492 Verbs to Use for the Word half

But it was Dave Darrin to whom I gave that half promisenot a uniform of any sort.

"One-half to go to a little girl in 'Frisco, and the other halfwell, I've left the other half to Kaviak.

Money must be had; and when he ordered Flavius to sell some of his land for that purpose, Flavius informed him, what he had in vain endeavoured at several times before to make him listen to, that most of his land was already sold or forfeited, and that all he possessed at present was not enough to pay the one half of what he owed.

At last, upon an evening, came Johan to his brother and taking from his bosom the half of the crown he had won, kissed it and gave it to Beltane, saying: 'The half of a crown availeth no man, take therefore my half and join it with thine, for

"We don't know the half of what has taken place within those walls during the last four weeks," said he.

let me tell But half of what to him befel; 340 He surely met with strange adventures.

He used to tell the "fellers" that he spent one half his time carrying orders back and forth from the Old Ladies' Home.

"I heard a man's voice," Donnegan said half apologetically.

But, can you explain to us what essential points are involved in all these shades of opinion?" "It would require a life, sir, to understand the half of them.

Of course the twins occupied the other half of the house, and to-night, at least, she was glad of their protection.

Then fill well-greased muffin-rings half full with the batter and bake in a quick oven until done.

171," "An act to increase Duties on Imports," etc., we find "on paddy one cent and a half per pound."

The black cloud bank that had hung over the Costejo Mountains earlier in the evening now covered the whole western half of the sky.

The men agreed to work the claim on shares, the agreement being that they should work on shares by each receiving half of what they could get out.

And he did followmade off as hard as his swift little feet could carry him, straight up the Yukon trail, and Farva lost a good half of that first morning bringing him home.

He would order me to bring one horse and then change his mind before I got half across the field, and then he would rail at me for not having brought the first one.

In spite of their opinion of him, the Radbolts came to believe perhaps half of what he said; he was old and without other ties; their thirst for his money was greedy.

Neither heard the door open nor saw Angy standing on the threshold, half paralyzed with fear and amazement, thinking that she was witnessing the mad delirium of a dying man, until she called out her husband's name.

It is said that after about thirty years, by reason of a difference in their industry and frugality, and of some families spending less than they made, and some more, the number of land owners was reduced to four hundred, and that fifty of these held one half of the whole; since which time the number of landed proprietors has declined with the population, though not in the same proportion.

"It's my one chance," he added half to himself.

Pa rushed in to help carry one half of her into the dressing-room, but she wasn't hurt at all, 'cause the peanut boy told me she was a rubber woman, and you could stretch her half way across the ring, and she would come together all right, and eat a hearty meal.

I was too selfish to offer the half of a short seat, and too tired to reason about the man's being, possibly, more tired than I. "I was invariably offered the seat near the window that I might lean against the side of the car, and one gentleman threw his shawl across my knees to keep me warm (I was suffering with heat at the time!).

She had charms, too, of intellectalbeit not such a sinner against time and place as to be an "educated woman"charms that, even in a plainer person, would have brought down the half of New Orleans upon one knee, with both hands on the left side.

On the present occasion, she left the light without, and threw open the upper-half of her heavy shutter, remarking as she did so, that the day was just beginning to dawn.

After lying awake half the night thinking it over, he arose this morning with the firm intention of competing with Skim for the village laurels.

492 Verbs to Use for the Word  half