18 Verbs to Use for the Word hooting

The boy was now convinced that he had not heard the hoot of an owl, and that some one was certainly in need of succor.

Suddenly at my shoulder Shalah gave the hoot of an owl, followed at a second's interval by a second and a third.

"I knew the old boy, and he wasn't the sort to care a hoot in Sheol for treasure, buried or unburied.

The chorus grows louder and deeper, An owl sends a hoot from the hill, The leaves on the elm-trees are rustling A whippoorwill calls by the mill.

Some school-children being in the road the driver emitted three loud warning hoots of his horn.

White men were amazed at the rapidity with which the Indian followed the most obscure trail over the most difficult ground, at the perfection with which he imitated the bark of the wolf, the hoot of the owl, the call of the moose, and at the catlike tread with which he walked over beds of autumn leaves the side of the grazing deer.

He seemed to find guidance, but I got none, only the hoot of an owl or the rooty smell of the woodland.

Strong hurricanes blow; large rats multiply and infest the roads and houses and attack persons in their sleep; starlings scream in their cages, storks imitate the hooting of owls and goats the howling of jackals; cows bring forth foals and camels mules; food in the moment of being eaten is filled with worms; fire burns with discoloured flames and at sunset and sunrise the air is traversed by headless and hideous spirits.'

This boy used to put his hands to his mouth, and shout aloud, mimicking the hooting of the owls, who would answer him "with quivering peals, And long halloos and screams, and echoes loud Redoubled and redoubled.

When warring clans come together, be it workday, holiday, or even circus day, there is a clatter of clods, a patter of feet, and retreating hoots of defiance.

The more he tried to jab, the more I said "Hoots, mon," "Begorrah," and "Oy, oy".

Our chaps set up a hooting as they came flying on, for it seemed shame to see an Englishman run like that; but as they swept across our front we saw where the trouble lay.

No star shone on the sentinel as he paced his lonely path, and naught was heard but the mournful hoot of the owl, as she raised her nightly wail from the withered branch of the venerable oak.

To the screams of the bats were added the hooting of other frightened birds, who in their flight knocked against the pilasters; they were the owls who came down attracted by the oil in the lamps, and who nearly extinguished them with the sweep of their wings.

Stangrave longed to catch hold of the boy, and extract from him all news; but the blackamoor was not quite in respectable company enough at that moment; and Stangrave had to wait till he strutted proudly up to the door, and entered the hall with a bland smile, evidently having taken the hooting as a homage to his personal appearance.

Down towards the Marne, the frogs were croaking merrily somewhere in the distance a night locust buzzed, and alarmed by the striking of midnight the owls who nested in the belfry, fluttered out into the night and settling on the church top, began their plaintive hooting.

[Footnote S: This friend of his boyhood, with whom Wordsworth spent these "delightful hours," is as unknown as is the immortal Boy of Windermere, who blew "mimic hootings to the silent owls," and who sleeps in the churchyard "above the village school" of Hawkshead, and the Lucy of the Goslar poems.

As we stood still there came up from the trees in the glen the prolonged hoot of an owl.

18 Verbs to Use for the Word  hooting