679 Verbs to Use for the Word hope

Accomplishments are imparted as a matter of course, but very much attention is given to formation of character, and many stories reached me of the wise method displayed, and the already promising result, giving much hope for a bright future.

Some of the more irreverent spirits among the junior bar, in drawing attention to the fact that Sir Horace Fewbanks had been one of the youngest members of the High Court Bench, expressed the hope that the shock of his death would be felt by some of the extremely aged members of the bench who were too infirm in health to be able to stand many shocks.

He has, as have the other gods, his own special laws, which thou art not the first to obey, and shouldst not be the last to entertain hopes therefrom.

if ever I change my Love, may I become deformed, and lose all hopes of Title or of Grandure.

Murray held out well-grounded hopes of the fisheries and forests.

It was on what long afterwards became Dominion Daythe 1st of Julythat the ruined American forces reassembled at Crown Point, having abandoned all hope of making Canada the Fourteenth Colony.

It was easy, indeed, to see that he secretly cherished a hope that the day would come, when the whole of Hindostan would be emancipated from its European masters, and assume that rank among nations to which the genius of its inhabitants entitled it.

But the little he did say was affectionately sympathetic and, now that the die was cast, it comforted me to indulge hopes of him.

They knew their great commander, and had confidence in him, and this aided them during that eventful day in holding their positions with that stubborn courage which destroyed all the hopes of the Emperor Napoleon.

"What's the use of raising hopes?" she said dolefully, as a vision of the broken "Girl Reading a Book" rose reproachfully before her

"The man he was talkin' about, Mac, was the man we had all built our hopes on.

On our return to Rolla we heard a great deal of talk about the approaching fall races at St. Louis, and Wild Bill having brought a fast running horse from the mountains, determined to take him to that city and match him against some of the high-flyers there; and down to St. Louis we went with this running horse, placing our hopes very high on him.

Therefore, on this the third day, seeing no hope of succour, Walkyn made him ready to sally out (a right desperate venture because of the women).

Then anon, while they listened and held their breath, a little sound would strike again into the silence; bringing back hope; and again and again all would be still.

This affair, small as it was, revived British hopes in Montreal and induced a few more militiamen and Indians to come forward.

Millions went to their graves, as to their beds, for an ideal; and when that is possible, this Pandora's box of modern civilization, which contained all imaginable evils, as well as benefits, also leaves hope behind.

The Athenians conceived great hopes, and the enemy no less terror from so large an armament.

He has realized his fondest hopes.

Dan Dalzell, however, made good his promise, and by a better margin than he had dared hope.

Can we find a better hope for our civilization to-day?

Neither dare I encourage too vast hopes and say, If we had money enough, if we had machinery enough, if we had zeal enough, we might convert them all, and save them all.

"I am sorry to crush your hopes for your classmates, but this is all a part of the day's work in the Navy.

I rejoice in having a comfortable hope of my dear son's salvation.

Especially the most pressing among all their wishesthe relief of Potidaeawas in no way advanced; for the Athenians had not found it necessary to relax the blockade of that city, The result of the first year's operations had thus been to disappoint the hopes of the Corinthians and the other ardent instigators of war, while it justified the anticipations both of Pericles and of Archidamus.

At the end of an hour of constant but fruitless searching hardly any one felt any hope of a rescue now.

679 Verbs to Use for the Word  hope
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