77 Verbs to Use for the Word ham

I waited another quarter of an hour, and then went in and ate some ham and eggs.

THE PRACTICE IN VOGUE FORMERLY in this country was to cut out the hams and cure them separately; then to remove the ribs, which were roasted as "spare-ribs," and, curing the remainder of the side, call it a "gammon of bacon.

Laban cured that ham.

Chop cooked veal and boiled ham; place in a well-greased mold alternate layers of veal, ham and hard-boiled eggs.

" "Are you going to bring Ham back?" asked Jim, when the conference was over.

the following traditional formula as practised in Virginia: A VIRGINIA RECIPE FOR CURING HAMS "Rub each ham separately with ½ teaspoonful of saltpetre (use a small spoon); then rub each ham with a large tablespoonfulof best black pepper; then rub each ham with a gill of molasses (black strap is best).

we cried simultaneously, "does Mr. Swiggart buy hams?"

There are some who like to carve a ham by cutting a hole at the top, and then slicing pieces off inside the hole, gradually enlarging the circle; but we think this a plan not to be recommended.

Gregory replied, "Yes; and then they have a method of packing the hams which is said to have the effect of retaining their flavour in a remarkable degree.

Murdered trichinæ, when they boiled their hams.

When the Yankee soldiers come through old mistress run and hide in the cellar but the Yankees went down in the collar too and took all the hams and honey and brandied peaches she had.

It consisted of strawberry and pineapple cocktail, with a sprig of green mint in each glass, sliced ham and pressed chicken, potato chips, hot rolls, raspberry ice, white-frosted cakes cut in the shape of bells, pink-frosted cakes in the shape of hearts.

Another hand trimmed the hams, 1,700 pieces, in "Cincinnati style," as fast as they were separated from the carcases.

"I want to find Ham," Joe wrote in the note he sent to the ringmaster by a messenger boy, "and I've asked the police to be on the quiet lookout for him.

" "Did they run far, Dab?" asked Ham quietly.

Don't remember, Ham, that we were to be married, but try to think of me as if I had died long ago, and was buried somewhere.

" In the shack of the house he placed the best chair for Nash and set about frying ham and making coffee.

I had carried him ham, hot biscuits and a pot of coffee.

Melt the butter in another stewpan, and add the ham, cut small, with the herbs, parsley, onions, shallots, mushrooms, and nearly a pint of stock; let these simmer slowly for 2 hours, and then dredge in as much flour as will dry up the butter.

Squirted butter for garnishing hams, salads, eggs, &c., is made by forming a piece of stiff paper in the shape of a cornet, and squeezing the butter in fine strings from the hole at the bottom.

First we got ham and eggs.

Mrs. Myers had given Ham and his bride a world of interesting information about Grantley, and the things and people in it; but there was one thing she had forgotten or neglected to mention.

Mrs. Kinzergood soulhad set her heart on having Ham and Miranda's house "ready for them" on their return; and now Ham seemed to be so pleased about it, she actually began to cry.

I stole it all, en I hid de ham under Dave's cabin fer ter th'ow de blame on himen may de good Lawd fergib me fer it.' "Mars Dugal' had Wiley tuk back ter de plantation, en sont fer a doctor fer ter pick de shot out'n 'im. En de ve'y nex' mawnin' Mars Dugal' sont fer Dave ter come up ter de big house; he felt kinder sorry fer de way Dave had be'n treated.

But then, what was a cold luncheon taken from a bicycle basket compared with a warm breakfast that might include ham and eggs?

77 Verbs to Use for the Word  ham