27 Verbs to Use for the Word hemispheres

When Congress abolished the African slave trade, it abolished SLAVERYsupreme slaverypower frantic with license, trampling a whole hemisphere scathed with its fires, and running down with blood.

The Sun of Righteousness has been gradually drawing nearer and nearer, appearing larger and brighter as He approached, and now He fills the whole hemisphere, pouring forth a flood of glory, in which I seem to float like an insect in the beams of the sun, exulting yet almost trembling while I gaze on this excessive brightness, and wondering, with unutterable wonder, why God should deign thus to shine upon a sinful worm.

A view of the under surface of the brain, which rests on the floor of the skull, shows the origin of important nerves, called the cranial nerves, the cerebellum, the structure connecting the optic nerves (optic commissure), the bridge of nervous matter (pons Varolii) connecting the two hemispheres of the cerebellum, and lastly numerous and well-marked convolutions. 268.

The grounds are daily filled with fashionable company, notwithstanding the great migrations which usually take place at this season of the year, and almost depopulate the western hemisphere of fashion.

You have discovered a new hemisphere.

He is distinguished from the second-hand man by the fulness and completeness of his expression; his words are round and embrace the two hemispheres, the actual and the ideal.

The industry of this creature urged the Lily to toil and spin, contrary to its usual habits, while the Shamrock converted its trifoliated leaves into shovels, and took a contract for excavating the hemisphere.

From the zenith points of light flared down the southern hemisphere.

It is all the coinage of thoughts that have flooded the hemispheres.

Rarely exceeding 12 feet in height, and with a spread of often as much as 20 feet, this shrub forms a perfect hemisphere of foliage, and which, when tipped with the pretty fragrant flowers, renders it one of the most effective and handsome.

He'd take his astrolabe, and seek out here What new star 'twas did gild our hemisphere.

During our stay in the Derwent, perhaps one of the most splendid comets that has ever appeared, illuminated the southern hemisphere for several nights.

To the general observations already made on that part of Coniferae inhabiting the southern hemisphere, may be added some important facts, to be gathered from the plants in the Herbarium of the late voyages, that will afford a very correct view of the fructification of some doubtful genera, as well as their limits.

It consists of two halves, the right and left cerebral hemispheres.

Others in the middle group were added, the structure growing, day by day, until they had mapped the hemisphere.

I assure you there is a strong muster in those fair telescopic worlds, on any such morning, of those who happen to find themselves occupying the right hemisphere for a peep at us.

He slips me his Pullman ticket and I formally offer it to him as the key to the hospitality of the seven seas, the two hemispheres, and the teeming cities that lie beyond the range.

By the opening of the seventeenth century Spain and France, or perhaps Spain alone, seemed destined to possess the entire new hemisphere.

Next, his look was on the sun, which was making his daily course, lower and lower, each time that he appeared, settling rapidly away towards the north, as if in haste to quit a hemisphere that was so little congenial to his character.

Only a moment before, the dark, still water had reflected vividly a whole hemisphere of spangled constellations, and the outlines of the ship's spars were projected as dusky shadows against the Milky Way.

Some are elliptic, but, for the greater part round: some represent an hemisphere, others a segment, others an hyperbola.

On the 29th of August, at 10 o'clock P.M., we saluted the southern hemisphere for the first time.

What misery must not these poor people have suffered in their native country to have sought another hemisphere for the sake of a few yokes of land!

It was remembered that it was formerly the emporium of the Western World and that it supplied both hemispheres with sugar and coffee.

And as those nightly tapers disappear When day's bright lord ascends our hemisphere; So pale grows reason at religion's sight; 10 So dies, and so dissolves in supernatural light.

27 Verbs to Use for the Word  hemispheres