430 Verbs to Use for the Word honours

On his return to England he was welcomed with enthusiasm, and received many honours.

All the household was also instructed to pay him honour, and in the whole family of servants there was only one rebel, Harry's foster-mother, a faithful negro woman who never could be made to understand why her child should not be first, who was handsomer and stronger and cleverer than his brother, as she vowed; though in truth, there was not much difference in the beauty, strength, or stature of the twins.

If either the example or authority of the commons can divert us from following our own convictions, we are no longer part of the legislature; we have given up our honours and our privileges, and what then is our concurrence but slavery, or our suffrage but an echo?

"Thou art pardoned," said the king, "and I will even confer a singular honour upon thee.

But he got a declamation prize and brought home to his mother and Laura a set of prize books begilt with the college arms, and so magnificent that the ladies thought that Pen had won the largest honour which Oxbridge was capable of awarding.

Heaven save your honour!"

O'Flynn, will you go?" O'Flynn was in the act of declining the honour.

When truth is too notorious to be denied, and too obvious to be contested, the administration claim the honour of the first discovery, and will never own that they were incited to their duty by the remonstrances of their opponents, though they never, before those remonstrances, had discovered the least intention of performing it.

Yet, from the nature of the case, the Americans got much more than the lion's share of the spoils, while, even in their own eyes, they seemed to have gained honour and glory in the same proportion.

He had set his heart on Guenevere, his kinswoman, but such a love brought little honour to the queen.

He obtained almost every possible honour, culminating in the Presidency of the College of Physicians for the lengthy term of six years.

" "Lost your honour?" screamed out the Major.

We have not spoken, in the above catalogue, either of the liver, or of the fraise, or of the ears, which also share the honour of appearing at our tables.

But I have a still more powerful inducement to prefix your name to this volume, as it gives me an opportunity of letting the world know that I enjoy the honour and happiness of your friendship; and of thus publickly testifying the sincere regard with which I am, My dear Sir, Your very faithful And obedient servant, JAMES BOSWELL. LONDON, 20th September, 1785.

I endeavoured to convince my companion, that, as the Publick had seen in HOWARD a person who reflected more genuine honour on our country than any of her Philosophers, her Poets, her Orators, her Heroes, or Divines, it is incumbent on the Nation to consult her own glory by commemorating, in the fullest manner, his beneficent exertions, and by establishing the dignity of his unrivaled virtue.

The Berlin Government was overwhelmed with telegrams from all kinds of bodiesespecially those with a military colouring, such as veterans' clubs, societies of one-year volunteers, university societies, etc.calling upon it to defend Germany's honour against Slavonic murder and intrigue.

Miss Sharp only folded her own hands with a very frigid smile and bow, and quite declined to accept the proffered honour; on which Miss Pinkerton tossed up her turban more indignantly than ever.

Surely, my lords, men of this unbounded benevolence, and this exalted genius, deserve such honours as were never paid before; they deserve to bestride a butt upon every signpost in the metropolis, or to have their countenances exhibited as tokens where this liquor is to be sold by the license which they have procured.

In consideration of these services the Emperor was pleased to bestow those distinguished honours upon me which thou didst witness at his palace gate, dear brother.

From Eton he went to Oxford, took honours there, but ran up bills amounting to two thousand pounds.

If the Christian Churches wish to vindicate the honour of their religionto diffuse its beneficent and heavenly doctrinesand to remove from themselves the severe censure of having abandoned Central Africa to the false prophet, I believe there is now an opening, viâ Bornou, to attempt the establishment of their faith in the heart of Africa.

The man is dead now, but he told me the tale, and I will pledge my honour that it is true.

Yet he, who is far from seeking honour, may very justly obviate censure.

We have, by obtaining a disavowal of Buccarelli's expedition, and a restitution of our settlement, maintained the honour of the crown, and the superiority of our influence.

Weep no more "My course is finished, thine is scarce begun; But hear my dying wish, my last request: Preserve the honour of my family, Preserve it from disgrace.

430 Verbs to Use for the Word  honours