98 Verbs to Use for the Word haste

He was going about his Father's business, not lingering, yet neither making haste; and the calm and peace which the little Pilgrim had seen in the faces of the blessed were but reflections from the majestic gentleness of the countenance to which, all quivering with happiness and wonder, she lifted up her eyes.

" Jack did not try to urge any undue haste.

But quick they back recoil, and wisely check Their eager haste; then o'er the fallowed ground How leisurely they work, and many a pause Th' harmonious concert breaks; till more assured With joy redoubled the low valleys ring.

Yet did he deem some Christian troop Was in the darkness hovering by; And at the thought, with terror struck, He turned in eager haste to fly!

Good sirs, replied the God of Post, I scarce had reached the other coast, When Charon told me, one he ferried Inform'd him they were dead and buried: Then bade me hither haste and say, Their ghosts were now upon the way.

Well, Sir, your business, for mine requires haste.

The more I think of this attachment the more I think I shall not regret the haste (if it may be so called) of this proposed connection.... I am doing pretty well in this place, better than I expected; I have one more portrait to do before I leave it....

On the morning after the assault a white flag was raised over the fort, and when St. Leger sent in hot haste a messenger to learn what we wanted, thinking, most like, we had made up our minds to surrender, he was informed that Colonel Gansevoort was willing to grant an hour's truce that the British and Indian dead might be buried.

In the first Madam Conway and Maggie were cordially invited to visit Charlton again; in the second Betsy Jane sent her regrets; while in the third Madam Conway was particularly requested to excuse haste and a bad pen.

The farmer cheerily counsels haste in order that "we may have a good long day of it."

Awkward business, to have to ask for it in scrambling haste at such a moment.

She received the good news languidly and showed no unseemly haste to profit by it.

Moreover, she so organized her system of espionage as to make the old accountant tell her unwittingly all that he knew of the private life led by Denis, his wife Marthe, and their children, Lucien, Paul, and Hortense all, indeed, that was done and said in the modest little pavilion where the young people, in spite of their increasing fortune, were still residing, evincing no ambitious haste to occupy the large house on the quay.

My longing vision measured the wide waste, "This cannot be the end of things; that man Should see his path lead on so short a span, And then the unstable ocean mock his haste!

And I did wot that it was not such a thing as did properly pursue after matters of food; but did rather eat of that which did need little haste, but a monstrous strength, to gain.

Let us hence each of us learn to avoid haste and indiscretion, the consequences of which may be inexpiable but with blood; and may Heaven bless you in a consort of whom I deem you every way worthy!"

The disorder of his clothing suggested the haste with which he had left his bed and come downstairs.

The fatal scene recall, His last, dear accents, stranger, tell, Oh haste and tell me all!

Yet we thy ruin haste.

Word was brought in all haste to the Duchess of Maine.

"Ay; the Pawnees are at the Yellow Creek jist at this time, but I've heerd they're 'bout to break up camp an' away west; so we'll need to use haste.

Only once before had Aldous seen MacDonald employ greater haste, and that was on the night of the attack on Joanne.

He would have to emulate Waldron's haste if he reached the Warrington Street Station by ten o'clock.

An attractive, well-ordered table is an incentive to good manners, and being a place where one is incited to linger, it tends to control the bad habits of fast eating; while, on the contrary, an uninviting, disorderly table gives license to bad manners, and encourages the haste which is proverbial among Americans.

Thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay? Repair me now, for now mine end doth haste; I run to death, and death meets me as fast, And all my pleasures are like yesterday.

98 Verbs to Use for the Word  haste
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