349 Verbs to Use for the Word heroes

His clothes became threadbare, his boots worn out, his general appearance dilapidated; but he got help from a few good people, who saw the hero beneath his rags.

Neither is he a Mahometan; but he nevertheless makes a hero of Mahomet, whom he loves for his Ishmaelite fierceness, bravery, and religious sincerity,and because he taught deism, or the belief in one God, instead of the old polytheism, or the belief in many gods,and gave half the East his very good book, called the Koran, for his followers to live and die by.

[Footnote 1: The cut accompanying the above chapter is from the illustrated title-page of the English monthly numbers of "The Mystery of Edwin Drood;"in which it is the last of a series of border-vignettes; and plainly shows that it was the author's intention to bring back his hero a living man before the conclusion of the story.

Wherever the ancient glaciers have spread forest soil there you find our wee hero, most abundant where depth of soil and genial climate have given rise to a corresponding luxuriance in the trees, but following every kind of growth up the curving moraines to the highest glacial fountains.

If you want heroes and heroines you'd have found plenty of 'em there.

But we who have met heroes know that they are very seldom of the type which achieves the immortality of the picture post-card.

"I name no names," said Sarah, "but I hope I know a hero when I see him; and that man is a hero, though he isnothing much to look at.

"Egbert's ten, and I'm nine, and Ethel's seven," replied the little chubby-faced hero, digging his hands deep into his trousers, and jingling all the sovereigns there.

Messieurs," cried the hero, beating his breast and lifting his eyes, "grace au ciel.

Thus, what reader ever followed Defoe's hero through weary, feverish months of building a huge boat, which was too big to be launched by one man, without recalling some boy who spent many stormy days in shed or cellar building a boat or dog house, and who, when the thing was painted and finished, found it a foot wider than the door, and had to knock it to pieces?

Here we might stop, according to ancient custom, leaving our hero and heroine to their happiness.

Consequently poetry has the power of harming the good, for a good man will be in raptures at the excellences of the poet who stirs his feelings most by representing a hero in an emotional condition.

"Where is Ida?" asked our hero, anxiously.

But we are contented to overlook this defect in favour of the many original touches of character, and striking views of life, particularly in the mad-house, and the prison into which he leads his hero, and which he has depicted with the force of Hogarth.

Whereupon, taking our hero (of whom he had grown prodigiously fond) along with him, our pirate went, without any loss of time, to visit Sir Thomas Modiford, who was then the royal Governor of all this devil's brew of wickedness.

They rush into the water, also, and play the hero!"

Then exclaimed that great hero: "If the sun stood on my right hand, and the moon on my left, ordering me to hold my peace, I would still declare there is but one God,"a speech rivalled only by Luther at the Diet of Worms.

With bared, bruised feet and aching limbs and parched tongue he hurried, on, walking, running, as he could, dragging himself at last into the presence of the court at the very moment when the scales of justice were trembling for the downward plunge, and spoke the words that checked the course of legal crime, that placed the chains of hopeless toil upon his own weak limbs, but that gave the worldanother hero!

He loved to paint forlorn heroes.

You have shown yourself a hero.

In a notable instance, the heroism of his life has been meanly overlooked by one who preached to mankind with the eloquence of the Prophets the prime need and virtue of recognizing the hero.

Whence comes this hero of the prosperous star?

And now, having introduced our heroes and heroines of the sky to those who have not already met them, we will proceed to see how Miss Prescott receives the startling plans that her young charges are about to lay before her.

And Dasaratha, hearing that Rama of Bhrigu's race had arrived on the confines of his domains, set his own son Rama to receive the hero with respect.

Peace was hailed with an enthusiasm scarcely less than that which for twenty years had created military heroes.

349 Verbs to Use for the Word  heroes