6 Verbs to Use for the Word hazel

EYESSet wide apart, large, full, round, bright, expressive of great determination, intelligence and dignity; set low and prominent in front of the head; colour a rich dark hazel.

But leaving the hazel with its host of superstitions, we may notice the white-thorn, which according to Aryan tradition was also originally sprung from the lightning.

[Footnote 1: This is a play on words; Frêne in the French, meaning ash, and Coudre meaning hazel.]

Near the city of On there was shown for many centuries the sacred fig-tree, under which the Holy Family rested during their "Flight into Egypt," and a Bavarian tradition makes the tree under which they found shelter a hazel.

While scarcely this my leading hand sustains, Tired with the way, and recent from her pains; For 'mid yon tangled hazels as we past, On the bare flints her hapless twin she cast, The hopes and promise of my ruin'd fold!

I always use hazel, which are cheaper and very satisfactory.

6 Verbs to Use for the Word  hazel