERRE, St. KittsThe St. Kitts-Nevis government says it will extend the tax concessions granted to first time home owners as its seeks to boost growth in
  • McKee, the British Indian agent among the Northwestern tribes who were at war with the Americans, reported with joy the rapid growth of warlike spirit among the savages in consequence of Dorchester's speech, and of the building of the British fort on the Miami.
  • But in the southern states generally the great size of the plantations and the wide dispersion of the population hindered the growth of towns, so that it was impossible to have an administrative unit smaller than the county.
  • In what state of society are the corrupt appetites so easily, so quickly, and so frequently indulged, and where else, by means of frequent indulgence, do these experience such a monstrous growth?
  • The rate must nevertheless continue to be very great, in the absence of such causes as formerly retarded the growth of population in Europe.
  • Castration causes a persistent growth and retarded atrophy of the thymus.
  • Adjacent businesses continued to deliver healthy growth.
  • Nature is very kind in favouring the growth of those productions which are most likely to answer our local wants.
  • When attacked by the application of too potent a drug its horn-secreting layer is easily destroyed, and thus, although we may succeed in establishing asepsis, we cannot expect at the point of injury a growth of horn.
  • CIL’s supply to this sector has risen to 12.3 million tonnes in November this fiscal compared to 8.4 mts during November last fiscal, registering a 46% growth.
  • When the terminal bud is thus prevented from continuing its growth, the nearest axillary buds are developed.
  • The revolts, and the coercion, necessary to enforce the departure of the first levies (however fear, shame, and discipline, may have since made them soldiers, though not republicans) might have corrected the ardour of the orator's inventive talents; and the zeal of the French in manufacturing salpetre, has been of so slow a growth, that any reference to it is peculiarly unlucky.
  • After carefully weighing every consideration, it has seemed to me desirable to adopt the chronological arrangement in this particular edition; in which an attempt is made to trace the growth of Wordsworth's genius, as it is unfolded in his successive works.
  • To others it means something deeper, which they discover in some chance remark of a child's that marks the growth of the spirit, or the awakening of the interest of a child whose development is late, or the quickened power of a child to express; or evidence of independent thought and the power to use it, in some piece of handwork, or appreciation of music or literature.
  • There seems little doubt that the worthy Mr. Boteler at once recognised a wily move on the part of the King, who under the cover of general tolerance would foster the growth of the Roman religion until such time as the Catholics had attained sufficient power to suppress Protestantism.
  • Such trees as there are here possess unusual interest; approaching the crest of the mountains one finds a scattered growth of pinesthe Coulter, ponderosa, Jeffrey's, the glorious sugar pine, the Pinus contorta, and Pinus flexilis, the single leaf or nut pine, and, in scattered tracts, the queer little knob-cone pine.
  • All the endocrines which affect the hair growth also act upon the sebaceous glands which oil the skin.
  • The knot-grass (Polygonum aviculare), with its reddish-white flowers and trailing pointed stems, was probably so called "from some unrecorded character by the doctrine of signatures," Suggests Mr. Ellacombe, that it would stop the growth of children.
  • The National and Congressional movement for the preservation of the Sequoia in California represents a growth of intelligent sentiment.
  • Death can fuel new growth, and the strong will crush the weak.
  • This bandoline, instead of injuring the hair, as many other kinds often do, improves it, by increasing its growth, and making it always smooth and glossy.
  • The man who is afraid to follow desire crucifies his life and stunts his growth.
  • The former had, it is true, a very thick inner bark; but their dense woody axis, their thick and nearly imperishable outer bark, and their scanty and rigid foliage, would indicate no very rapid growth or decay.
  • As the grass grows taller, flowers of larger size and more brilliant hues diversify it, till at length the whole is like a flowery forest, but destined to be burnt over in the autumn, leaving their ashes to help forward the splendid growth of their successors.
  • They strewed around the seeds of slavery; we cherish and sustain the growth.
  • The new base provided many jobs and spurred modest growth.
  • When the root becomes old, it is almost as hard as wood; but the young carrot, which has not reached its full growth, is tender, relishing, nutritious, and digests well when properly cooked.
  • In 1897, Leo Loeb said that he had produced this artificial growth both within and without the body.
  • Either marriage had brought him a new growth of hair, or else Blossy had selected a new wig for hima modest, close, iron-gray which fitted his poll to perfection.
  • Incident to this mineral development there must follow a corresponding growth in the volume of business of all descriptions, particularly the importation of dutiable goods, and the occupation of tracts of the public lands for mining purposes which according to the mining regulations are subject to the payment of certain prescribed dues and charges.
  • In the female, the ovary, that is to say, the interstitial cells of the ovary, inhibit the growth of hair upon the face.
  • According to Fitch Ratings, India may post in 2020-21 a GDP growth of 2 per cent, the slowest since the economy was liberalised 30 years back.
  • From that day onward, European statesmen have sought to establish a definite European system and to limit the growth of the European States in such a way as to ensure that no State should be so strong as to threaten its neighbours.
  • Clinical observations emphasize that in childhood it is the chief brake upon the other glands of internal secretion which would hasten development and differentiation, checking them perhaps for a given time and so profoundly influencing growth.
  • As these are pushed upwards by new ones formed beneath, they are compressed, and the shape of the follicle determines their cylindrical growth, the shaft of the hair.
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