1184 Verbs to Use for the Word handes

A modest, pensive looking girl, apparently about seventeen, was timidly holding forth her hand for examination, at the time we entered.

He means Mercury.] of the gods laid a hand on him, and led him across the Campus Martius, first wrapping his head up close that no one might know him, until betwixt Tiber and the Subway he went down to the lower regions.

In those days, hardly any one shook hands unless they were fairly intimatethe men never.

"When about to part, we exchanged amaranths I took her hand to bid her adieu, and, without seeming to intend it, our lips met, and the first kiss of love was moistened with a tear.

I raised both hands, felt steel, and knew that I was in the grasp of Handy Solomon's claw.

Percy Darrow waved his hand in an indescribably graceful and ironic gesture; then turned square on his heel and sauntered away to the north valley, out of the course of the lava.

"Oh, you can help me," she said, clasping her hands and speaking in a slightly theatrical manner.

In a little, I give up the attempt, and stretch out my hand, for the matches.

Thrackles after an instant came and sat beside me and clapped his big hand over my mouth.

He might have kissed her lips, her look into his eyes was almost an invitation, but, having steeled himself to be scrupulously fair, he refrained and contented himself with kissing her hand.

I pressed my hand and the tips of my fingers in every direction along the wall.

Trendon lifted a hand and struck him so powerfully between the shoulder blades that he all but plunged forward on his face.

Having put the volume away safely, I turned-to and gave Tonnison a hand with his self-imposed task of excavating; yet, though we put in over an hour's hard work, turning over the whole of the upheaped stones and rubbish, we came upon nothing more than some fragments of broken wood, that might have been parts of a desk or table; and so we gave up searching, and went back along the rock, once more to the safety of the land.

He placed one long, thin hand on the little table which stood near, and pouring out a glass of wine, drank it off.

I think it would be better to extend them the hand of charity than the mailed fist.

" John wrung Reginald's hand and turned away.

The attention of the mountaineer is seldom arrested by moraines, however regular and high they may be, or by cañons, however deep, or by rocks, however noble in form and sculpture; but he stoops and rubs his hands admiringly on the shining surfaces and trios hard to account for their mysterious smoothness.

" She made a slight movement of putting out her hand.

Yet, when I reached out my hands to her, she put me from her with tenderly stern hands, and I was abashed" THE FRAGMENTS (The legible portions of the mutilated leaves.) ... through tears ... noise of eternity in my ears, we parted ...

Habits of courtesy, of behaviour at table, of position, of dressing and undressing, of washing hands and brushing teeth, and many others, must all be taught, but taught at the time when the need comes.

he said, as he grasped my hand.

I threw out my hands in a comic gesture of surrender.

I passed my hand, confusedly, across my forehead.

" Gifford seized her hand by an irresistible impulse.

It bursts itself to lend a hand.

1184 Verbs to Use for the Word  handes