51 Verbs to Use for the Word hollow

On brazen vessels beat a tinkling sound, And shake the cymbals of the goddess round; Then all will hastily retreat, and fill The warm resounding hollow of their cell.

We crossed the hollow which divides the moor, and went to the top of a sandy cutting at the rear of the workhouse.

He looked down and saw a hollow covered with snow, save at the centre, where a black lake lay deep in a well of purple rock, and at one end of the lake were three large stones or monuments.

At night, the cold was very great, but, as they scooped out a deep hollow in the snow, though they attempted no fire, they were able to keep warm within their bearskins.

They fastened the two arms strongly on to the body of the cross, nailed the board at the bottom which was to support the feet, bored the holes for the nails, and cut different hollows in the wood in the parts which would receive the head and back of our Lord, in order that his body might rest against the cross, instead of being suspended from it.

I used to sit there and make resolutions that next time I went out I would be braver, and explore the hollows full of bushes and tall ferns.' 'Did you never break your resolutions?' 'Sometimes.

O to kiss with a deep kiss the hollow of that cool neck!..."

The southern boundary of the garden ran down a hollow which divides the peninsula from the site of the present Magnetic Observatory, in such a manner that the principal part of the garden was fully exposed to the public.

A beck plunged down the hillside with a muffled roar, and a building, half in light and half in shadow, occupied the hollow of the ghyll.

" Below us lay a swimming hollow of white mist, hiding I knew not what strange country.

In the edge of the balsams Thor had already found a hollow in the ground.

A bright parallelogram stretched from the window across the white kitchen-table, and reached the dim hollow of the open fire-place.

The shadows were pouring out of the gorges of the western mountains, and night began to invade the hollow of Sour Creek.

Jones led down the big hollow to which he kept after we had passed the edge of the pines; then marking a herd of deer ahead, he turned his horse up the bank.

The third, or short way, leaps down the great hollow of the spurs, and yet keeps to a ridge between the folds of the ravine which it discloses on each side, with here and there a contadino cutting rock on the steep hillsides, or a sportsman wandering with his dog; or often at twilight, from some coign of vantage, you may see the goats trooping home across the distant sands by the sea.

It was the old white-faced owl leaving the hollow in the live oak for the night's hunt.

The ship's cat was loaded up with various empty baskets, the skipper marching before him like a warrior of the waves, carrying the oars on his shoulders, his feet rapidly making hollows on the sand.

But further, if there were any superfluity of water derived from the melting snow beyond what was sufficient to moisten the hollows indicated by the darker portions of the surface, which at the time the water reaches them acquire a green tint (a superfluity under the circumstances highly improbable), that superfluity could be best utilised by widening, however little, the borders to which natural overflow had carried it.

We neared a hollow when Don barked eagerly.

The country to the south not being very promising, we turned to the westward, recrossing the plain more to the south, passing several hollows, in which the rainwater had very recently rested, leaving a rich alluvial deposit from which had sprung up a splendid sward of grass, which was still quite green.

The needles, which have accumulated for centuries, make fine beds, a fact well known to other mountaineers, such as deer and wild sheep, who paw out oval hollows and lie beneath the larger trees in safe and comfortable concealment.

He that sounds them has pierced the heart's hollows, The places where tears are and sleep; For the foam-flakes that dance in life's shallows Are wrung from life's deep.

Retreating quickly, he proceeded over the green hollow, and got into the skirt of Balgay wood.

He took his station on a taller hilltop and gave voice to his lordliness in a neigh that rang and re-rang down a hollow.

I could hear the waterfalls dashing and roaring down the mountain hollows on each side of me; in the gloom, the foam and leaping waters resembled streaming fires.

51 Verbs to Use for the Word  hollow