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59 Verbs to Use for the Word heroisms

And among the Pagan nations, who does not admire the heroism of such women as we have already noticed?

And she displayed extraordinary heroism the morning when, driven to extremity, seeing her stove cold and the larder empty, she disappeared for an hour and then returned with provisions and the change of a hundred-franc note.

The war has not shown greater heroism.

Only as we remember their limitations can we appreciate the heroism of these toilers of the Middle Ages, giants in intellect, yet playing with children's toys; ignorant of the laws and forces of the universe, while debating the essence and locomotion of angels; eager to learn, yet forbidden to enter fresh fields in the right of free exploration and the joy of individual discovery.

But England must know what France did in self-defence and understand the fine enduring heroism of those armies of France which, after the first mistakes, built a wall of steel against which the greatest fighting machine in Europe shattered itself in vain.

From such souls God requires faith, and obedience to the commandmentsa due, which, in certain rare crises, may mean heroism and martyrdom; but He does not expect of them that refinement of sanctity, that sustained attention to divine things, which depends so largely on one's natural cast of mind and disposition; and may even be found where the martyr's temper is altogether wanting.

"I liked the picture by Sargent in Pilgrim Hall, but seeing Plymouth on a mild, sunny day, with everything looking bright and pleasant, it was difficult to conceive of the landing of the Pilgrims as an event, or that the settling of such a charming spot required any heroism.

With such memories they exalted and cherished The heroism of their tried souls, And ours are wrung with doubt and self-distrust!

And I must avow, not to claim too much heroism, that the fish had also stopped.

Beautiful windows have been erected at Red Cross Hall, Southwark, to commemorate her heroism; but the best memorial is her own expression: "I tried to do my best"for this will live in the hearts of all who read of her self-devotion.

Besides his great love for the little Madaline, he became interested in the story of Margaret Dornham's lifein her love for the handsome, reckless ne'er-do-well who had given up work as a failurein her wonderful patience, for she never complainedin her sublime heroism, for she bore all as a martyr.

These adventures therefore required all the skill, strength, agility, valour, and every thing, in short, that may be supposed to constitute heroism, to conduct them with success.

Thus the army loses an element of refinement, and the moneyed upper class forgets what it is to count heroism among its virtues.

But quite invariably, the materials of the story will have an unmistakable air of actuality; that is, they come profoundly out of human experience, whether they declare legendary heroism, as in Homer and Virgil, or myth, as in Beowulf and Paradise Lost, or actual history, as in Lucan and Camoens and Tasso.

Joan of Arc bequeathed to her country, especially to the common people, some great lessons; namely, not to despair amid great national calamities; to believe in God as the true deliverer from impending miseries, who, however, works through natural causes, demanding personal heroism as well as faith.


At the Dissolution the Prior and brethren, ten in all, did not emulate the heroism of the London monks and were fortunate enough to obtain pensions instead of martyrdom.

I am only myself, and the atmosphere I live in does not encourage moral heroism.

Of the survivors, Charles was the youngest, John being twelve and Mary ten years his senior,a fact to be weighed in estimating the heroism of Lamb's later life.

Goldsmith wrote some stanzas on this event, eulogizing the heroism of the exploit.

No words can exaggerate the heroism and sacrifice of the French or the importance of the part which the British have played, which we shall not realize till the war is over.

King Richard abandoned it perforce, after having exhausted upon it his heroism and his knightly pride.

His great barns were cleared out for tables, and the house was open, and there were flags and transparencies expressing the heroism of those who were willing to do anything to get us into the fight.

Disregarding learned men that extol the heroism of the foe, make ye such arrangements that the foe may be destroyed.

While the duchess, her thoughts divided between the remembrances of the past and the cares and troubles of the present, had been sojourning in Paris for twelve days, all the papers were extolling the heroism of the duchess in having saved her son, and of her having embarked at Malta in order to take him to England.

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