50 Verbs to Use for the Word hits

Hooper got a two-base hit in the same inning, but two were out at the time and Fletcher easily threw out Yerkes, who was the next batter.

I bowed and the audience cheered, and I stood on my hands and scratched at an imaginary flea, and pa, who was leaning against the platform, whispered to me that I was making the hit of the season.

The plaintiff had scored a hit.

The enemy gave every hit as good as he got there.

What proof will you have?" Fanny laughed with the same expression of constraint which we have before observed, and said: "You have not looked upon the map of Virginia yet for my 'boundaries?'" Ralph received the hit full in the front.

The guns were exposed and a devastating fire opened at point blank range, but not before the submarine had fired both her guns, obtaining two more hits, and wounding several of the crew of the Prize.

Still it counted a hit.

Willow took a few hits out of politeness.

I like a hit at our way of life, though it does well for me,better than anything short of all one's time to one's self; for which alone I rankle with envy at the rich.

" Langdon's speech had proved the hit, the sensation of the session.

"It was an extremely difficult thing to effect a hit with anti-aircraft guns.

[Footnote 7: 'I shall win by the odds allowed me; he will not exceed me three hits.']

Probably he would like sometimes to indulge himself and amuse the House by firing off some humorous hits and quotations, but he knows the importance of suppressing such instincts and tendencies if he is to be taken seriously and regarded as a statesman.

The man who is willing to furnish the sinews of war has as good standing in court as the player who furnishes the base hits and the phenomenal catches.

Justice and Honour on my Sword shall sit, And my Revenge shall guide the lucky hit.

Wagner killed at least two safe hits over second base for New York and both of the plays were of the greatest benefit to the Boston team.

" "In such a trade, the less thou hast to answer for, in behalf of others, the more will pass to thy credit on the score of thine own backslidings," pithily remarked Nicklaus Wagner, who was a sturdy Protestant, and apt enough at levelling these side-hits at those who professed a faith, obnoxious to the attacks of all who dissented from the opinions and the spiritual domination of Rome.

There, if he hasn't made me lose a hit!

I 'dI 'dwould I be 'lowed ter hit 'em, suh?" "Certainly, Grandison," replied the colonel, chuckling, "hit 'em as hard as you can.

The horns of an ox or antelope are able to make an ugly wound in the paw or chest of a springing beast when he receives its thrust in the same way that an over-eager pugilist meets his adversary's "counter" hit.

"Now we need a hit!" cried Put.

He now fights cautious, getting away from and parrying the slogger's lunging hits, instead of trying to counter, and leading his enemy a dance all round the ring after him.

Frank saw a hole in right field, and he hoped to be able to place a hit right there.

Fetch on the fellah that makes them long words!he said,and planted a straight hit with the right fist in the concave palm of the left hand with a click like a cup and ball.

We reckon the distance: twenty-five yards away another direct hit.

50 Verbs to Use for the Word  hits