1141 Verbs to Use for the Word heads

Why mumble unintelligible things? What land, what tribe produced that shaking head? Declare it!

She turned her head on hearing the sound of my voice, and, seeing me, shrieked out, "He lives!

Very gently, I turned her over, and raised her head somewhat.

"You remember LONESOME ROCK, in the Lower Saranac, a great boulder that lifts its head some ten or fifteen feet above the surface, away out near the middle of the lake, around which the water is of unknown depth.

I looked at my companion, to see what he thought of the matter; and noted that there was only puzzlement in his face; and then, as I watched his features, an expression of comprehension crept over them, and he nodded his head.

" "Then," said the Gospeler, bowing his head and speaking slowly, "I suppose he must go to the Other Church.

I held my head, with both hands, and tried to remember.

Suddenly a warm nose was thrust against his shoulder and, with the assurance of a spoilt beauty, the cow laid her head upon his arm.

Gifford bent his head over the case as he unfastened the brooch and took it out.

Absolutism must forever hang its head.

Soak herrings over night in cold water; remove the milch; cut off the head and skin and cut the herring into small pieces; add 2 apples, 2 pickles, 3 hard-boiled eggs, 1 onion, a few olives, all cut fine.

He threw back his head and roared forth a volume of sound toward the dim stars.

His friends (they were not many) say he lost his head, was nearly crazy with the utterly unforeseen defeat of the French, but even a moment of insanity would hardly account for such extraordinary weakness.

As he approached the shore, he bounded upon the island, and tossing his head from side to side, as if looking for a place of concealment or escape.

" Mrs. Hassiebrock leaned her tired head sidewise into the moist palm of her hand.

" "Eh bien" said Mr. P., as he scratched his head for a moment.

Even then, I could not perceive the cause, until I knelt down, and thrust my head over the cliff.

In a second or two he was with me, flying three times round my head with a happy salute, as if saying, "Cheer up, old friend; you see I'm here, and all's well."

Donnegan saw two highlightsfine silver hair that covered the head of the invalid and a pair of white hands fallen idly upon the surface of the big book, for if the silver hair suggested age the smoothly finished hands suggested perennial youth.

Caligula would not have Crassus' son called Great; Claudius gave him his name back, and took away his head.

[L.S.] She fell into his arms, and rested her palpitating head upon his palpitating bosom.

It was some time before I could fix my attention on what I read; but after a while, the interest the book had previously excited returned, and I became at length so engrossed by the incidents of the story, as to forget the festival, the procession, the tiger, and the elephant, as much as if they had never before entered my head.

She alone carried her head high and forced an air of cheerfulness.

One, shame at his vile conduct having been witnessed by a third person, the other that he had struck his head against the wall in falling and was stunned.

Who ever thought that the locomotive would go screaming and thundering along the base of the Green Mountains, hurling its ponderous train, loaded with human freight, along the narrow valleys above which mountain peaks hide their heads in the clouds?

1141 Verbs to Use for the Word  heads