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40 Verbs to Use for the Word « handiworks »

40 Verbs to Use for the Word « handiworks »

  • He had apparently had enough of cleaning the car, for laying down the cloth he had been using, he stepped back and began to contemplate his handiwork.
  • She held up the renewed trousers and surveyed her handiwork critically.
  • However, when Billie, flushed and breathless and very, very pretty, took him by the arm and led him about to admire her handiwork, he told her that she was "some wonder."
  • While in its practical adaptation to this complex age the men who framed it, if they could "revisit the glimpses of the moon," would as little recognize their own handiwork as their own nation, yet they would still be able to find in successful operation the essential principles which they embodied in the document more than a century ago.
  • Their business was wreckage, and they fixed a charge of powder by the tobacco shed, laid and lit a fuse, and retired discreetly into the bushes to watch their handiwork.
  • The necessary corrective was not wanting, for a weekly journal of high culture described my poor handiwork as "Snobbery and Snippets."
  • Only after the lapse of some time did I notice this, and then I discontinued my handiwork.
  • The inner court and the façade that overhangs the lateral canal, display the handiwork of Sansovino.
  • Out of respect for the pure food law most of them have been here suppressed, but these samples are ventured because Varro mentions them and the editor is advised that some enterprising young ladies in Wisconsin have recently had the courage to put them to the test, and vow that they ate their handiwork!
  • Here come Cashmeris, Nepalese, Beluchis, Afghans, Persians, Bokharans, Khivans, Khokandes, Turcomans, Yarkandis, Cashgaris, Thibetans, Tartars, Ghurkhars, and other strange types of the human race in Asia, each wearing his native dress and bringing upon caravans of camels and elephants the handiwork of his neighbors.
  • In their slow advance every inch of misery was thrust before her for inspection; meticulously she observed and evaluated her handiwork.
  • If you are a Club Space regular or III Points attendee, chances are you have experienced the two's handiwork in some form or another.
  • She would find out the father's handiwork in the affair, and she, too, would be set on the rack of suspicion.
  • Indeed the exclamation of annoyance with which the culprit greeted his handiwork sounded so perfectly genuine that if I hadn't known what was in the note I should have been completely deceived.
  • "I'm trying a hand at this," she admitted, holding her handiwork up ruefully.
  • When unable to imitate man's handiwork, nature had been reduced to copying the inner membranes of animals, to borrowing the vivid tints of their rotting flesh, their magnificent corruptions.
  • no pair of arms or legs remains to a single body and God Himself would not know His handiwork.
  • I had left God's handiwork and come to the man-made town.
  • But now, before starting on again, he turned from the more distant landscape and, remembering the immediate scene about him as he had viewed it last, drowsing in the Indian summer of last October, he noted everywhere the handiwork of young June.
  • But (May 1) he returned home much worse than he went, and for several days hardly noticed my handiwork."
  • Their works still live all around us in Ireland, spread evenly through the four provinces, a world of the vanished past enduring among us into the present; and, so mightily did these old builders work, and with such large simplicity, that what they built will surely outlast every handiwork of our own day, and endure through numberless to-morrows, bridging the morning and evening twilight of our race.
  • In neither case do we possess Michelangelo's own handiwork; he must not, therefore, be credited with the revolting expression, as of a drunken profligate, upon the face of Leda.
  • Earlier this week, MSNBC fired contributor Jon Meacham after it was revealed he drafted Joe Biden’s victory speech and then went on air afterward to effusively praise his own handiwork.
  • "I'm sorry for the next man that 'its you," said his wife, as she drew back and regarded her handiwork.
  • Many a worthy citizen of Belfield well remembers his first jacket-and-trowsers, the handiwork of Tira Blake.
  • I am convinced that he ordered things which he knew that the people could not cook, just for the sake of reviling their handiwork when it was presented.
  • tearing down their houses and fences and ruining all their handiwork.
  • Here all was wild and varied; and all was on a scale of grandeur that inspired him with a feeling of awe and solemnity, heightened, no doubt, by the fearful uncertainty of his fate, and the thought that, perhaps, this was the last time that he should look upon these glorious hills, and ancient forests, and wide rushing riversthe handiworks, and the visible teachers of God's power.
  • "The effect will be like an Academician's stippling," he thought, but when he had swept the surface of the garden path into the road, he scrutinised his handiwork with some satisfaction.
  • And often he saw his own handiwork through the window.
  • The text is varied thus: "And the firmament sheweth his handiwork.
  • At least, you will be in harmony with the teaching of the Psalmist: "The heavens," says he, "declare the glory of God; and the firmament showeth His handiwork.
  • "If you turn a deaf ear to this" (I touched his Bible), "and these" (I tore open the parcel, and spread Gloriana's handiwork upon the table), "how can I expect you to listen to me?" "You are in possession of all the facts, sir.
  • They entered the corridor which turned sharply back againthe handiwork of some architect skilful, not in the carrying of sound, but in killing it.
  • "We'll take a cab by the hour," said she, putting her hat on before the mirror, and turning her head on one side to view her completed handiwork.
  • But those who work with spiritual energy and enthusiasm are weaving their handiwork into the very fibre of the universal frame.
  • Leaving Concord by Main Street we passed some famous homes, among them Thoreau's earlier home, where he made lead-pencils with the deftness which characterized all his handiwork; turning to the left on Thoreau Street we crossed the tracks and took the Sudbury road through all the Sudburys,four in number; the roads were good and the country all the more interesting because not yet invaded by the penetrating trolley.
  • Wonderful it was to see the difference of the two styles, and to note the judgment and ability of a mere boy, so spirited and bold, who had the courage to chastise his master's handiwork!
  • Often I fall on my face before the humblest flower where my dear Lord hath written his name, and confess I am unworthy the honor of copying his sweet handiwork."
  • Pansy made her own dresses, and the dresses declared the handiwork of their maker.

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