31 Verbs to Use for the Word guitar

Across the ravine, one of the loom fixers found the evening warm enough to sit on the porch playing his guitar.

PELAGÉYA EGÓROVNA goes out; MÍTYA seats himself dejectedly at the table; GÚSLIN seats himself on the bed and takes up the guitar.

You bring your mandolin, Migs, and tell Hinpoha to bring her guitar.

Then he has a fine voice for singing, he touches the guitar so as to make it speak, and handles a foil as well as any fencer in Spain.

Her very voice, soft and sweet when speaking to her husband, and exquisitely fine and melodious, when accompanying her guitar, was at such times, shrill, keen, and loud.

We can buy a guitar and a tabor out of Moll's pieces; with them we can give a show wherever we stay for the night, and if honest men do but pay us half as much as the thieves of this country, we may fare pretty well.

One of them carried a guitar and struck, now and again, a random chord upon its strings.

If brother practises that kind of music, he'll find hard work in fetching his guitar to match it.

"I don't impress people," explained Colby, picking up the guitar again.

[Footnote 9: A musical instrument, resembling the guitar.]

The first night after the race Mike tuned up his guitar, and later on I heard snatches of the "Spanish Fandango" stealin' up from the river bank.

I thought about starting to learn the guitar but my parents advised against starting guitar lessons immediately as I had plans to travel out of Goa in the coming months.

Music and singing are permitted; prisoners have manufactured several guitars and violins.

A slave passed him a guitar; he touched the strings and sang with good taste a song in questionable taste:

"Then instead of buying lavender kid gloves," said Nino at last, his face relaxing a little, "and going to the Villa Borghese, you advise me to borrow a guitar and sing to my statue?

They wore grotesque garb and each one fingered a guitar, mandolin, or banjo.

She enjoyed love-songs, always provided that they were sung "with great sadness"; and Ferragut would devour her with his eyes while she plucked the guitar, chanting the song of Malek-Adhel and other romances about "Roses, sighs and Moors of Granada," that from childhood the doctor had heard sung by the Berbers of his country.

" Then, moving around on his seat, like some heroic half-figure bust on its pedestal, he rummaged among the litter of leather and tools at his side, and produced a guitar from its baize bag, also a mouth organ, which by some ingenious wire arrangement he fastened around his neck, so that he might press his lips upon it, leaving his hands free for the guitar.

Then he went around the corner and purchased a second-hand guitar and an oboe.

"But if you want the guitar, take itthere it lies.

Where merrily rang the light guitar, The angry trump of the red hussar Flings on the midnight's shrinking breath, The direful notes of the Dance of Death!

They swing themselves to and fro in their hammocks all day long, smoking their cigars or scraping a guitar.

So, slinging my guitar in front of me, I put it in tune, and Jack ties his bundle to his back that he may try his hand at the tambourine.

Two disputants will, when in good-humor and warmed with wine, string off verse after verse at each other's expense, full of point and fun,the guitar burring along in the intervals, and a chorus of laughter saluting every good hit.

Alonzo was affable and extremely complaisant, though an egotist and somewhat loquacious; but nature had, nevertheless, bestowed upon him a prepossessing exterior with an enviable pair of jet black whiskers, and the most expressive eyes; he could sing a tonadilla divinely; dance the fandango with inimitable grace; and "strike the light guitar" with unparalleled mastery.

31 Verbs to Use for the Word  guitar