130 Verbs to Use for the Word hers

His heart, when he saw her, kept sinking, and sunk, And his eye, meeting hers, began winking, and wunk; While she, in her turn, fell to thinking, and thunk.

While she stood for a moment to get her breath, she became sensible that some living thing was near; and putting out her hand she felt that there was round her something that was like a bastion upon a fortified wall, and immediately a hand touched hers, and a soft voice said, 'Sister, fear not!

Of her own accord she clasped her other hand upon the one that held hers, and then she said with a gasp, "I am not afraid of you; that was not true that you said!

He waited, his eyes seeking hers, seeking them for some sign which might still the passion of fear and suspense with which he was battling, then he said in a low voice that thrilled with the tempest of emotion which raged under his forced calm: "Will you not speak to me?

But she gave him hers with no grudging.

" She knew them at a glance, had read them many times, but now they came home to her with sudden force, and, seeing that his eye had followed hers, she said in her impulsive fashion.

He put out a swift, detaining hand and caught hers, laying sympathetic fingers over the clasp and retaining it as he spoke.

Blindly he reached out with a shaking hand, to find hers, to hold it close.

And as she asked the question, and his lips pressed hers, John Aldous still believed that in her heart she knew the truth of that night attack.

It was only her fancy; but it was not fancy that they burned to clasp hers.

Go up-stairs!" Angy's glance sought Miss Abigail, but the matron's eyes avoided hers.

A head turned in their direction and Joe lowered his voice to match hers.

I drew my revolver, my other hand clasping hers, and waited breathlessly.

But though she held his hand, there was no more strength in it to grasp hers.

Don't give her an inkling of what you know. Go with her to her apartment and watch her dress; then make an excuse to keep her waiting in your room while you go back and search hers.

Emma, too, brought hers, but with a more timid look; the neat brown silk cover was faded and wornshe had thought of making a new one only the day

He withheld his hand and she dropped hers, hurt and strangely vexed.

"You will help her to escape?" "I will risk my own life in order to save hers," I declared.

But she also complains that the king's tastes do not resemble hers, that he cares for nothing but hunting and mechanical employments; and, indulging in an unwonted bit of sarcasm, she proceeds: "You will allow that I should not look well beside a forge.

She felt the beating of his heart, and he felt hers.

His hand burned hers, and closed upon it, pressure for word, to the end, in the terrible play of acted earnestness.

His eyes, during the moment they encountered hers, had said, "We under-stand one another."

When the prima donna raised her arms, the child raised hers; when the prima donna courtesied, she stumbled into one, and straightened herself just in time to get the curls out of her eyes, and to see that the prima donna was laughing at her, and to smile cheerfully back, as if to say, "We are doing our best anyway, aren't we?"

His eyes intercepted hers, and she saw the flicker of a smile pass across them and knew he had read her thought.

His hands released hers, he straightened quickly.

130 Verbs to Use for the Word  hers
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