120 Verbs to Use for the Word hitherto

And, in truth, we made a most ludicrous spectacle, especially the Don, whom hitherto we had seen only in the neatest and most noble of clothes,looking more like a couple of scarecrows than living men.

But Beltane answered, smiling a little as one that gloried in his freedom: "No woman hath ever touched my heart, yet have I lived nor found it lonely, hitherto.

However, I have been speaking hitherto to avoid the appearance of gratuitously opposing a man who is a great friend of mine, and who has showed me great kindness.

While he is writing the second time, the Pharisee, the Accuser, and the Scribe, who have chiefly sustained the dialogue hitherto, separate, each going into a different part of the Temple, and soliloquize thus: Pharisee.

His poems have been sold hitherto only in manuscript.

He knew it better than English, indeed, having lived hitherto among French people, and being called the Little Frenchman by other boys on Ealing Green.

He continued a long time weighed down by grief, unable to do anything, having hitherto, to his great displeasure, been driven from one project to another."

The reader who hath suffered his muse to continue hitherto in a virgin state can have but a very inadequate idea of this kind of paternal fondness.

All probabilities appear to have been foreseen, and the unerring exactness with which events have taken place hitherto precisely in the direction indicated by the author, encourages us to believe that this will continue until his predictions will have been fulfilled to the end.

This produced the longest and most animated debate hitherto known in the history of parliament.

I have, with much ado, maintained my post hitherto at the dessert, and every day eat a tart in the face of my Patron: but how long I shall be invested with this privilege, I do not know.

For, towards the north pole, there has only been discovered hitherto to the latitude of 77° or 78°, which make an extent of 1347 leagues; and between the equinoctial and the south pole, there has only been discovered to the latitude of 52° or 53° south, or to the Straits of Magellan; which amounts to no more than 960 leagues.

The visitor then asked my name, which I gave, and addressing me thereby, he continued "The Camptâ has requested me to ascertain the truth regarding your alleged size, so far exceeding anything hitherto known among us.

And on the evening of the same day an event took place which brought about the solution hitherto sought in vain, with the fear of finding it.

But as this new idea became credible and familiar, her unaffected desire to comply with all that was expected from her drew out her hitherto undeveloped powers of conversation, and enabled me day by day to appreciate more thoroughly the real intelligence and soundness of judgment concealed at first by her shyness, and still somewhat obscured by her childlike simplicity and absolute inexperience.

I seemed to see my own party almost as new peoplepeople I had not known properly hitherto, people who would drop all disguises and henceforth reveal themselves as they really were.

How well, my lords, the law has been observed hitherto, on this occasion, I cannot but propose that your lordships should consider.

Ranged against Abu Lahab and Abu Jahl, with their influential following, and lacking the support hitherto provided by Abu Talib, Mahomet perceived that a crisis was fast approaching.

Forest King had never failed its master hitherto, and Bertie would have been saved by his faithful steed, but for the fact that a blackguardly turf welcher doctored the horse's mouth, and Forest King was beaten, and couldn't finish the course.

The Beormas , indeed, had well peopled their country, for which reason he did not venture to enter upon it; and the land of the Terfenna , which he had passed hitherto, was all a desert, with the exception of the hunters and fishers already mentioned.

"HONORED SIR, "After spending the winter hitherto in Pennsylvania and the Jerseys, with frequent removals, some loss, much expense and fatigue, we are once more on the east side of Hudson's River.

A few examples follow: "Oftentimes I purposed to come to you, but was let (hindered) hitherto."

But after all these deductions, we remain of the opinion that Mr. White has given us the best edition hitherto published, and we do not like him the less for an occasional crotchet.

I have not been without some thoughts that way, when he has angered me more than ordinary: but these thoughts have gone off again hitherto, upon my considering, that the children of very young and very old men (though I am not so very old neither) last not long; and that old men, when they marry young women, are said to make much of death: Yet who knows but that matrimony might be good against the gouty humours I am troubled with?

We have to bear in mind that in this discussion we are dealing with something very new and quite untried hitherto by anything but success,

120 Verbs to Use for the Word  hitherto
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