86 Verbs to Use for the Word heroine

Quin took the part of Mustapha, the despotic vizier, and Mrs. Seymour played the heroine.

"We left our heroine," she said, "at an interesting crisis in her career.

He agreed to change places with the hero, who wished to give up one hundred and forty thousand pounds a year to marry the heroine.

In all the books she had read, and she had read a great many, Jem never had met a heroine who was called Jemima.

Thus gracefully do we introduce our heroine upon the scene.

In his dream he had to rescue the heroine from the clutches of the villains who had carried her off.

The officers got up a sort of play for my amusement, and Atkinson, or, as they called him, Betsy, acted the heroine of the piece.

" "You mean the heroine of the York mystery?" he replied blandly.

Of course it suited the author's end to represent the heroine as utterly destitute of the common means of assistance, in order to exhibit both her trials and her powers of self-supportthe whole book rests on this

Because you cannot trot more than half a mile, and because you cannot flatter yourself that it would be prudent for you to imitate your favorite English heroines, and to order your horse brought around to the hall door for a solitary morning canter?

Really, Patricia, one might fancy you the heroine of a society drama, working up the sympathies of the audience before taking to evil ways.

He had skipped thirteen chapters of his work to describe the heroine, Rhoda.

I mean the country where people have "shooting irons" and use them on the slightest provocation to insist that other people shall carry their hands at an absurd and wearisome elevation, and all the men wear fringy trousers, and all the women shawls, save the heroine, who has to be suitably arrayed for the performance of athletic feats.

" They cheered her, for they saw before them a young heroine, victorious, beloved, ideal.

" "Ah, Kate, you are bent on making a heroine of me!" was the reply, as she took her seat in the grape arbor; "but there are really no materials.

Chivalry, too, produced illustrious heroines in every country of Europe.

" "Then I know precisely where we are!" cried our heroine, "though I cannot yet imagine why we are led into this forest, unless it be to visit some spot hallowed by a deed of Natty Bumppo's!" "Time will solve this mystery, as well as all others.

But there is a long distance between such expressions and a premeditated plot to deliver to the enemy the young heroine who had just raised the siege of Orleans and brought the king to be crowned at Rheims.

Those who had expected to see the goddess, armed with flames and sulphurous smoke, burst forth and destroy the daring heroine who thus braved her, in her very sanctuary, were awe-struck when they saw the fire remain innocuous, and the flames roll harmless, as though none were present.

When Prudence Crandall established in Canterbury, Connecticut, an academy to which she decided to admit Negroes, the mayor, selectmen and citizens of the city protested, and when their protests failed to deter this heroine, they induced the legislature to enact a special law covering the case and invoked the measure to have Prudence Crandall imprisoned because she would not desist.

I am quite sure that if these poetic dreamers had ever come across a shepherdess in real lifedirty, unkempt, ignorant, coarse, immoralthey would themselves have made haste to disavow their heroines and seek less malodorous "maidens" for embodiments of their exalted fancies of love.

" The salacious landlady in Mrs. Lennox's Henrietta tries to discourage the heroine from reading Joseph Andrews by recommending Mrs. Haywood's works, "... 'there is Mrs. Haywood's Novels, did you ever read them?

Then shall they triumph, and the British stage Improve her manners and refine her rage, More noble characters expose to view, And draw her finished heroines from you.

It would be easy to ascribe to her all the ordinary and extraordinary charms that are thought so necessary to embellish heroines; but as we are not told what these were in her case, we must be contented with the assurance that nature had been kind enough to her to give her power over the hearts of men.

The ready and profitable sale of her paintings enabled our heroine to set aside sums for the liquidation of her father's debts earlier than she expected.

86 Verbs to Use for the Word  heroine