486 Verbs to Use for the Word happinesses

If you really find happiness in the way you expect, we could arrange it.

The latter is a secondary matter and the first is the thing that brings happiness to you.

They wish him all imaginable happiness and prosperity, of course; and they are honestly interested in his welfare; but it seems unexpectedly callous in him.

The work contains an intimation, that the members of the society had been secretly engaged for a century preceding, and that they had come to the knowledge of many great and important secrets, which, if communicated to the world, would promote the happiness of man.

what happiness I enjoyed in these interviewsin seeing Veenahin gazing on her lovely featuresin listening to her sentiments, that were sometimes gay and thoughtless, sometimes serious and melancholy, but always tender and affectionate,and now and then, when not perceived, in venturing to take her hand.

In thanking Hodgson for his kind congratulations, she trusts it will secure her brother's happiness.

A great passion was springing up within him; his one dream now was to dower her richly and seek happiness through her, if indeed he could ever be happy again.

Yet a voice inside me seemed to say that nothing could be as it had been; that I'd sacrificed my happiness to please a stranger, and to save a woman whom I had never really loved.

He doesn't know the happiness of having a real sweetheart.

These dreadful creatures would prowl around everywhere; they might even penetrate the shrubbery to the foot of the stairs leading to his own retired room; they would destroy his happiness and drive him mad.

The Epicurean places happiness in tranquil enjoyment, not in luxury or sensual pleasures.

It is a good and glorious thing so long as it serves to increase the happiness and health of its members.

This gave her the sweetest pang she had ever felt, for she knew that all was well, and yet was so sorry, and would have willingly given up her happiness for his.

You believe that I desire your happiness!

and they told the little Pilgrim a hundred tales of the hardships and troubles they had known, all smiling and radiant with pleasure; and at every new account the others would applaud and rejoice, feeling the happiness all the more for the evils that were past.

Poetic is a faculty which shows in what modes one may imitate certain actions, passions, and customs, with rhythm, words, and harmony, together or separately, for the purpose of removing the vices of men and inciting them to virtue, in order that they may attain their true happiness and beatitude.

But I owe all the happiness of my life to that cruel deedand can I regret it?

Something, indeed, had happened to mar their happiness, and the cause of their depression was as follows: Soon after breakfast, when the contents of the post-bag had been distributed as usual, Mugford accosted his two chums, who were strolling up and down the quadrangle.

Yet how seldom is it exerted, in order to give a rational ground to expect permanent happiness in wedlock.

She had lost her happiness and hope, and Adelaide would not spare her an hour.

Everything on which other women liveeverything which constitutes their happiness, sincere sorrow, strength, tears, and smiles, is barred from me.

And having thus overcome his enemies, and being reconciled to his brother and the king of Naples, nothing now remained to complete his happiness, but to revisit his native land, to take possession of his dukedom, and to witness the happy nuptials of his daughter Miranda and prince Ferdinand, which the king said should be instantly celebrated with great splendour on their return to Naples.

Fearing it might affect his own happiness in some way, Lambert ran outside to see what was the matter.

The true reason of which can possibly be no other than this, because some actions produce happiness, and others misery; so that all moral good and evil are nothing more than the production of natural.

Thus she settled her own future life; she wished to remain near her parents, on that farm which had hitherto held all her happiness.

486 Verbs to Use for the Word  happinesses
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