79 Verbs to Use for the Word hast

What Design hast thou in hand?

"Behold thou hast given me no seed, &c., one born in my house is mine heir."

Run, rogue, away! 'tis thou that hast undone Thy noble master, Earl of Huntington.

Merry Christmas!"Thus to honor the natal Festival of Himthe Unselfish incarnate, the Divinely insightedWho said unto the lip-server: Sell all that thou hast, and give it to the Poor, and follow Me; and from Whom the lip-server, having great possessions, went away exceeding sorrowful!

What hast thou found, Frisco? Fris.

What hast thou heard or seen?

" "I know thee notthou hast a name?" "Not in the sense in which you speak, Signore.

Ten years have passed away since then, Oft hast thou come to me; The question scarce will rise again, Whether I care for thee.

But tell me, now, thou witty man, what hast thou gotten there in that pouch by thy side and in that pottle?" At these words the Cobbler looked down at those things of which merry Robin spoke, for the thoughts of the golden bird had driven them from his mind, and it took him some time to scrape the memory of them back again.

"Whither so fast, and what hast thou lost in this merry crowd?

"How hast thou come?"

" Then Beltane sank upon his knees and caught the hermit's wasted hands and kissed them oft, saying: "Much hast thou suffered, O my father, but now am I come to thee again and, knowing all things, here will I bide and leave thee nevermore.

What hast thou seen? What visions fair, what glorious life, Where thou hast been? The veil!

But first I pray thee fair, Where hast thou left that page of thine, Whose beauty was so rare?

Wrong me he cannot, though uncivilly He flung his wild words at me: but to you I think he did no honour, to deny The hast I come withal, a passage to you, Though I seem course.

What disciples hast thou now?

But what trait hast thou discovered in my character, that leads thee to suppose I would be such a hypocrite as to betray the confidence this poor woman has reposed in me, by placing her in the power of her master, in the way thou hast proposed?" Mr. Wiltbank then requested that a message might be conveyed to the woman, exhorting her to return, and promising that no notice whatever would be taken of her offence.

And as he that is invited to a feast eats what is set before him, and looks for no other, enjoy that thou hast, and ask no more of God than what he thinks fit to bestow upon thee.

At this, Zohák Trembled with wraththe words were death to him; And sternly thus he spoke: "What hast thou fled Through fear, betraying thy important trust? No longer shalt thou share my confidence, No longer share my bounty and regard.

Oh, my God, my God, why hast thou thus forsaken me?

What hast thou now founden of all the substance of thy house?

Why, say, thou upstart, that there were some help, Some little, little help in this distress, To aid our lord and master comfortless, Is it thy part, thou screen-fac'd snotty-nose, To hinder him that gave thee all thou hast?

What hast thou gone and got thyself up so for, just as I was almost persuaded to be good?

what hast thou hid there?"

"I had much rather show thee what hopes thou hast before thee.

79 Verbs to Use for the Word  hast